Sunday, December 30, 2007

Shenzhen (16 Dec 07)

Godma was really nice to offer to take us all on a tour of Shenzhen. Definitely more value for money cos if not we'll only be able to tour Hong Kong. Shopping here we come!
It was really convenient to get to Shenzhen. All we had to do was take a MTR to Lo Wu.
Brought a luggage cos we'll be staying the night in Shenzhen & besides we predicted that we'll need loads of storing space for our shopping :p
Eyes still heavy with sleep. It's tedious going to bed at about 3pm each night & then waking up at 7am in the morning.
Reached Shenzhen!!!
1st thing 1st - fill up our stomachs
Eric like me watched too many Hong Kong mafia shows
The amount of food we ordered was insane! This is only 1/3 of what we ate. We ordered some & my godma also ordered some but both sides not knowing what each ordered :p However the meal was darn cheap. For the amount that we ate, it costs us only S$10 per pax!
The group teasing Meg while I got busy reserving the rooms for the night. To save cost, we took 2 rooms. 1 for the guys & 1 for the girls. It was pretty good for some male & female bonding.
James is known as 'Uncle Ugly' to Meg
And Marvin is known as 'Uncle Funny'
Meow Meow went with us to Shenzhen as well
Trying to take a pic with Meg but she used Meow Meow to block her face
Better :p
Meg holding onto the camera now. She insists that I pose with Meow Meow. It's like I have another kid now.
Note that they have to look down cos the photographer is Meg
At the bus terminal
I was shocked by how crowded the place was. The overhead bridge was packed body to body!
After much difficulty & squeezing on the bridge, we finally made our way to the other side of the road
East Gate (Dong Men) for some preliminary shopping. The bulk of it was done in Lo Wu itself. However the photos for Shenzhen ends here cos photo-taking was forgotten once we enter East Gate. We barely have enough time for shopping! And the best part was that the FJC peeps went back to Shenzhen on their own again after Ken & I left for Singapore cos they are leaving 1 day later than us. All of us agreed that 1 day is definitely not enough in Shenzhen.

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