Monday, March 26, 2012

The rude awakening

Insomnia again! I wonder if it's any coincidence that my insomnia started around the same time I read that COE prices had exceeded the $80k mark. [Link] 

Pre-midlife crisis? Or rude awakening? 

I had never been one to worry incessantly, preferring to live my life in ignorant bliss. But for the past week, I'd been lying awake every night, gripped by cold terror that my style of living is soon spiraling out of reach. Rightfully, I should have nothing to complain about since I am earning slightly more than the average Singaporean. But that was the situation many years ago. Although my earning capacity hasn't changed but my pay is pretty much stagnant while I see prices of everything sky-rocketing. Extrapolating, even a maths idiot like me knows that very soon I am going run into negatives.

And I have not yet even factored in the fact that Megan might need to further her education overseas. I don't wear rose-tinted glasses and harbour hopes that the universities in Singapore will open up enough slots for local students. I haven't factored in the fact that I'm nearing 40 & the likelihood of me being made redundant in a job is very real. I also haven't factor in that my parents are getting old. They don't have the minimum sum required to withdraw their CPF as all of it was used to pay for the flat. I would have to support them when they retire. I don't even dare to think what if they should fall sick (touch wood) and require long term care. 


I wonder if I'll ever have a good night sleep from now on ............ 

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