Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Eleanor & Noahs' 1st birthday

It's one birthday after another birthday. And it's the birthdays of little ones! I don't think I can ever get enough of kids, I love all these sweet cutie pies :)
We attended Eleanor's 1st birthday celebration in Roland Restaurant on Saturday. It's no wonder her parents are so proud of their little one. She's just simply adorable! After party, the group of us headed down to Crew Room for our kind of adult partying.
Everyone saw me carrying my camera around and each inevitably asked if they are going to appear in my blog again. I said yes and they predictably responded to that with a scowl on their faces. The strange thing is that in spite of being warned, they have managed to proceed to do the silliest most hilarious things that I have ever seen them do. Well guys, I have warned you that it's reality TV right here so don't ever regret! (Hahaha........ I think they are so not going to ever talk to me!)
On Sunday, we went to Noah's 1st birthday celebration. Noah is the son of Angela, who is the cousin of Kenneth. (Just feel like stirring things up a bit :p) We brought Woofie down as well and everyone went ga-ga over him.
I have not elaborated because I have uploaded tons of photos and videos to show you.

Proud parents, Gary & Jenny with baby Eleanor
Yummylicious birthday cake
For the benefit of Gary who's going to upload the videos from here, I have put up all of the clips (Note: go to my photo album on the upper left page for the rest of the photos)
It's such a nice feeling holding Eleanor in my arms
Yes I told you, Min Jie, that I am going to put up this photo :p
What they held in their hands pretty much summarizes what we did for the entire night actually
Here we go again! May I present Mr Peh!
You know how much they dread appearing in my blog but here they are, pose after pose. Well.... we never know.
That's Gulp hugging Xiao Hei (our superstar) while he sings

Poor poor Kangwei
It's not a candid shot, mind you. Camera whores (of a different kind)! Well there are some that you'll never understand. * scratches head*
What did I say about camera whoring?
Watch this video! I swear you'll never regret it. It's kinda dark so just in case you are wondering who are the stars of this clip. It's Baby & Gulp.
Now for a solo by baby

Noah's birthday cake
Another set of proud parents. Angela & Alan with baby Noah.
Meg reluctantly posing with grandma *sighs*

Thursday, March 23, 2006 office!!!

My office has shifted and today is officially the first day in my new office. Other than the office being new and all, there is another better deal to it. Guess where is it located? UE Square that's where!

It's party time baby!!!

It's now the days or rather nights of pub crawling and merry-making. Yeah right. Those who knows me well will tell me to wake up and stop dreaming. I will most probably never get to see the night lit sky in Mohammad Sultan for as long as I work there.

Alright now back to reality again, I must confess that it feels really weird in the new office. Formerly our office was split into 2 separate units facing each other. But now we are all merged together. Me being from the smaller office, is not use to the hustle and bustle that goes around in big offices. All the dynamics in there is intriguing.

The other downside is that the work stations have been down-sized and we are left pretty much exposed to everyone that's walking past you. Given my horrid sitting posture, I have to constantly remind myself to keep my legs close when I sit. (Really can't quit that habit when you've been in a girls school all your life.) I sit right next to the copier and so that means I get heavy traffic past my desk each day.

Well but on the bright side, I have managed to get a PC all to myself! Hee...hee... That means you'll get to see me more often (read: blogging in office).
Till then.....Ta Ta!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My 2 beloved sisters

It's been an extremely long time since I last went out with my 2 sisters, as in just the 3 of us and no one else.

They had dinner in Chijmes and I met them in Bugis after I knocked off. Thereafter we proceeded to shop to our hearts content. I had missed the bonding times we used to have and therefore I truly enjoyed myself today. Yes I enjoyed myself even though I am the target board for all their teases. Guess I am immune to that after all these years.

After shopping, we even sat down to have supper inspite of my aversion to supper. The little weight gain from supper is worth it, considering the bonding we managed to have.

I seriously think that we should make the outing a regular affair. I love both you girls soooo much!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

A new post not in my blog

I have just published a post in Kelly's blog, so hop on there to have a look!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Thank you

Having Megan in my life has made me realise how blessed I am. But when I sit down and think harder, I am truly more blessed than I think I am.

Everyone around me has loved me unconditionally and never fails to lend me a helping hand when I need them. All this in spite of me being at real bad in keeping in touch. I was never really there for anybody but none have desserted me.

I would like to make use of this post to thank all that have made a difference in my life. Firstly to both my mum and Aunty Mary for their motherly love and concern. To Shirley and Ruiyi, my TKGS classmates, for not forgetting me and helping me when I most needed it. To Linley, if you are reading this, please do not think that I have forgotten all that I have owed you. To the girls from the clinic, Trista, Zarina, Christy, Siti and Liza, for believing in me. To the DBB6 for all their love. To Nelly for always being there.

Though I have never said it and I may display the most bochap attitude ever, I will carry to my grave the things that all of you have done for me. I am eternally grateful to everyone and I will never be who I am, if not for all of you.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Damn suay

What a black Friday this is! I couldn't have been more down on my luck ever.
First I was late for work and so I called up my boss and told him that I was caught in a massive jam. But the truth is that although I was late I didn't want to waste money on cabs and so I still took my time to take a train. Then the problem started. I saw a senior manager from my company in the same train as me. How I panicked! I pretended not to see him and after I got off the train, I fled as fast as I can. Well I hope he doesn't snitch on me. I drew consolation from the fact that if I was late then he must be just as late as I am.
Then feeling hungry a short while after, I walked over to Paragon, A-mei's coffee & toast joint, for breakfast. Feeling quite miserable as I sat down for breakfast alone, the worst imaginable happened. The lid to my cup of milo wasn't capped properly and as I held onto the lid to drink from the straw, the entire cup and it's contents dropped onto my lap. I can hear loud gasps from the other patrons whereas I was just remained stunned. Thank goodness there were some kind souls about and a lady came forward to offer me wet tissues to clean myself. The group next to me handed me some more tissues and a man even chided the waitress that they didn't cap the drink properly. Alas the waitress didn't do anything to help and didn't even offer to replace my drink. The usually fiesty me was so mortified by the experience that I just kept quiet and meekly finished my food before dashing off for the toilet. I will never patronize that place again.
In spite of that horrendous incident, it has on the other hand warmed my heart. There are still nice people out there afterall. The ladies that helped me, comforted me by saying that it's one of those mornings and wish me luck when I left the place. Another decided to push me an entire pack of tissue when she was leaving and this despite me saying that I don't need it anymore.
I was wearing black pants and the stains didn't show but not my top. I had to almost wash the entire top and still the stains didn't come off. So I spent the entire morning sulking, still sick, dripping wet and sticky.
Apparently that's not the end of it all. I bought tickets to bring Meg to watch Disney world on ice today. And me being me, I waited till the last minute before bolting out of the house to take a cab to the venue. I got into the cab with Meg and told the taxi driver to go to the Singapore Expo. Happily thinking that the journey is only 5 minutes and we will make it just in time. I took out the tickets to take a look and horror of all horrors, the venue is Singapore Indoor Stadium! Sheeesh!!! Finally we made it to the stadium and missed 15 minutes of the show.

I took loads of photos and posted some of the clearer ones. Let's have a look at the photos now to calm ourselves down, shall we?

What's Disney without Mickey and Minnie

Beast emerging from the castle
Mickey in a beautiful lit-up hot air balloon
The humongous whale that swallowed Pinochio
Pinochio with his father
Meg enjoying her over-priced ice kachang
Edna from Incredibles looking extremely like the real deal. Meg was naively asking if they are real people.
The cutest looking dragon from Mulan
The show coming to an end
Posing with her ridiculously priced candy floss. All the things sold there are a real rip off - such exploitation.
In her cute Mickey crown
Enjoying her candy floss
Ken came to fetch us home and here's Meg falling asleep after a tiring day.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Blessed me

Sniffles...... Sniffles.......
Sick again wor. On MC yet again.
Have already been sick since 2 days ago. But I guess because I didn't get to sleep well last night, has caused me to feel 10x worse. Meg's nose bled last night and so crawled into bed to sleep with Ken & I. Her bleed was intermittent and that has kept me up the entire night.
However as I lie in bed between the 2 of them, hugging them both to sleep, I feel that I am the most blessed person in the world.

Yet another Meg anecdote

I was reading a bedtime story to Meg last night, 'Penelope's Monster'. It's about a girl who confronted the monsters from her bedroom and so the monsters decided to migrate to her parents' room instead since they couldn't scare her.
The drawing on the book showed the dad sitting up in fright whereas the mum was still sleeping. So Meg asked me why didn't the mother wake up. So I replied that the mother is in a deep sleep like a lazy pig. To which Meg promptly said "Just like you!"
Well and I couldn't deny it either.........

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Kelly's blog

Hear ye! Hear ye! Country men lend me your ears!

Just wanted to make a short announcement here. An extremely close dear friend of mine, Kelly , has just started her very own blog. So dear readers, please do patronize her blog to give her some encouragement to continue blogging.

Kelly Gambate!!!

P.S. While I am still in this announcement mode, I would like to inform everyone that Ken has gone into property. So if you are selling/ looking for houses, you know who to call ;)

Where am I?

Megan drew a picture of 2 stick figurines with long hair and a dog-lookalike creature. When asked, she replied that the 2 stick figurines are me and her and that dog-lookalike creature is Woofie.

Ken asked "Then where am I?"
Meg replied coolly "You went to work!"

Friday, March 10, 2006

Alex's ROM

Urrgghh..... just got back from work.
Although I am technically on leave today, I still had to go back in the evening to help out in yet another public forum. They seem to be never ending.
Both Ken and I took leave today to attend Alex and Jia Jia's ROM ceremony. It must have been ages since I have last been there but now this year, I will be going at least twice. Why twice? That's because the next one will be Uniz's in June! I am so thrilled!!!
It was all done very speedy and I wonder how the registrar can sit there through these years reciting the same vows day in day out. Amazing.

After the ceremony, Alex treated all of us to lunch at 'Spring Court' (Yong Chun Yuan) located opposite Chinatown Point. Now why am I so specific with the location all of a sudden? That's because I want to illustrate how 'good' my sense of direction is. Ken wasn't sure of the way there from the registry but I insisted that I do. So poor Ken was led on a wild goose chase by me in a manual car. On top of that we were running extremely low on petrol.

I led him first to Bras Basah, then to Beach Road, then Lavender, then Bugis, then back to Bras Basah again, then Hill Street and finally I spotted Chinatown Point. But before you shout HURRAY - Stop! I realised it's a one way street and so we went one huge round up to Outram and just when it's reaching, I forgot to tell Ken to make a right turn. So there we go again on the same huge turn-around before finally reaching our destination. Hallelujah!

Can you imagine Ken's face by the time we reach? Afterall I did make him turn round Chinatown Point 3 times, so who could blame him? It took us more than half an hour to get from the Registry of Marriages to Chinatown. It's no mean feat I tell you.

So now you know why I have sworn off driving manual car.........

Outside the registry

In the waiting room

Exchanging the Wedding Band
And now the wedding vow
Signing on the dotted line
The beautiful couple
We couldn't resist taking a pic in the hot seat too. But we fell short of borrowing Jia Jia's bouquet and their cert!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Zarina's last day at the clinic

I was out for dinner with the girls from the clinic tonight. Well technically speaking, most of us except for one, are not from the clinic anymore. Many have resigned after me. And the reason that we were meeting up was because it's Zarina's last day at work.

It's a real sad fact that the clinic could not retain the good staffs. The air has become so poisonous there that anyone who is sane enough are scrambling to leave. I still have a very soft spot for the clinic and I fear for its worse should it remain this way. Likewise I have an even softer spot for my colleagues (ex-colleagues rather) and feel extremely sad that they are so unhappy there.

I miss all of them so much and I miss even more the good old days where we work side by side with each other. I don't think we'll ever have a chance to all work together again. And I don't think I will ever get any colleagues that half measure up to them. They were my pillars of strength that kept me going during those long bleak hours.

Trista was not there last night. And girl if you are reading this, let me tell you that you are being missed terribly. Christy and Trista are the 2 poor souls that will still be trapped there. I can feel your miseries. I fervently pray that both of you will find what you want soon. In the meantime, remain strong. I will always be here. Just like how you all have been there for me.

I am really happy for Zarina and I want to wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

*Oh Zarina babe, take pride and joy in knowing that they are going to have a real hard time coping without you and your expertise! ;)*

I love them so!!!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

The sports club and Manhunt

Ken has just joined the new SIA sports club and we have really taken to the place. It's very close to home and we have the place almost to ourselves on most times we were there. Now whenever we can we are there. Ooohhhh I luurve my tan!

We were down again with Uniz and Meg this time. We spent the entire afternoon lazing in the waddling pool with Meg. Not once did we head for the adult pool. Ken and I had finally managed to spend some quality time with Meg. I can tell that she had a real good time albeit extremely tired and grouchy at the end of the day.

And as if luck will have it, they were showing a preview of Manhunt 2006 in Eastpoint Mall when we went to have our dinner there at the end of the day. We were extremely tired and actaully wanted to leave without watching it. But OF COURSE WE STAYED!!!

Alright........wipe off those drool girls!

We were expecting an eye feast but it's a real disappointment. Why? Look at the photos and you'll know.

Sun shining into Meg's face. (look at that expression)

Still the same expression

Shiny Uniz (thanx to the sunblock)

Beautiful pool, isn't it?

With her new friend Dino (Ken just bought it for her)

I don't know why my face so cramp looking

Look closely at the pics, girls. You'll be just as disappointed as I am. But we had a lovely time bitching though ;)

Just when we were leaving, they paraded out in their swimming trunks and we immediately retrace our steps and stayed rooted. (Should have seen us, it was hilarious! So tiko) I was worse. I zoomed straight to the front hoping to get a better shot with my camera. But what was funnier was that the guys had strategically positioned themselves right in my face - wearing their WHITE trunks. My face turned beetroot coloured and quickly beat a hasty retreat. I think Ken nearly died of asthma attack laughing!
Out of all, this one's my favourite. (Even then, he's not that hot) Well let's wait and see who wins the contest.

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