Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Go GLAM tis X'mas!!!

Chinese New Year is just round the corner and of course that means Christmas was long over but even then, I can't not blog about something so significant, right? Arghhh ...... I'm seriously so far behind with so many photos and events! This is getting really frustrating but I just don't want to skip any of the events, if you know what I mean. Alright, enough grousing ........ let's get on with the post already.

Christmas party was at my place . Saw that Dior bag? Pressie from Ken!
Potluck this time around cos I can't find time to cook. An interesting assortment of dishes ranging from Indian Rojak to Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Are you ready for this? ............. I permed my hair! *screams*
Our theme is Glam in Black & Red - it's pretty cool to be dressed up to the nines & then just stay at home to eat pratas :p
Suave MIB, right?
Think again! Wahahaha!!!
Ken's tie was mine, from last year's D&D 'back to school'. (Glad to know that it can be put to use again :p)All the couples in the house
Our swinging bachelors - Jason is the odd one out!
Love Andrew's dressing (*Andrew - you can come down from the sky now :p)Gifts exchange time!
The cam whore award goes to .......... MARVIN!!!
The lovely husband & wife - Jason & Jamie
*Wolf whistle*Chio bu - DeniseAdjourned to Oscars after countdown
Our waiter for the night :p
Poor Wendy who can hardly keep her eyes openAnd poor Ken who can't keep his eyes openI know you guys can't get enough of me with my new look ........ so more pics before I go! Muahahaha!!! :p

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Meg's art display

Meg loooves art and her ambition is to be an artist when she grows up! It's so totally opposite from me. I can't draw for nuts. Sometimes just for fun, bot of us will compete to see who draws better. But both Ken and her will laugh their heads off at the pieces I churned out. That's how bad it is :p

Meg's showing off to me her art pieces that's on display near the canteen wall when we went to buy her books in December
Using pastel & paint - I'm really impressed with some of the work she brings home!
Here's her 2nd masterpieceI really like this "Queen of Hearts"!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Kangwei & Meiyan's wedding

I've been dreadful! Doing the one thing that I told myself I shouldn't do in the new year. Procrastinate! Geez ..... barely a month or even week into the new year & my only resolution had gone kaput :p

I am so sorry Kangwei. I know I promised to get this post up asap but had waited till now. The start of this year had been jammed packed with activities and hopefully busy = $! Hee ..... one just had to be practical, right?

I should have done this post way back in December 2008 but well ...... please forgive me :p

Kangwei and Meiyan had been long time sweethearts but for how long, I am not sure. That's because they've been an item since the time I knew them. They were more of Ken's childhood friends and so I am in the circle by affiliation I guess. Kangwei however, has been a little bit more special to me. We share the same birthday that's why! And plus he's a real sweet guy (that I think is related to being born on June 17 :p).

Their wedding dinner in Raffles Town Club - I was late as usual & arrived just before their march-in -__-
I know I haven't said it recently but I still do love you very much
Ken & his buddies
The host is one of the Superstar contest's contestant - their basketball buddy but I don't know his name
'Jing Tong Yu Nu'
Ken's hidden somewhere at the back shouting Yum Seng
It's so good to catch up with everyone again!
Wishing both of you a lifetime of marital bliss!And of course ......... I never fail to get a few self-potraits :p

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Not just yet

Me: I love you.

Meg: *echoes* I love you.

Me: You used to tell me all the time that you love me but now it's always me saying I love you 1st. You never tell me you love me anymore!

Meg: Yah now we've switched places. You are now like me last time and I am like you! Besides it's embarrassing to say I love you in public.

Geez ......... someone tell me that I did not hear that! It's toooo soon! This conversation shouldn't be taking place till at least 3 years later or something :(

Oh ...... I forgot. Happy New Year everyone!

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