Thursday, December 28, 2006

Merry merry Christmas

Rain, rain and more rain. The rain is making me languid. I am such a sloth. I never feel like doing anything or going out anymore (not that I did much prior to all these rain :p). All I ever want to do is stay cuddled up in bed reading my books. I must have devoured more books in this span of time than I ever did for the entire year. I am right down to my last one now - my christmas pressie courtesy from Ken sweetie. I will have to go on the prowl for more. If someone has any good recommendation, please send them my way.

The rain is also making everything damp and musty in the house. Everything smells putrid - the bedsheet and pillows smell, newly-washed clothes smell and the dogs (plural because Pepper has been left in our care) still smell even though I have just bathe them the day before. I am running out of clothes to wear because they are simply not drying fast enough. Even the clothes stored carefully away in the cupboard is feeling a bit damp (which reminds me I have to get mothballs or some sort).
I know this sounds exaggerating but Meg had to resort to wearing my tights (you know the 3 quarter ones that's in fashion now) to sleep last night. She inisisted on wearing a pants underneath her dress jammies because it's so cold. And being as klutzy as me, she has managed to pour water on her very last pair of comfy 'underneath dress jammies sleeping pants'. The rest are still either on the clothes line or at my mum's and so she had no choice but to wear mine. Hee...hee.... she looked quite a sight :p
I am going further and further away from the topic, am I not? The rain is making my brain all mushy too. *Croons* "Blame it on the rain yeah yeah ........." (Remember Milli Vanilli?)
Oh before I forget, the reason why I brought up the topic of rain was because I made the terrible mistake of shampooing the carpet on the day before the 'party of the year'. Yah you got me right, and with the sky pouring ............... (I can never understand myself either.)
Can you even begin to imagine what it smells like on the day of the Christmas party? I made Ken go out in the pouring rain to get me a can of deodoriser. And that helps for like about 2 seconds. What a boo boo!
But thankfully the rest of the party went without a glitch. The theme was red and gold and so most of us wore red. ( A pity I didn't get a single shot in as I had my hands full.) Other than my darlings with their respective partners, aunty Mary, Chermaine and Kelvin were here too. It gives me a warm glow all over, to celebrate Christmas with the ones that matters to me most. This year is definitely very close knit and special.
Alright that's about as long as I can bear to tear myself away from my book and my bed. And just in case I'm still holed up in my bed and didn't get to blog in time, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!
Here's a photo from sometime back. Uniz helping me put up the X'mas tree before she left.
The tree looking very red indeed. Ken thinks I overkilled it with the red but I love it all the same. Look at all those pressies under the tree!
The house all decked up in red
Christmas feast specially prepared by moi (bet you never knew I had it in me). And more to come later, prepared by aunty Mary.
Looks pretty decent, right?
Pressie from my sweetheart - I don't think I fancy anything more than books. What's more I had set my sights and hunting for this book for coming a year now. Thank you darling cos nothing could make me happier!
Got him a pair of Crocs cos I've seen him eyeing it.
We got Megan the Sylvanian families. It was abominably expensive but we got it all the same cos I fell in love with it too.
A most exquisite necklace/brooch from aunty Mary
From my precious darlings (Ju, Mar & Kelly)

Friday, December 15, 2006

To the Zoo

X'mas is drawing near and there's still so much to do. Its been a busy busy week. Other than Christmas shopping, I've also been busy decking up the house with Christmas decors. If you've read Marilyn's blog, the theme this year is red and gold (actually more red than gold). Still have not completed yet though. Once it is done, I'll take some photos to show you peeps.
In the midst, I had also found time to celebrate Gulp's birthday, go to the zoo, and meet up with my old TKGS friends. Quite a fair bit accomplished :)

The highlight of the week has gotta be the trip to the Zoo. We brought Meg and for good measure, decided to ask Ken's cousin, Elizabeth & Jonathan, along too. Meg was thrilled to bits to have them for company. I was actually a tad bit worried before embarking on the outing because I wasn't too sure if Liz and Jon would enjoy themselves. Kids seems so grown-up nowadays that I wasn't sure if they would think the zoo too kiddish for them. (I never know what kids this generation likes anymore.)

However my fears were groundless. Liz had assured me on the tag bard that they did enjoy themselves. :) Ken & I had so much fun with them too. But I believe the one person that enjoyed herself most was Megan. She asked me the moment we got home, that the next time we go on an outing, can we ask Liz and Jon along again. I had never seen her laugh so much! Perhaps we should arrange an outing to the Night Safari soon.

Spraying the insect repellant before starting out.

Everyone's all bright & cheery at the start of the trail

Meg says giraffe is her favourite

Waiting for the white tigers feeding time

They look so majestic

Meg couldn't wait for her turn at the pony ride

Liz had a go too

The Proboscis Monkey

A half-hearted attempt at posing

The kids were fascinated by the snakes

Ken snapped a shot while I was tying my hair but check out Meg's expression. It's so funny that I couldn't resist posting this pic.

Ewwwww....... this totally creeps me out!

Ken & his buddy

Had to rely on the tram now cos we were all so tired from the walking

All trying to squeeze in for a shot on the choo-choo train at the children's world

Brrr......It's freezing cold when the train moves

The penguins were so adorable - reminds me of Happy Feet. Meg does a great imitation of Mumble!

Can you see a look of relief on Ken's face?

Waiting for the last tram to bring us to the exit, that's why! hahaha....

Rain got onto the lens while trying to take a shot

Still looking as cheery as we first started out

A stop-over at Ben & Jerry's before heading home

Hahaha....... Jon's chocolate coated face!

Brought my TKGS classmates for steamboat last night

My loving family

Friday, December 08, 2006

Doggie Wardrobe

Check out this website for some really unique doggie clothes. It's really cheap too! I believe there's a X'mas promotion going on now. I'm thinking of getting the tuxedo for Woofie for X'mas :p

Thursday, December 07, 2006

We miss Uniz & Leto :(

Monday was a sad sad day for all of us in the family. Uniz and Leto went back to UK on that day. Well I guess all good things must come to an end and poor Rene must have missed them so much. But it was still just so sad! We had grown so attached to the both of them, getting used to seeing them everyday and to them just simply being here.

It didn't help that I was baby sitting Leto quite a bit, especially when nearer the date that they were going back so as to allow Uniz some time with her friends. I didn't mind having to stay up in the night to take care of her. It made me feel alot closer to her and I miss holding her in my arms.

But I guess their leaving affected Megan more than anyone else. She was already worried about them leaving before they even left and when they finally did, her tears was the first to flow at the airport. However she was too proud to let us see her cry and walked away from the goodbye scene. It was my aunt who noticed that she was quietly crying at the side, back towards us. Seeing her cry, my own waterworks started too.

And at night as she lay in bed, I can hear her sobbing softly. And then she tells me mournfully that she is so sad because she misses baby Leto. Even till today, 4 days after they have gone, not a day goes by without her telling me that she misses Leto so much. She kept asking me when are we going to see them again (which is likely in May or June) and makes me countdown the months for her everytime. At one point, she even ask me to give her an exact date that she would see Leto again. I told her I don't know but she insisted that I give her an exact date so all the better for countdown with. She said it doesn't matter if the date I gave was wrong, she just needed a date.

Sigh....... It makes me so sad that she's feeling so down. But I understand because I miss them just as much too.

At Alex's sister, Christina's, wedding in Rendevous hotel on Saturday

Proceeded to meet the girls for karaoke after that

You can't imagine the amount of photos they took. They're such camera whores that it's scary! (Guess I was a little subdued that night.) Even Jamie was poisoned and now she has a blog too! (Check out her blog at my links on the left.)
Finally the guys have a chance for a pic

Raymond is one hell of a lucky guy! But what in the world is Jamie doing?

Kelly thought I was going to take her when my camera was pointing her way as I was whipping it out for shots with Mar. In the end must take lor because she pose already :p Hahaha!

I still sucks at taking self-pics

We went for steamboat the night before Uniz left. I think Ken is in love with Leto too

She derives great joy from sucking on both her hands

I was teasing her to make her laugh
She's so gorgeous!

The entire family is crazy about her and it isn't hard to see why
Teasing her to laugh for the last time before she leaves for the airport

Uniz with her good pals on Monday at the airport
Meg insists on wearing her leotard and tutu to the airport so as to take a nice photo with Leto to put at her bedside for remembrance

In the process of trying to take that very 'nice' photo

We fear for Leto after a few shots as she looks like she's falling off

Leto starting to cry

The chosen pic (not as perfect as we would like it to be but this will have to do for now)

Waiting at a coffee joint before Uniz checks in

Got elbowed

They do the most hilarious things to make me laugh all the time

I admire her for taking such long haul flight alone with a baby.

The parting scene

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