Sunday, December 03, 2006

Exciting things that happened while I'm on MC

Coming to the end of my hospitalisation leave soon. I will go for my review on Monday and once the doctor gives the ok sign, I can go back to work on Tuesday. I really can't wait. Yup you got it right, I can't wait to go back to work. Can you imagine the boredom of staying at home?
So for this post, I'm posting all the "exciting things" that I did over my leave (about as exciting as counting sheeps). The most most "exciting" one has got to be when I went to Vivo City for lunch at Sakae Sushi on Monday. That's also when I was spotted and also when I was flamed in my tag board (comment been deleted cos it gives me great pleasure that the delete button is on my side) for shopping while on MC.
Well asshole get this, I believe I am entitled to eat lunch even though I am ill.

At Sakae Sushi in Vivo City.

Meg acting coy. I love the view outside. It's raining cats and dogs - very Christmasy

Acting coy again
Sentosa! I miss going there .........
Meg fell in love with the gigantic X'mas tree decked with teddy bears
Hugging her toy, 'Twyla'.
Knowing that I'm not well enough to go out, darling Ju and Kelly came to visit me at my place.
What to do when a group gathers? Mahjong of course!
Look at Raymond's face - xiao xiao xiang gong that's why!
Below are all videos of Leto. Look at all of them if you have the time because she's just so adorable. I've never seen a baby that gurgles so much! It's almost like she can hold a conversation with you. I'm taking as many videos and pics of her as possible as she's going back on Monday :(

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