Friday, December 30, 2005

'Nuff said

I guess I have spoken too much. If I don't watch it, I might have to suffer the same fate as my 2 darlings and have to resort to closing my blog. I want to thank the annonymous person who left a tag to caution me. I have therefore taken down that post where this whole topic about my employment came up.
Cowardly? - Yes, afterall the gist of it all was that I didn't want to lose my job remember.
I owe an apology to Chloe as well. I know that you meant well and I have taken it too strongly. I am just this huge egomaniac and don't take too well to criticism. I am sorry for reacting that way and I hope you accept my apologies.
And to all the other well-wishers like Angeline, st@r and Serene, I want all of you to know that I am truly touched by your concern and how seeing the tag board has made my day.
This is a turbulent period for me but I would like to reassure everyone that I will take everything in stride and keep on smiling. :)

Taking the MRT

Early morning train rides,
great mood lifters....... really.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I am for me to judge

Perhaps I should do a clarification on my previous post. I'm not too sure how many actually read it closely and understand the gist of it all.
I mentioned that I have evolved into a social butterfly, not a social escort. I have never degraded myself nor compromised my integrity. I watched the other girls being groped at. Not that I have been groped at. No one has laid a single finger on me. If the girls are willing to be touched, there's no reason for me to stand up and walk away or try to defend my own integrity, is there?
My job is about networking and depended alot on referrals from the doctors. If I was to stick my nose in the air, then I figure there will never be a future for me working there. Think about it, would you go out of your way to help introduce people to someone, only to get snubbed by her. Not to mention favours, no rapport of any sort will be established if I was to act serious all the time. Of course not all doctors take to flippancy, there are some who just talks serious. I simply pick up on their vibes and act accordingly.

A worthy note, my job scope specifies physician relation - read: rapport selling.

I apologise if you all perceived from my previous post that all the men I come in contact with are all perverts or DOM. I must have pitched it to be alot more miserable than it really is. At least to myself, I am truly miserable. I hated hypocrisy and patronizing. There's nothing that revolts me more than insincerity. But now I have to become one of those that does the very thing I preach against.

As a nurse, I truly feel for my patients and have a genuine smile for all of them. But now, I have to be Miss Smiley and constantly watch my back because each and everyone whom I come in contact with, all have a hidden agenda. (Before you guys misunderstand again, the agenda is about work and not about getting into my pants, I am not that great or that hot really.) That is thoroughly exhausting and truly sickens me. You have no idea how much effort it takes me to plaster that smile on my face.

I digress.............

Someone once insulting told me that if it wasn't for me being born pretty, I would get no where in life. In the medical fraternity, everyone knows everyone and there are many out there that can't wait to see me fall. ( You might like to note though that the person who made that statement is not in my industry.) I have got too much to lose and too much to prove. I cannot afford to lose this job. Sure I can keep a low profile and slowly work my way up but I don't have the time. I took a 1k paycut when I switched job. I need everyone to see my worth and I need a pay raise - fast. I need to put bread on the table.

No one should judge me nor tell me what to do. As much as one would like to believe they are in the same predicament as me but let me tell you once more. You are not.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

My princess is back!!!

*Blows trumpet* Listen up people!

That's right, my precious princess is back. And I can't be happier.*Grins*

The first thing she asked me was 'Are you happy now?' Such ego. (Knowing exactly how miserable I would be without her around.)

And the first thing she asked Ken was 'Did you miss me?' Hahaha....... Small little grown-up!

One thing that really moved me was that she went on to touch my face and told me that she has forgotten how I looked - forgotten my eyes *touches my eye*, forgotten my nose *touches my nose*, and forgotten my ears *touches my ears*. So sweet right?

Then she proceeded on to be her silly self and told me she has forgotten how the house looked and thought that she's now in a new house. Then she burst out laughing at her own joke while I rolled my eyes at her.

Yup that's my daughter........

Monday, December 19, 2005

Ken's primary school X'mas gathering

Do you still remember Ken's primary school mates? They were at our place again yesterday for a X'mas gathering. Don't you just admire the camaraderie they share. More peolple turn up this time round inspite of the fact that it's so close to the festive season and many are usually preoccupied at this time of the year.
I, myself, have a hard time just trying to arrange a X'mas gathering for the few of our Secondary school mates from TKGS. A few of those in our gang is not in Singapore and some just simply MIAed. Sigh........ I had the best time of my life in TKGS and meeting my ex-classmates again, invariably will remind me of the wonderful and memorable times we once shared. We are trying to get the X'mas gathering going next Tuesday and I hope we can finally meet up after such a long time.
As usual prior to the gathering, I got into a house cleaning frenzy. I always freak out when people comes visiting because I need my house to look totally spick and span. I guess that's the nurse in me ;) Ken's classmates were really considerate as they knew that I spent alot of time cooking the last round they were here, we ordered pizza instead. So there really isn't much for me to do this time except pester Ken darling to put up some more Christmas decors.
In this post though, I must really give my thanks to one of Ken's ex-classmate, Shuqing also known as Esther. She's been reading my blog and have been really sweet by smsing Ken to take care of me more as Meg is not here and I am down. Thanks Esther, you are a real sweetheart.
At that gathering, everyone renewed their friendships and strengthened their ties. A truly heartwarming sight. That's what's Christmas is all about, isn't it?

Ken & I had so much fun spraying that snow stuff that even the tortoises were not spared. Our house, nice hor?

We tried to take with the Christmas tree but that's all we managed to capture.

Can't resist acting cute. It's X'mas afterall!

More zi lian.

The great bunch from Yu Neng Primary School. (erm..... that happens to be mahjong tiles they are showing off.)

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Gulp's birthday

I have just spoke to Megan over the phone. She's now on an elephant and it's raining. It seems she's been doing really well these past few days and nights. All my worrying for nothing. As I speak to her, tears was coursing down my cheeks. I miss her so much. Now I finally understood something. I needed her more than she ever needed me.
In a real crappy mood right now. I'll just let the photos speak for themselves.

Met up with my darlings from the clinic on Wednesday.

Dear Lini is back for her school holidays. I missed her so! I must add that she's looking better & better.

Met my other darlings, DBB5, on Thursday. There's a new addition to the group - sweet Kelly. I really missed all of them too! (What's up with me?) Met Miko & Ju for lunch, then again together with the rest at night after work.

We celebrated Gulp's birthday last night. He treated us to dinner in Bedok and then adjourned down to Crew Room. We had a room and the karaoke set to ourselves and boy, did we go wild!

Chio right!

It's a time for loving.

Kangwei looking cute.

I think Gulp went crazy with the photo-taking.

Mr. Black - our resident singer.

Gulp & Ee Wan engaging in a fierce pillow fight.

Poor Barry aka baby sprained his foot. But what on earth is Gulp doing??!!

Erm......That's my foot.

And that's my shoe!!! Does Gulp have a feet fetish or what?

Pi already

It's raining naked men, hallelujah!

As the night wears on, the crowd gets rowdier & hornier. (This only applies to the guys, the girls were really well behaved.) Poor poor Kangwei. Gulp what is wrong with you??!!

Dear Ken is not spared as well. (Look at where his hand is trying to protect.) GB 2 on 1......Tsk....Tsk......
Happy birthday Gulp!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

So alone

To cry in solitude has got to be the loneliest feeling in the world.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My little grown-up

Out of the blue last night, Meg turned round to ask me this.

Meg: When I am not around and in Thailand, will you be happy or sad?
Me: Of course I'll be very sad!

Meg: Why?
Me: Because I'll miss you very very much......

Meg (mouth turned downwards): I'll miss you very much too......

Meg: I'll miss DaDa too......

Monday, December 12, 2005

My beautiful beautiful baby

After a long week of MC, I am due back at work today. Knowing that I should be sleeping early in anticipation for the busy day ahead but instead I ended up tossing & turning in bed last night. Try hard as I might I just couldn't fall asleep.

Meg is going on a holiday to Thailand with her dad on Wednesday. I guess thinking about her being apart from me for a whole week has kept me wide-awake. Slowly I ended up silently weeping instead.

Are they tears of fear - the fear of losing Meg, tears of guilt - for not spending as much time as she would like with her, or tears of overwhelming pride & joy - to see how much my little one has grown?

There was a fortune-teller that foretold something not too well for my little one. Now that she' going on a trip without me, I am gripped by fear that I'm not there to watch over her.

Paranoia aside, I am worried about how she's going to cope without me. She's used to having Ken or me with her every night for the longest time. Would they know her sleeping habits? Would they take care of her as well as I do?

Megan has indeed made me very proud. She may be prone to tantrums and is as shy as can be in front of strangers. But she's the most loving little girl that I've ever seen. And most importantly, nobody loves me as much or as unconditionally as she does.

I accidentally knocked my head on the headstand of the bed last night. She hurriedly came to me and rubbed my head while gently chiding me for being careless. It's like a role reversed.

Now she has got into a habit of sleeping in my bed when I make her sleep. And when she lies next to me, she makes sure that I too have a toy to hug and then will pull my arm round to hug her to sleep. When I tap her to sleep, she would be so silly as to hold onto my hand and uses her hand to raise mine to tap herself. She told me my hands would be tired.

I am on a very strict diet and she watches me like a hawk. Just as I was debating whether to steam that second 'bao', she asked me why am I steaming 2. When I replied that both are for me, she told me that I'd grow fat & so I sheepishly abandoned that second one.

My sis tried to lure me with my favourite of favourites - durian. After seeing my look of dismay & helplessness when my sis plopped that packet of durian into my lap, Meg promptly lifted the pack from me and handed it back to my sis saying, "Mummy will become fat fat you know." However the devil in me took over and I still ate the durians. Never to be beaten, Meg looked at each seed I picked up and repeatedly tells me that I have eaten enough.

Sometimes she makes me wonder who's the mother & who's the daughter.

As I am uncontrollablytears uncontrorably rolled down my cheeks. I am going to miss her so so much...........

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The sky is falling!!!

Century Square was having some holiday programmes within it's mall to attract the kids with their parents. And very honestly, these programmes ALWAYS work. I'm a sucker for such holiday activities.

Being the typical Singaporean parent, I'm always on the lookout for new activities to amuse my kid as well as to keep her busy. Let's see........ Meg's been booked in for a holiday speech & drama class and a holiday chinese class, on top of her regular phonics class. (aiyoh, kiasu right?)

Anyway yesterday was the last 'Cinderella on Ice' show and knowing Meg's penchant for princesses, I die die also bring her there even though my eyes were swollen like a goldfish (from the conjunctivitis).

Then again like all typical Singaporeans, we arrived there half an hour earlier just to chop a good place with a view. Even then we were lagging behind the others that were more kiasu than us. The front row was occupied by those kids that were taller than Megan and following closely in the second row were their parents who were taller than me. *dismayed* We don't stand a chance at all.

Not until I spotted a teenage girl right in the front row. Can you imagine this grown girl right in the front depriving all those small kids of a view! So being the self-righteous me, I tapped this mother in front of me and very politely aked her to excuse Meg. She glared at me and reluctantly let Meg through. (Oh come on, not as if Meg's height can block her!) Then came the next glare when I asked the teenage girl (very politely again) to give Meg a place. Glumly, she shifted her fat body slightly to make way for Megan. What's with all these inconsiderate and rude people!!! How much space can a tiny 4 year old girl take up??!!
That's not all to the ugly side of Singaporeans. A small boy was eagerly squeezing his way through to the front, only to be told sternly by one mother that's there's no more space. I wonder what's with all the adults. Fighting for a place with a small kid, shame on them I tell you. Where's the Christmas spirit gone?

Not that I'd support the small boy though. We stood there for a good half an hour and imagine seconds right before the show, I saw many small children rudely trying to shove their way to the front. Where're their parents? Instead of helping their children to ask politely to be let to the front, they stood right at the back and hoped the kids get better results by shoving their way through. Rude parents with bad mannered children, you can see where our society is leading to, don't you?
Geez, this was suppose to be a really short post but full of indignant, I just couldn't stop myself from rambling on!

My fav character - Cinderella's ugly stepsister
Sexy Cinderella?!
Joining Ken, Zijian & Jinde in Coffee Bean after the show
The sky is falling!!!
More sky falling?!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Alan's Birthday

It was Ken's Secondary schoolmate cum close buddy, Alan aka Jinde's, birthday on Saturday (a mouthful isn't it). Alan rented the SAF chalet in Changi, so Ken and I made ourselves very much at home and virtually stationed ourselves there since Friday.

I must say Ken had a whale of a time and deeply sated his mahjong craving. I must truly commend him because he was able to play mahjong round the clock inspite of him having severe bilateral conjunctivitis (sore eyes in both eyes) and a raging fever (39.2 degrees celsius). Undeniably the king of mahjong kings. ~~ kowtow~~

The hilarious thing (I don't know if you actually term that hilarious) was that, Ken's long MC has resulted in the rest of us having long MCs as well. In the end, all of us were pretty much stuck with each other for the rest of the week (checkout is only today).

So how did that happen?

Ken (both eyes) spread the conjunctivitis to the birthday boy (left eye), who in turn spread it to his very pregnant wife, Elaine (right eye). Then a few days later, Ken passed it on to me (both eyes).

However I must add that Zijian has really very strong immunity. Imagine he's stuck with 6 red eyes in the chalet and the 4 of us were taking turns to play mahjong with him but yet he never kena. I applaud him for daring to sit with us and touching those mahjong tiles after we've touched them. *applause*

Apart from the round the clock mahjong sessions and round the clocks gaming with the playstation, nobody seems to be doing anything else. From my observation, it seems to be so for most of the people who goes to chalets.

Anyhow, Ken and I would like to wish the father-to-be a wonderful and exciting year ahead with his bundle joy.


Our chefs of the night - Zijian & Weiming
Hmmm......I wonder what's so good??? (Alex & Zhongliang)
Poor sweetheart with his sore eyes.
Meet the gang.
Saw the 2 cats sitting side by side, so cute!
Birthday boy, Alan & Elaine.
Alan requested to take photos with different groups of friends - secondary school buddies.
Next group - Weirdly, secondary school buddies' girlfriends.
Cajoling Megan to make a funny face.
Ken threatening to bite her after she refused! Ewww...... she hates saliva!
Went to the beach the next morning but only manage 1 pic cos the beach was so dirty that we didn't stay long.
Hiding in the warmth & safety of her DaDa's ARMPITS!
Both faking to be asleep. Aren't they sweet!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

"Chicken Little" mania

Megan is totally crazy about "Chicken Little". And capitalizing on this *wicked laughter*, Ken & I have managed to get her full cooperation since they announced the screening of this movie.
"If you don't sleep now, then we won't bring you to watch Chicken Little."
"If you don't listen to us, then we won't buy you the Chicken Little toy."
"If you don't brush your teeth, then we won't buy you the Chicken Little T-shirt."
So on & so forth....... You get the drift. Thank goodness the movie people had the foresight to start advertising a good one month prior to the show. One month of peace!
So finally on Wednesday with abated breath, we went to watch the long awaited show in Century Square. You should have seen Megan's face! I'd have paid a million bucks just to see that thrilled look again. :)
I think Ken & I must have caught the excitement from her because we were both looking forward to the show as much as she is. And the show was well worth the wait. It's simply fantabulous! Till this very day, Meg is still recapping scenes from the show.
My favourite scene has gotta be this:
(In the Mutton Class)
Teacher (sheep): Translate this into lamb language.
Teacher: He
Class (different animals): Baa....
Teacher: She
Class: Baa.....
Teacher: We
Class: Baa.....
Ken & I nearly rolled onto the floor laughing!
Anyway Meg was loaded with "Chicken Little" memorabilia to bring home that day. She had 2 T-shirts, a plate, fork & spoon, and a plush toy. Not only that but even the pic on our desktop is "Chicken Little".
For those who loves "Chicken Little" as much as we do, do drop by their official website to take a look. There are alot of interesting downloads and Chicken Little doing different kind of dance moves. Meg luuurves that website and it amuses her no end!
At the end of the movie, I realised that what made the 3 of us enjoy it so much, is that we have each other for company - 3 of us loving the same thing, 3 of us giggling at the same silly stuffs, 3 of our hearts as 1.

Meg doing a great impersonation of "Chicken Little", right down to the pouty lips!
We couldn't resist taking a photo with the life-size poster.
You can't see it from here but Megan is wearing a "Chicken Little" T-shirt.
At a different event but just to showcase a tiny portion of some the wares that Megan has.

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