Thursday, December 22, 2005

My princess is back!!!

*Blows trumpet* Listen up people!

That's right, my precious princess is back. And I can't be happier.*Grins*

The first thing she asked me was 'Are you happy now?' Such ego. (Knowing exactly how miserable I would be without her around.)

And the first thing she asked Ken was 'Did you miss me?' Hahaha....... Small little grown-up!

One thing that really moved me was that she went on to touch my face and told me that she has forgotten how I looked - forgotten my eyes *touches my eye*, forgotten my nose *touches my nose*, and forgotten my ears *touches my ears*. So sweet right?

Then she proceeded on to be her silly self and told me she has forgotten how the house looked and thought that she's now in a new house. Then she burst out laughing at her own joke while I rolled my eyes at her.

Yup that's my daughter........

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