Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wherever my pink boots take me - Disneyland, Los Angeles

Day 3 - waiting in the lobby to go for some early morning shopping before heading to the 'happiest place on earth'.

Did I mention that I love theme parks?

Can't wait to let out the inner kid in me!

Check out the flooring

Lunch ~~ The best chilli dog I'd ever tasted

Hadn't expected it to be so sweltering hot! Dionne & I each had to purchase a t-shirt to change out of our thick clothes.

Indiana Jones

Had never seen so many prams in my life!

The haunted mansion was awesome! The best feature in the entire theme park.

It wasn't all that scary but the effects of the ghostly apparitions were so good

Hats galore

And we can't resist buying them!

What a shame to eat them

Everything looks absolutely delectable

Dionne's heart was bleeding during this shoot cos that little boy was stomping on her Chanel bag & Burberry scarf & she couldn't make him budge =.=

Joe was our photographer for the trip

Trying to look cute & cool at the same time :p

Once again it's just us cos everyone else had long left Disneyland to go shopping

We did lotsa shopping too. Not one souvenir shop was left unturned.

Non-stop picture taking too

Ooooh ………. Minnie's house - I like!

All the rides are really kiddy. I much prefer Universal Studios.

I'm proud of this shot!

Kiddy's meal for dinner

The long awaited fireworks but had to stop midway due to technical difficulties. Bummer ……..

That castle represents every little girl's dream

More clowning & shopping in the souvenir shops before we finally head back in the last bus at midnight!

Didn't manage to catch Mickey but at least I got Pluto ;)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mum's birthday Bintan trip

I'm going to let you guys take a break from US & bring you to Bintan instead. We made use of the Vesak day weekend & brought mum for a short getaway as her birthday pressie. It was a much needed break for all of us.

Bintan Lagoon Resort

Ate round the clock & I came home with an excess baggage! *sob*

View of the pool at sunset

I'm a beer-a-holic

Fireflies tour!

Meg's thoroughly enjoying herself

Erykca was sizzling hawt!

FHM material? (I think I'm a great photographer :p)

My turn to be the model

USD$7 'flowery' sunnies from H&M!

Quirky fun ~~

Mum soaking up the essence of the ocean

All pics were taken with my iPhone from this point on cos my NEX-5 kena water …….. sianzzzz

I love lil' Meg (though not so little anymore)

Had to keep my arms akimbo to hide my flabby arms!

We're missing Uniz ……..

Acting emo

Isn't the iPhone amazing?! What'd I ever do without it.

3 degrees restaurant

The scallops were to die for …...… *drools*

Simply had to head 1 last time to the pool prior to checking out

I <3 LomoLomo

We'd want to go back there again soon

Got that gorgeous aviator from States


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