Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wherever my pink boots take me - Vegas strip & gentleman's club in style (The Limousine way!)

While I try & figure out how to extract the pictures of Meg's 10th birthday party from a faulty CF card, bear with me & let's look at some fantabulous time I had in Las Vegas.

Our ride!

Watch it people …... The rich & famous cruising along! I felt like I was in a MV :p
Guess what we picked up along the way?
Rosé bubbly :)))
Definitely feeling & living the high life!
Cheers to the best night ever!
The limo might as well have been parked in the car park cos we were so pre-occupied with taking pics of ourselves that we'd completely neglected the spectacular Vegas Strip. The only few outdoor shots I got.
I absolutely love love love Vegas!

But our high life doesn't end there of course. The limo chauffeur was awfully nice & brought us to the largest gentleman club (aka strip club lah) in Vegas. Eat your hearts out guys! I even managed to sneak a pole-dancing video but too bad, this is a PG-rated blog. A whole bunch of girls to a gentleman club was quite something else. Nothing sleazy & nobody harassed us. Just good clean fun! 

Though we might be girls ladies, but we definitely admire another pretty face or gorgeous body. Not the lascivious guys kinda way :p Besides the girls there were really friendly. Managed to chat to some & they even coolly offered me lap dances! 

And did I forget to mention the toilet? I'm in love. With the toilet. It's stocked with all kinds of scents & lotions imaginable, plus mints & chocolates too! Of course, it's meant for the girls working there but it doesn't stop us from trying out the stuffs! :p

Hands down. All of us agreed that that was our best night throughout the entire trip.

The only pic that would pass censorship while in the club. We had pizza delivery! The biggest & most delicious pizza I ever had in my entire life (totally swear by it) :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Parachute - Forever and Always

It's achingly heartbreaking ……..

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy children's day!

It was children's day & the parents support group put up a skit for the kids. The best part was that I got to play the student! I can't believe that after almost 25 years, I got to put on my primary school uniform again. I was so psyched! It's not my old uniform, of course. I was a real scrawny one back then. Sigh …… how did I turn out this way now …….  Anyway it was a good thing that I managed to find one that fits me. I like to think that there's still hope for me :p

P.S. Thank you Mas for the pics :)

With fellow 'student' Michelle

The principal

The very talented cast

PSG rocks!

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