Thursday, September 29, 2005


Alright for the faint hearted, this post is not for you. It contains some images that some might not be able to stomach. I'd suggest you just skip this & wait for the next post.

You've been warned, so for those brave ones step forth!

I had our tattoo done!!! OUCH!!! I wish there's some other way to describe it but couldn't think of any other than ouch.

So without further ado, let's look at the photos.

Like I'm about to be flog on my ass.
Positively terrified!

Almost there.... (couldn't show you the process due the position of the tattoo)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Nelly & Kennon's Birthday

It's the birthday of my 2 best buds today - Nelly & Kennon. They are so close that they go by the name of "stupid woman" & "bluff bluff" respectively. They were formerly my colleagues when I was doing a short stint in marketing 6 years ago. We got on like house on fire & we've remained best pals ever since.

They are the sort of friends that you don't see & don't talk to all the time. We probably meet once half yearly & chat once every 3 monthly (maybe even less). We understand we each have our own commitment & lead our own lives. We don't need to meet up constantly to remain close. In spite of the fact that we rarely catch up with one another, I know they are the most reliable friends that I have, the kind that will be the first to come to my aid if I need them.

I think I can call Nelly my life saviour. For she did just that. She stood by me in my darkest hour & rendered aid in whatever way she could. I wouldn't have lasted this long if not for her staunch support. *tears welling up in my eyes* And when she thinks that I can stand on my own 2 feet, she left me alone to lead my own life. Then when I need her again, she's just a phonecall away.

She's gonna get married next year & live in the States. I'm so going to miss her! *Wails* So HERRY you better treat her right, or if not I am going to bring her back to Singapore & lead her astray! (kekeke.... her fiance is always so worried that I'll corrupt her.)

To find a gem of a friend like Nelly is rare & I'm most fortunate to have found her.

Interesting restaurant in Ngee Ann City. Your own portion of Teppanyaki - just stir & mix the flavourings till it's cooked.

Nel was terrified of it splattering onto her that Kennon's gotta do it. Can you imagine what she's like in the kitchen?! ( erm.... mistake, she's never in the kitchen!)

Nel loves the cake from Bakerz Inn.
Run Kennon run......Nel is so going to kill you for this!

Nel says she's 21 *rolls eyes*.
Sitting together amicably at last.

Kennon & his girlfriend. 

At Taka Square.
Notice the height difference? Ken the photographer was relentlessly teasing me about it.

Notice the height difference now? Kennon had to virtually squat to accomadate my height!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Last day In Eye Clinic Singapura

Today's my last day of work in the clinic. The clinic that I've come to love so much, so much that I've come to regard it as my second home. It is with mixed feelings that I'm leaving the clinic - jubilant, sadness & fear.
Jubilant - for I'll no longer be under the thumb of that bitch. She'll be the downfall of the clinic. I'll show her that I can do much better outside. I'll prove to her that I'll be far superior in all ways.
Sadness - for I've come to love almost everyone in the clinic, just as most of them has come to love me. The parting scene was really sad. We were bawling our eyes out the entire day. I've never encountered a workplace whereby one feels so much about one's leaving. Our turn-over rate in the clinic is very high & usually no one bats an eyelid when a staff is leaving. To know that I've been loved & revered really touches my heart. It means that my effort in the past 4 years have not gone wasted. It means that I must have been doing things right.
Fear - leaving this warm safe cocoon for the outside world strikes fear in my heart. For I'm sure from now henceforth, the trudge is uphill all the way & the view won't be pretty.
It has taken alot out of me to take this big step forward. I don't know if it's the right thing to do, I guess only time can tell.

A champange (but of course it's only sparkling juice) from the girls to celebrate. They firmly believe that I'll do so much better outside. They have that great deal of faith in me.

My beloved nurses & optometrists.
Top (left to right): Zarina, Paulyn
Middle: Bei Lei, Linda, Me, Trista, Felicia, Sandra, Doreen, Grace
Bottom: Siti, Christy, Liza

My receptionists
Left to Right: Janice, Yani, Arvina, Me again, Linda, Kirsten

Cards from the girls - nothing is more valuable than these.

From Linda

Zarina, Liza, Trista, Siti, Christy - a most thoughtful memorabilia from them. They've put their photos & private messages into this beautiful photo frame.

From Linda too

From all my colleagues.

Once again from Zarina, Liza, Trista, Siti & Christy - They know my weakness well.

From Grace, my best friend, colleague, classmate.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Mid-Autumn Festival

Saturday was Megan's nursery open house & the school invited all parents to view their works. Ken & I were very impressed with the works done by these 4 year olds. The standard is really good I must say!

I know some of you might say "Wah your child only 4 years old, you so kan cheong about school performance already?" Maybe I'm a little kiasu but afterall which parent doesn't want their child to do well in life.

I managed to have a talk with Meg's teacher & I'm thoroughly relieved that she's doing fine. The teacher used to feedback to me that she's too sensitive to people's comments but in the past year, she's grown alot. So thankfully, I'm happy to know that she's finally coping well.

Looking at her, I must say she makes me a really proud mother.
She's really shy that day & I have no idea why.

Finally perked up & posing with the ostrich that she's made.

Proudly pointing to her work of art - the prawn.

On Sunday, we celebrated Mid-autumn's festival. My mum stays on the ground floor & therefore we could have a barbecue to mark the occasion. We decorated the place with lanterns & played with sparklers. But the best part of all, my sis is back to celebrate it with us. I believe all of us had a really good time.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


I'm on leave today. Before anyone gushes at how shiok my life is - it is unpaid, mind you....... I've been taking so many unpaid leave that my last day with the clinic is till the end of the month instead of the 23rd.
Which is just as well since I haven't found a job. I've been to 2 interviews (actually make that 1 as I was called back for the 2nd interview). However I'm not too keen on this one cos it's really far away, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they won't select me.
I've got another lined up on Monday & whilst I'm typing this, another called me to go for an interview asap. Whoppee!!! (I'd better be chop chop on this post.)
I took leave to accompany my sweetheart for a check up today. You know what that means........... *covers face* I can't join the bitches for the gathering tonight. I know I sound like a broken record but here it goes again...... I'm so so sorry darlings, I promise to make it up some other time. *hangs head*
Gonna go get dressed now, keep your fingers & toes crossed for me on this one.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

In Sentosa with Uniz

As part of the plan to bring my sis & her boyfriend sightseeing, we went for Dim Sum then to Sentosa on Sunday. We've had loads of fun there & the only complain was that we didn't get tan enough. Well, sure hope that we get to go again on Sunday.

I promised photos & so here I am to deliver the goods. Enjoy!

Ever ready for the beach even when we are at the restaurant.
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Meg making an attempt to take a shot on her own.
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Mum & Dad.
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With my sweetheart.
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Now you know why I'm crazy about her?
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Meg's forced into posing this.
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That's Uniz's boyfriend, Renne (I think that's the way it's spelt).
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Looks like a Heinekein ad. No?
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Now 'zi lian' a bit....
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Last but not least, my favourite pic.
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Friday, September 09, 2005

Bitches withdrawal syndrome

Sorry for that long lull folks. But I'm finally back!
I know.... I know.... Thinking I tuang right? Thinking I yng yng cheng cheng also don't want to update blog right? Sigh..... let me begin to explain myself.
Those who don't have kids probably won't understand. It's school holidays now and when this phenomenon happens, little children turns into terrifying energizer bunnies. Likewise with Megan..... Getting her to sleep every night becomes a tactical warfare. And believe me, the aftermath isn't pretty. There are many a times I find myself wishing that I'm doing the triathlon instead of being here coaxing her to sleep (alright maybe not quite as drastic as a triathlon but you get the gist).
Other than coping with Meg, I've been having nights after nights of family gathering cos my sis is back from UK. Oh my sis is a tattoo artist by the way, so if anyone is thinking of having one done, contact me.
As if those are not enough to keep me busy, I'm also frantically looking for a job. Typing resume (I've managed to get mine to 6 long pages), cover letters, start calling all long lost friends to hook me up with something. Well you know, the SOP of looking for a job.
I guess this will have to do for now. I hope that I'll have have some pics to show you people after the weekend.
On an ending note, I need to tell the Devils' Bitches that I feel terrible for neglecting them these past weeks. I haven't been keeping in close contact with you gals but it doesn't mean I don't think about you. Each & everyone of you are kept close to heart at all times. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my schedule will improve next week, then I can finally meet you all. I miss you bitches so much that I think I'm starting to get 'bitches withdrawal syndrome' (If there's such a thing). *SOB........ SOB*

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