Monday, September 19, 2005

Mid-Autumn Festival

Saturday was Megan's nursery open house & the school invited all parents to view their works. Ken & I were very impressed with the works done by these 4 year olds. The standard is really good I must say!

I know some of you might say "Wah your child only 4 years old, you so kan cheong about school performance already?" Maybe I'm a little kiasu but afterall which parent doesn't want their child to do well in life.

I managed to have a talk with Meg's teacher & I'm thoroughly relieved that she's doing fine. The teacher used to feedback to me that she's too sensitive to people's comments but in the past year, she's grown alot. So thankfully, I'm happy to know that she's finally coping well.

Looking at her, I must say she makes me a really proud mother.
She's really shy that day & I have no idea why.

Finally perked up & posing with the ostrich that she's made.

Proudly pointing to her work of art - the prawn.

On Sunday, we celebrated Mid-autumn's festival. My mum stays on the ground floor & therefore we could have a barbecue to mark the occasion. We decorated the place with lanterns & played with sparklers. But the best part of all, my sis is back to celebrate it with us. I believe all of us had a really good time.

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