Thursday, June 28, 2007

My pride and joy

I am absolutely bursting with pride!!! :DDD

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy 31st birthday to me!

I celebrated my 31st birthday amidst my beloved family and friends. It was really fun and brought a special warmth to my heart. The only unfortunate thing I guess is that I am still really sick and didn't get to enjoy my favourite BBQ chicken wings :(
I want to say a big thank you to everyone who took time out to attend the BBQ and for the lovely pressies. Thank you to Aunty Jac and Sharon for going out of their way to help me reserve the BBQ pit. Thank you to Weiming, Edmund, Jason and James for lending a hand to make sure everyone is fed. Thank you to my mummy for cooking the beehoon and making the Konyaku. And finally to Marilyn and my sweetheart for planning the BBQ. All of you have done so much to make this birthday memorable for me. I'm awfully touched!

And not forgetting those who thought about me on my birthday and sent me smses or tagged me on the tag board. Each single message meant a lot to me :)) Even those far away like Uniz, Aunty Mary, Chermaine and Angeline made an effort to send me a text. You guys made me feel so loved.

Then of course to my mates on Utopia! Thanks for all your well wishes and the best present of all, a war win! You can't imagine how badly I wanted that! And timely too because they surrendered right on my birthday. Haha ..........

It got me worried for a while when it started raining cats and dogs. I even told Ken that somebody up there don't love me :p But when it was time for the BBQ, the rain stopped and only started the downpour again when the party is due to end. So I guess the person up there does love me afterall ................

P.S. Marilyn - No, I do not want your painstaking collection of slimmy gooey stuffs. Keep them for Ed or else later he jealous. Haha!!!

This cake is from the company for all the June babies

And this is my very own yummy chocalicious cake
I love them both soooo much!
My gorgeous family
Darling Liz and Jon
Singing the birthday songMaking a wish Blowing the candles Cutting the cake The fun FJC bunch My hero who braved the storm ;)
Dear Marilyn spent lots of effort organizing the food and the party
They are close to me like my own sistersThanks for all your help too sweetie Kelly Jamie's a proud mummy-to-be Kennon, Chris and Nelly - such long time friends that we don't think twice about hurling insults at each other :p
Ken's chums are my chums too Dearest mummy
A big big thank you to Weiming who turned up really early to help us cart the stuffs
And also a big thank you to the Jin Tong Yu Nu
An extremely handy Longchamp bag from Mar, Kelly and Ju. Now I can look classy and poise when I lug my samples around :) Gifts from Ken's chums
Pressies from the FJC peeps
And from my very own friends - I especially like the one from Uncle Terrence and Aunty Cynthia cos it says 'HOT BABE'! :p

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Birthday approaching .....

I am sick again but yet cannot take leave because I had arranged to meet quite a few doctors. So Ken being the very sweet him decided to be my chauffer and drive me around on my appointments so as to at least take the stress off the driving. I am so loved ...... haha .....

And after work, he drove me to East Coast Park saying to meet Andrew there. However when we reached there, there were no signs of Andrew. Then he said that actually it was him who wanted to go get wheels for his rollerblade. Naively I followed him into the shop and there he announced that the real purpose is to get a new pair of blades for me! I was seriously taken aback.

Well, you see. My birthday falls on the coming Sunday. Knowing that my beloved family and friends will definitely get me presents, I had informed them way ahead that I don't want any presents. All I ask for is a cake and spend my birthday with the ones I love. I lack nothing. I am showered with way much more love than I ever deserve. I am counting my blessings and I am one lucky person indeed. So how could I ever ask for more? I am truly contented with my lot.

So after hearing me, darling Marliyn decided to hold a barbecue birthday party for me instead. Haha....... how could I ever resist? I love BBQ chicken wings! Marilyn is a real sweetheart.

At the shop, I learnt that the blades was from the FJC peeps. I was terribly embarrassed to be accepting a gift from them. I protested but Ken refused to leave without me buying a pair. So thank you very much guys! And good thinking about the blades as well since my blades super cannot make it :p

Two nights back, Meg and Ken forbade me to step into the hall and when finally I was permitted, they revealed a home-made birthday card. Lots of love and heart put into this one :))

Ken had also wanted to get me a Nokia N95 but I thought that it's too extravagant and adamantly told him no. Besides I'm a klutz and there's no way I can not drop the phone. Hee~

So you see, I'm truly a very blessed woman, right?

P.S. When you view my blog, do you guys have a problem vewing the pics? Cos I do and I don't know why :(

Friday, June 08, 2007

Guo Soon's ROM

It's now 9pm and Meg's already asleep. Totally out of the norm but then again think she's not feeling too well. She gets these coughs and colds so frequently. Arghhh .....

An extremely quiet Friday night. The FJC peeps will be going down to Dragonly tonight. But not Ken and I. I think Ken is just sick of the scene whereas I'm just plain fat to be seen :p Haha ....... I am seriously going to work at losing some weight and inches. Aim is 4kg ;) Watch me in this space soon!

And the long dreaded mock-detailing competition finally arrived. After going through it, it wasn't so bad afterall. I think I did pretty okay, much better than all the rehearsals that I did with my manager. I'm totally grateful to my 2 managers who spent lots of time going through it again and again with me. Don't think I'd be able to pull it through if it wasn't for them. Now I can only cross my fingers and wait for the result.

Anyway we went for Ken's close friend, Guo Soon's, ROM over the week. Not simply close friend but childhood chums. It's amazing how many of his friends date all the way back to his childhood days. How I envy the closness they share, I wish I had friends that date way back too.

With all our sincerest wishes, we wish the pair of you a beautiful and blissful marriage.

With his beautiful bride

Great palsKen took a candid shot of me - chubby right?
The gang

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Klaudia's 5th birthday

Both Ken and Meg are out, so I'm left to my own devices on a Sunday. Not used to the house being so quiet suddenly. But that's not to say that I'm not enjoying it though. Haha ........ :p

There's a million things that I can think up of to occupy my time with - check for the flights and pricing to Prague, prepare for my mock-detailing competition, start on my long-awaited book, check my mails, tidy the house, bathe Woofie, settle my credit card bills online, check my mails, paint my nails, have a facial and the list goes on ......... I have to hold myself back and resist the urge to to be lull by the comfort of my bed. (As you all know I'm such a pig!)

So here, I'll start on the number 1 thing I wanted to do most - BLOG.

Have you read today's Sunday Time's Lifestyle section yet? I stumbled across a fairly interesting quote. It's an interview with Dr Vivian Balakrishnan (I happened to idolize him by the way :p) on building a family. He cited his wife, Joy's, advice on how to achieve love and happiness in the family: "The first rule is to love your wife." Kudos to her! Haha ........

I mean seriously, just like he said "It's a commitment and it requires deliberate, concious investment and high emotional energy. And if the parental relationship is sound, it immediately gives the kids security."

To love your wife and vice versa, I think it works both ways. That should be the foundation for all families and this article has spurred me to work a lot harder at it.

Anyway here are some photos taken from Klaudia's 5th birthday party last night. (Klaudia belongs to Evelyn, who's my colleague.) The theme was Fairytale and I tell you I had never seen so many little princesses gathered together in my entire life. They were all oh so preeetty! They wore beautiful frocks, tiaras and some even had fairy wings. Absolutely endearing :))

And the most amazing thing is that Evelyn hand-sewn Klaudia's party dress. It's even prettier than the ones found in the shops! She's one of the super mums that I know who devotes themselves to her kids. Great job with the party Evelyn, Meg enjoyed herself so much!

P.S. Does anyone have lobang to get cheaper rates to fly to London and Prague? Or does anyone work in a travel agency? Email me please.

All the kids were highly entertained by the game masterJust look at how absorbed Meg is
The best shot I can get of the cake (The 12 Dancing Princesses)
If you've ever been to a children's birthday party, you'll know that the most dreaded time is when you bring out the cake - CHAOS
The gorgeous birthday girl Tried to gather the kids of all my colleagues but these are the best shots that I can get

Meg loved her get-up & I made her pose for me before she changes out of the outfit

My Lil' Princess

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Mummy's and Marilyn's birthday

Ermmm ........... So where should I start? There seems to be a million and one things that had taken place in my life since I last blogged, that I don't know where I should start. Plus loads of pics. It took me more than an hour consolidating them in order to blog it.
Or maybe we shall just look at the photos and skip all those 'wordy' words :p
Bored stiff and out of mind while I waited more than an hour outside Ken's reservist camp

Marilyn's birthday was on the 22 March and we had a pre-celebration for her with the FJC peeps. I had meant to blog this way earlier but .......
My 2 darlingsJason, Jamie and Juliana with MarilynCan you tell that I'm piling on the lard :(
Pretty birthday girl
Can't believe that they actually made Marilyn pick 4 numbers to buy 4D!! (erm.... didn't strike by the way)
Had McDonald's breakfast as a belated birthday celebration for Mar. Only Noelle was there cos Miko & Kelly weren't feeling well & it's too far for Ju. The Coach pouch was from the FJC peeps & the Aldo voucher from us.A birthday card from Meg
At the airport to send Aunty Mary & Chermaine. They're touring Ireland & the nordic countries for a month. We're sure gonna miss them.
My 2 precious starts to take funny photos of themselves :))
I didn't even know these photos existed till I uploaded them now
It was mummy's birthday on the 31st May. We had an early celebration for her in Dad's restaurant.
Meg luurves the camera
Meg had naughtily told my dad that she doesn't want to take photo with him cos he's not nice-looking! Had the entire family in uproars ......LolxI love my family!!!
I love you mummy!!
My own adorable family
Had another celebration for mum on the actual birthday with my god-brother and his pair of twins Mum had requested for a pair of Birkenstock for her birthday & so we took her shopping
Yet another outing with the FJC peeps on eve of Vesak day. Villa Bali was full so we made do with Daybed Bar
Both of us having bad eyebags day :p
My drink for the night
Andrew caught me on his N95 taking pictures of myself
We had a fun time tonight eating Sakae Teppanyaki in Century Square before we adjourned to Kallang McDonald's for FJC's monthly meet-up. The Chahwanmushi is really unique.
Received another of Leto's photo. She's waaay cute! This looks just like a postcard :D

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