Friday, November 24, 2006


Thank you for all your concerns and the visits. I am sorry to have worried you all. I will try to take better care of myself from now on.
And for those who doesn't have a clue what I'm going on about, my long absence was because I was hospitalized. I was sworn off computer for about 2 weeks now. I even had to put a stop to my favourite online game. I was just too sick and feverish to sit up. I had Pyelonephritis - infection of the kidney. There's still pain at my kidney region but otherwise the intravenous antibiotics pretty much took care of everything.
After 4 days in the hospital, I am finally back home and well enough to blog (back on Tuesday actually). Well it wasn't all bad news when I was admitted. The great news is that I have lost a fair bit of weight (which I am piling back on slowly but surely. *depressing*). The other good thing is that I will be on an extremely long break. To be precise, it's till 4th Dec'06 - hospitalisation leave. Albeit an undeserved break.
I had initially thought of going back to work earlier because it's month end and I'm worried about my sales target. But I learned that I had already hit my year-to-date quota while I was lying in the hospital and so my boss told me to just take a good rest. Yooohoooo!!!! Great job, great boss, what else can I ask for? (*crosses fingers* worried that I might just jinx myself by saying that.)
Oh and great colleagues too. A big big thank you to Michelle who's slogging it out alone, taking on my share of work while I laze. I promise to make it up to you girl :p
Alright that's about as long as I can bear sitting in front of the pc for now. Talk to you peeps again soon!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pics that I didn't get to upload

Something had happened in the family and thus we were all really occupied by it. Now that it's settled, I just wanted to upload some of the pics that I didn't get to upload last week.

Meg's pic from my phone before the concert. She's so pretty!

Some of the guys from FJC hired a photographer to take photos of their cars. I know what you guys are thinking. Who in the right mind hires photographer to take photos of their cars?! I thought the same too. But after seeing his work, I had to grudgingly admit that it's good. We went to a few locations and the shoot took us half a day. First location is at the old Changi hospital. Here's a pic taken by lay person - me.

What a difference!

I like this one taken at Shenton Way most

Uniz will be going back to UK soon and hence us, 3 sisters, went for dinner and chill out session together last week. We're going to miss Uniz and Leto so much. We've gotten so used to them being around now. We went to a steak house in Cinelesiure for dinner. Great food at reasonable prices. And after that we adjourned to Indochine for drinks. It's so intimate. The 3 of us hardly get out together like that.

Uniz was craving for oysters. Other than oysters, we also had escargot.
Oyster shooters. But only 2 cos I refused to try it.

My beloved sisters

Uniz's flaming steak

X'mas lights in Orchard Road are up already. It's so beautiful!

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Ken was running late when he took his shirt out of the wardrobe and realised that it's wrinkled. Since the maid was not around, I took it and ironed for him.
As I was ironing, Meg happened to walk into the room. She gave me an incredulous look and then said "Mum, are you ironing?!" (Which obviously I am.) "I thought you were kak kak (the maid)." Geez...........
Has it been that long since I last ironed or did housework? Well come to think of it, I don't think Meg had ever seen me iron clothes before so I can hardly blame her :p
That's not the end of the story though. She seems to like what she just saw and proceeded to tell me that she likes me to do everything, things like washing and ironing, for DaDa, Woofie and her. This time it was me who gave her an incredulous look and told her a big NO!
That was such a scary thought ................ *shudders*

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Kindergarten 1 concert

Remember I told you in my last post that I was rushing off to Meg's concert? Kinda in a rush then and didn't have time to explain. It's Meg's annual year end Kindergarten concert. She performed in a chinese dance cum martial arts segment and she's practised really hard for it. She had previously showed me the moves a couple of times at home. I was so excited for her and told her that I couldn't wait to see her at the concert. She was elated that I was so eager and even teased me that I was more anxious than her.

Both of us were simply counting down the days. And finally it's Saturday. Other than watching her at the concert, I also can't wait to apply make-up for Megan. It's like playing barbie doll again. She stood there patiently while I ply layers after layers of make-up on her. I have even managed to apply mascara on her! And she looks sooo pretty, just like a china doll.

Having gained experience from last year's concert (which resulted in the parents standing on chairs rather than sitting on them), I asked Ken to dash up to reserve seats while I send Meg to her class. Alas, we still ended up right behind because the seats were all occupied with tumblers and bags. It's so horrid. But the good thing was that the scene last year didn't repeat and all of us managed to stay seated. Although there's still the jostle at the aisle. You can't imagine what I had to go through to get those videos. Poor Ken was lamenting that he was blocked throughout the concert.
The concert was a success and Meg enjoyed her performance every bit as I did. I must be the proudest mother alive :)

Check out her make-up
Did I do a good job?
Meg's very pleased with it
So sweet
In her class getting ready
Here it goes
Be patient, you'll see her when the girls come out for their segment. I apologise for the constant auto-refocusing of the camera everytime I zoom in. If you look closely at the end, you'll see her scratching her bum! Haha ..........
The grand finale
Very tired after the concert and make-up's almost gone
Little miss grouchy face with Yosuke

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Kim Seng & Kate's wedding

Just wanted to quickly blog this before I had to rush out for Meg's concert. (I'm so thrilled for her, I can't wait!) Recent posts are often many events crammed into 1 post and I don't really like that. It's kinda hard to stay focus on the topic.

We were at Kim Seng & Kate's wedding last night at the Grand Hyatt. Wedding dinners are usually good fun and last night didn't disappoint. We were by far the rowdiest table, so much so at one point, I started to use my hands to cover my face and slid further down my chair to make myself more inconspicuous. They are just so hilarious. Now I know why we were placed right at the back of the ballroom. Wise choice! Haha.............

Gotta run! *Keeps fingers crossed for Meg*

I love Ken so ..............

The couples at our table

Kim Seng & extremely petite Kate (but very ravishing)

So sweet, just like a fairytale

All the girls

Peifen & Meiyan

Thought we had nailed this one but turned out blurred
Everyone wants to get hold of the couple and it was hard to even get them for a pic
So aggressive! No wonder the bride and groom evaded us.

Just trying to get the groom to drink but looks more like a fight

Sigh.... yet another blurred photo for the evening, seems like lots of them that night

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Jonathan's, Raymond's, Chang's & Kelly's birthday

I can't believe it. I am sick again in less than 2 weeks. Down with the usual stuff - fever, cough and runny nose. The only difference is that I have got a severely inflammed throat. It's so bad that I can barely talk and when I do, I sound like I am croaking. I went to see the doctor yesterday and was on MC but went back to work today. However by the looks of it, I will probably need to take the day off tomorrow again. Thank God for an understanding boss. If not, I would have been out of a job by now :p

Even more horrid is that PMS is here, so I tend to gorge myself with food. Whatever little weight that I have lost in the past month has all come undone. Now I am fat, bloated and pimply. Plus my back is peeling really bad from the wakeboarding session. And tomorrow is Gen Shen's wedding! *Sob* There goes all the halter necks, tubes and spaghetti straps ............... What in the world am I going to wear then??!! *horrified*

Sigh ........ guess we'll come to it when tomorrow comes then.

I took a little bit longer this time to upload the photos from Saturday because there's just too many. Well finally it's up. But my brain's about as clogged as my nose, so I'll just give you a running commentary as we go along.

Saturday was also Jonathan's birthday and we celebrated it at a nice seaside colonial bungalow called Beaulieu House
Aunty Jac got all the kids to wear bandana (is that what it's called?)

Playing dog & bone
Meg's painfully shy

Meg likes her new look so much

My 2 sweeties

Why are they huddled together?
Ah..... Treasure hunt
Jon turns 9

waiting for the rest to gather

Singing the birthday song

Super duper cool folks

Spotted a beehive and Meg got all excited

I look incredibly short!
Waiting for Marilyn and Kelly to pick us up in a cab to go to Devils Bar

Totally bored and can't resist taking photos of myself :p

The early birds. Maggie was there too but again she doesn't want me to post the pic. It's strange how the pretty girls always think they're not pretty enough and the not too good-looking ones think that they are.

While we're still sober. Decided to drink tonight so none of us drove.

Jamie's car being judged in the Duke Affair. I so hope she wins.

Kelly's really busy running around and so left Mar & me to entertain ourselves with the camera

The fun FJC peeps

The 2 Mr. Funnies of FJC - Marvin and the birthday boy, Raymond

Jamie, Jermaine & Mar
Guys group pic
Now the girls
Ju finally arrived

Notice how Ju has to squat down to accomodate

I love them!

The 2 darlings that I haven't seen for so long
Noelle & Miko

It's been ages since we last took a group pic together

3 from FJC celebrating their birthdays too - Chang, Raymond & Black Cat (beats me what's her real name)

Now's our darling's turn to cut the cake
Not knowing that we bought a cake, Noelle & Miko bought a cake too. And it's exactly the same cake! Haha.... great minds think alike.

Birthday boy and girl

Raymond requested to take a pic with all the babes but think he just doesn't have the luck cos all the pics turned out blurred

The 2 jie meis
Our favourite guys - Tommy & Simon

I wonder if it's Kelly's or Ken's birthday

Now Noelle and Ju

I also want
As the night wears on and many many drinks later, all of us were wasted, as demonstrated by Chang here

And things got raunchy

A birthday kiss

Miss you Noelle!

Ju must chap ji ka


Finally the inevitable stripping


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