Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pics that I didn't get to upload

Something had happened in the family and thus we were all really occupied by it. Now that it's settled, I just wanted to upload some of the pics that I didn't get to upload last week.

Meg's pic from my phone before the concert. She's so pretty!

Some of the guys from FJC hired a photographer to take photos of their cars. I know what you guys are thinking. Who in the right mind hires photographer to take photos of their cars?! I thought the same too. But after seeing his work, I had to grudgingly admit that it's good. We went to a few locations and the shoot took us half a day. First location is at the old Changi hospital. Here's a pic taken by lay person - me.

What a difference!

I like this one taken at Shenton Way most

Uniz will be going back to UK soon and hence us, 3 sisters, went for dinner and chill out session together last week. We're going to miss Uniz and Leto so much. We've gotten so used to them being around now. We went to a steak house in Cinelesiure for dinner. Great food at reasonable prices. And after that we adjourned to Indochine for drinks. It's so intimate. The 3 of us hardly get out together like that.

Uniz was craving for oysters. Other than oysters, we also had escargot.
Oyster shooters. But only 2 cos I refused to try it.

My beloved sisters

Uniz's flaming steak

X'mas lights in Orchard Road are up already. It's so beautiful!

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