Saturday, November 04, 2006

Kim Seng & Kate's wedding

Just wanted to quickly blog this before I had to rush out for Meg's concert. (I'm so thrilled for her, I can't wait!) Recent posts are often many events crammed into 1 post and I don't really like that. It's kinda hard to stay focus on the topic.

We were at Kim Seng & Kate's wedding last night at the Grand Hyatt. Wedding dinners are usually good fun and last night didn't disappoint. We were by far the rowdiest table, so much so at one point, I started to use my hands to cover my face and slid further down my chair to make myself more inconspicuous. They are just so hilarious. Now I know why we were placed right at the back of the ballroom. Wise choice! Haha.............

Gotta run! *Keeps fingers crossed for Meg*

I love Ken so ..............

The couples at our table

Kim Seng & extremely petite Kate (but very ravishing)

So sweet, just like a fairytale

All the girls

Peifen & Meiyan

Thought we had nailed this one but turned out blurred
Everyone wants to get hold of the couple and it was hard to even get them for a pic
So aggressive! No wonder the bride and groom evaded us.

Just trying to get the groom to drink but looks more like a fight

Sigh.... yet another blurred photo for the evening, seems like lots of them that night

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