Saturday, September 30, 2006

No better Saturday

It's raining cats and dogs outside now. The best kind of weather for sleeping. And I intend to after blogging :p (I'm such a pig! I don't think I can find anyone that needs as much sleep as I do.)
After a long tedious week, it's finally Saturday again. (With all those controversy and plus anxiously chasing sales, it's indeed a very long one.) What's more, it's end of the month. Meaning month end closing of sales target! I can finally take a breather before starting the chase on numbers again. And plus tonight I can finally party with my darlings again! You can't get a better Saturday than this.
I've been overwhelmed by the number of posts on my tag board. It must have hit a record high! A very big thank you to the many anonymouses and everyone who had tagged to encourage or defend me. I am sorry I can't reply to each and everyone of you as there's just too many. You guys managed to convince me and re-instill the faith that there's indeed goodness around. I truly feel the love :) Especially to my DBB darlings who went all out to stick up for me. I know there were some who were offended by the language but don't be. That's cos they were infuriated and felt extremely indignant for me.
And I realised that I actually have readers in Hong Kong and Taiwan. I am going international, baby! Haha..........

Leto looking very surreal
Leto is now botak - shaved her head to make a calligraphy brush
Went with my family for yummy steamboat again on Monday
Me in my gold *blinks blinks*
Celebrated Chermaine's 23rd birthday in a Sichuan restaurant in UOB Plaza last night
Ken's family (and I hope that it'll be mine *blush*)
We're all so happy =)
Both have a penchant for funny faces
Look closely and you'll see Meg had lined her toys carefully perched next to her
Guess where she's placed her toys now - On Ken's shoulders!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My tag board

I have never thought that human can be this ugly but now I have seen it for myself. If you had read what's on my tag board before I had the chance to delete the comments away, you'll know what I meant. Flamers - It is highly perplexing to me as to why would people want to post vicious comments on a complete stranger? I am thankful I don't get it as much as the rest of the DBBs.
I'm not too sure about the reasons why people blog. But for me it's a passion for writing. A very long time ago, my ambition was to be a journalist. And apparently this was not meant to be. Although it didn't quite turn out how I wanted it but it didn't vanquish my interest. Writing is a skill and I didn't have the flair for it, therefore the only way to hone it is through lots of practice. I was very excited when I discovered blogging because this meant that I had a reason to write again. A place for me to practice the art of writing. I remembered how long it took me when I tried to write my very first post. But the flow got better and better as I wrote more. I therefore try to discipline myself and not let it lapse too long between each post because you tend to lose it somehow. If you look at the time of each post, you'll realise that a majority of them are posted real late at night or into the wee hours of the morning. Time is not a luxury for me. I do not blog because I have nothing better to do. I make an effort to stay up late and sacrifice sleep just so to blog.
The other reason is for dear Megan. She's growing up so fast - way too fast for my liking if you ask me. (Ask any parent and I believe they'll tell you the same thing) I look at her in amazement each day and marvel at how she has grown - from a tiny helpless heap into an energizer bunny who questions and challenges each and every of your instructions. If I could, this whole blog would be filled with anecdotes from her. I relish every single second spent with her and would like to hoard on to as much memories as I possibly can.
It is not easy for a person to blog about herself and share intimate details with you. Especially even more so for a single mum. But I decided to blog because I accept myself for who I am and if you're going to judge me based on marital status, then so be it. Everything I wrote about is very real and down-to-earth. My very mundane life. My highs and even my very lows.
But I guess I didn't consider the impact it might have on people around me when I chose to blog. They become targets for those vicious attacks on the tag board. They became targets to those who chose to hide behind their pc to make unjust and hurting remarks.
Since Ken was unfairly dragged into this, I will make use of this opportunity to tell everyone about this unsung hero. If it's hard to be a single mum, it's harder to be her boyfriend. In our society, there're still many with closed minds. You couldn't imagine the amount of digs that he had to endure. As much as you try, you'll never come close. It pains me so to see him go through all that and I often thought that I don't deserve him. But yet inspite of all that, he chose to stay by me. I am one lucky woman.
I believe that if I am sincere enough to bare it all, I think whoever reading this ought to have the decency to keep their mouth shut if they don't have anything nice to say. Who are you to judge me when we don't share the same life experiences. And if you find my blog offensive or clashes with your views in life, then stop visting it. Simple common sense. Afterall no one points a gun to your head. I will still continue to delete any moronic remarks but please don't flatter yourself and think that I am paying you a lot of attention. It only takes one delete button.
Lastly, I want to thank the readers that had sent me emails or tags, to tell me they enjoy reading my blog or to cheer me up when I am down. It gives me a ray of hope in the goodness of human nature.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Sorry I digress........

Alright before I go on to the main topic for today, just let me express my disappointment. With? The Singapore Idols. Why? Because I'm a huge Jonathan fan, that's why! I simply couldn't believe it that Hady won. Although I think the rest of my DBB darlings should be over the moon by now. (For obvious reasons why they're called DBB.)

I'm just so completely mesmerized by Jonathan. Haha..... I think Ken's seriously jealous :p (But I love you and only you sweetheart!) Jonathan's not only got the talent but the personality and brains to go with it as well. And of course, a voice that's to die for. In short, the whole package.

But if you're going to ask me whether I voted for him, I'm just going to come clean and confess that I didn't. As much as I supported him, I didn't believe in throwing away my money like that. It's 60 cents per call for God's sake! It's all just so bloody commercialised. It's all too manipulative. I've worked real hard for my money and I'm not going to donate it to make the rich richer.

However when Jonathan does cut an album, I'll be the first one to go out and get it. No pirated version or downloading for me. Yup, cross my heart.
Oops ........ Ken's just got back and is now looking over my shoulder, raising an eyebrow and saying 'Jonathan again?!' Hee.... hee..... guess he's got enough of me raving about Jonathan. Well, I'd better run or else suffer the wrath of the green eyed monster! (I know but I'm just such a mama drama :p)
Oh and I have not even gone on to my main topic. (I'm so good at digressing ..........) What the heck, I'll save it for my next post then.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bedtime routine

I think I almost went bonkers just now listening to Megan with her incessant singing on something about 5 brown puppies that fell off the wall plus her own rendition of Kelly Clarkson's 'Because of You'. (Beats me where she learned that from.) Finally after an hour, her upbeat singing droned into a soft gentle snore.
This has become routine. Her non-stop chatter, singing and endless requests. This only happens at bedtime. She shares the bedroom with me and though she's already coming 5, she still insists that I stay in the room with her till she falls asleep. (I've spoiled her rotten :p)

So I'll end up lying there in my bed while she lies in hers, me playing games after games of Solitaire on my PDA while she indulges in her own chatter. And each time when the chatter gets to me, I will yell at her to stop and close her eyes. However she has managed to come up with 1 superb excuse to not sleeping. "I am tired and I want to sleep but my naughty eyes refuses to close............" How do you reply to something like that!
Oh and talking about songs, her current favourites are Hate Me by Blue October and Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol (same choices as me by the way). It makes me wonder where did she hear them from? I never listen to music at home. But I think she's alot like me. Once I hear a song, it gets stuck to my head and I can almost always sing it the next time (not perfect of course). You should listen to her sing Hate Me. The lyrics makes me cringe (but I so love that song). But thank goodness, she never sticks to 1 song for long.
The things that Meg does amuses me so - things that makes me angry and yet laugh at the same time. I am always desperate for her to fall asleep each night but that doesn't stop me from laughing to myself as she goes on and on with her singing and made-up lyrics. I do love her so =)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Great steamboat weather

Ken had a sudden craving for steamboat and the rest spurred on by him, decided that they too have a craving for steamboat. Hence we made a date to go for steamboat on Friday.

Come early morning of Friday and Marilyn excitedly text me that the weather's wonderful for steamboat. And I do have to agree with her. It's a wet and very cold Friday. Perfect!

All of us turned up at Marina with the exception of Kelly. The poor girl is working so hard, I haven't seen her in a long while now. As usual we were all very late but yet just in time for each other. (I know it sounds very chim but dwell into it a for a while and you'll get it.)

We were famished and hungry with anticipation, so the moment we sat down, we attacked the food. So much so that we completely forgot about taking photos. It's been a very long time since all of us sat down like that, eating and chatting.

Thomas and Ju had to adjourn for some 'hand exercises' after the meal and so the rest of us decided to carry on with our usual weekly activity - movie in Tampines.

I don't know about the rest but Ken and I enjoyed ourselves tremendously. Great food and great friends for company. I am contented :)

Love you girls sooooo much!
We were seated as if we were in a Japanese blind date - girls on one side and the guys the other
Introducing M1, M2 and M3
The aftermath of our attack
Decided to post some random pics from my handphone. Here's one of Leto yawning
Megan in her ballet class
Oops the flash.....
Can you spot her? The one right in the centre.
There she is, my little ballerina.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A special girl

Megan was incredibly well-behaved throughout the day. Therefore I decided to enthusistically praise her good behaviour and told her what a very good girl she is.
She was extremely proud of herself and in reply told me "I am a good girl because God made me special. You know you are a very lucky mummy because you gave birth to a special girl like me!"

I grinned broadly and said "Oh yes, I am so lucky indeed!"

Monday, September 11, 2006

Chermaine's baptism

Elizabeth had requested that I post the photos taken on Chermaine's baptism. And no way am I going to disappoint her. So here you go girl!
As I'm having some trouble with uploading my photos on blogger, go to my photo gallery to see the rest of the pics. I'll try to upload them when time is on my side again.

3 charming young ladies, Stephanie, Chermaine & Elizabeth

P.S. Oh and I just realised that Uncle Joe and Aunty Jac had been reading my blog too. Thanks for dropping by ;)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Finally photos up!

Haha....... I know that was a cheap cheesy one-liner in my last entry. But well fact is fact. I truly miss blogging and I can't get anything decent up because I was preoccupied with getting this post ready.
Not that this post is anything out of the ordinary but just that I have managed to finally upload photos from my camera. (Nope virus still there.......) Can you imagine the tons of photos I have? It's dated a long way back.
Seeing that there's simply too much to upload into blogger, I'll shrink my post and photos to what happened over the weekends.

Family day (of sort) in my company
The day is definitely for the kids because they've specially engaged a magician, face painter, balloon sculpter, etc.... etc....
Meg in the spotlight

Playing the 'NO' game - reply only 'NO' to all questions asked.
Watching the 'scientist' conduct an experiment - focus on a turning concentric circle, then look at the scientist's head upon command. The head will look as if it's expanding. Check out Meg's action.
Met Mar & Ju at a FJC (Fit Jazz Club) gathering on Friday. Mar's crazy about Hello Kitty, so I'm posting these pics for her benefit.
You gotta admit it's nice in a sweet saccharine sort of way
Attended yet another FJC gathering on Sunday at Kallang Mac to support 'Tulips Day'
With grouchy Meg who's complaining about the sun
Edmund's idea of photo from another perspective (which also serves as a reminder that I need something done about my ever expanding butt and cellulite...)
Darling Marilyn
Extremely proud that she did her part for the less fortunate (told her that we'll deduct the donations from her piggy bank)
Rushed down to Nico's birthday party after the gathering. She's so lovable!
Pretty Leto also turned 1 month old on Sunday. (That was a crazy Sunday, rushing to so many places)

RockYou slideshow | View | Add Favorite

A heart-warming home-made birth announcement card
Notice the footprint at the front of the card - her parents literally stamp her small little foot on each of the cards while she's asleep!
Undeniably our favourite uncle & aunty
Proud 'Jie Jie'

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

No time


P.S. Did I mention that I miss Devils Bar, dancing and karaoke too? :p

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