Saturday, September 30, 2006

No better Saturday

It's raining cats and dogs outside now. The best kind of weather for sleeping. And I intend to after blogging :p (I'm such a pig! I don't think I can find anyone that needs as much sleep as I do.)
After a long tedious week, it's finally Saturday again. (With all those controversy and plus anxiously chasing sales, it's indeed a very long one.) What's more, it's end of the month. Meaning month end closing of sales target! I can finally take a breather before starting the chase on numbers again. And plus tonight I can finally party with my darlings again! You can't get a better Saturday than this.
I've been overwhelmed by the number of posts on my tag board. It must have hit a record high! A very big thank you to the many anonymouses and everyone who had tagged to encourage or defend me. I am sorry I can't reply to each and everyone of you as there's just too many. You guys managed to convince me and re-instill the faith that there's indeed goodness around. I truly feel the love :) Especially to my DBB darlings who went all out to stick up for me. I know there were some who were offended by the language but don't be. That's cos they were infuriated and felt extremely indignant for me.
And I realised that I actually have readers in Hong Kong and Taiwan. I am going international, baby! Haha..........

Leto looking very surreal
Leto is now botak - shaved her head to make a calligraphy brush
Went with my family for yummy steamboat again on Monday
Me in my gold *blinks blinks*
Celebrated Chermaine's 23rd birthday in a Sichuan restaurant in UOB Plaza last night
Ken's family (and I hope that it'll be mine *blush*)
We're all so happy =)
Both have a penchant for funny faces
Look closely and you'll see Meg had lined her toys carefully perched next to her
Guess where she's placed her toys now - On Ken's shoulders!

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