Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Finally photos up!

Haha....... I know that was a cheap cheesy one-liner in my last entry. But well fact is fact. I truly miss blogging and I can't get anything decent up because I was preoccupied with getting this post ready.
Not that this post is anything out of the ordinary but just that I have managed to finally upload photos from my camera. (Nope virus still there.......) Can you imagine the tons of photos I have? It's dated a long way back.
Seeing that there's simply too much to upload into blogger, I'll shrink my post and photos to what happened over the weekends.

Family day (of sort) in my company
The day is definitely for the kids because they've specially engaged a magician, face painter, balloon sculpter, etc.... etc....
Meg in the spotlight

Playing the 'NO' game - reply only 'NO' to all questions asked.
Watching the 'scientist' conduct an experiment - focus on a turning concentric circle, then look at the scientist's head upon command. The head will look as if it's expanding. Check out Meg's action.
Met Mar & Ju at a FJC (Fit Jazz Club) gathering on Friday. Mar's crazy about Hello Kitty, so I'm posting these pics for her benefit.
You gotta admit it's nice in a sweet saccharine sort of way
Attended yet another FJC gathering on Sunday at Kallang Mac to support 'Tulips Day'
With grouchy Meg who's complaining about the sun
Edmund's idea of photo from another perspective (which also serves as a reminder that I need something done about my ever expanding butt and cellulite...)
Darling Marilyn
Extremely proud that she did her part for the less fortunate (told her that we'll deduct the donations from her piggy bank)
Rushed down to Nico's birthday party after the gathering. She's so lovable!
Pretty Leto also turned 1 month old on Sunday. (That was a crazy Sunday, rushing to so many places)

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A heart-warming home-made birth announcement card
Notice the footprint at the front of the card - her parents literally stamp her small little foot on each of the cards while she's asleep!
Undeniably our favourite uncle & aunty
Proud 'Jie Jie'

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