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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Cheers to a magnificent 2012!

To me, the end of 2011 is not simply just the end of yet another year, it signifies the closure of an important chapter in my life.

By starting off the 1st morning of 2012 jogging/walking in East Coast Park, it had given me a chance to be alone to ponder and reflect upon the last year. 2011 was rough. Admittedly I'd had worse but I wouldn't want to revisit that again. Nevertheless, in spite of all the unpleasantness that had happened, I believe I came out of it stronger. I'd learned a huge life lesson & I learned it well. I'm now not only grateful for the good things in life but the bad as well. Without the bad, I wouldn't come out of life wiser. Without the bad, I wouldn't know how good I had it in life.

Seeing some of my loved ones in ending up in the ICU last year, made me realise that nothing else matters except for one's health. I'm very thankful just for the simple fact that the ones I love are in good health. As we end the year & start anew, I want to give thanks to some very important people without whom, my life journey would be arduous:

Thanks to my (ex-)colleagues - Ahmad, Grace, Jennifer, Lionel, Sal, Serina, Sherry, Trisha & Yain Ping. Thank you for your friendship & accepting me as who I am. I'm going to miss working side by side with all of you :(

Thanks to my bosom buddies (pun not intended :p) - Dionne, Joe, Joey, Juliana, Marilyn & Nelly. Thank you for your unwavering faith and unyielding loyalty. I couldn't ask for better friends.

Thanks to my family - Mum, Dad, Uniz, Rene, Leto & Erykca. Thank you for your unconditional love & for putting up with my antics. I love you guys so much!

Thanks to my 2 precious - Megan & Pillow. Thank you, one for driving me round the bend & the other for keeping my sanity intact (guess who's who? :p) Haha …… but on a serious note, dear Meg, thanks for giving me a reason to open my eyes every morning.

And finally, thanks to a few individuals that have helped me so much but is not convenient to mention them here. I'll forever be indebted to your kindness.

It was an emotional last day in Pfizer

Farewell gifts from my colleagues cum great friends

I'm really touched

Urban Decay!!! Love max!

It even comes with this nifty small portable speaker. Sweet!

Totally adoring this necklace from dearest Grace

I'm excited about starting the new year on a clean slate. The possibilities are infinite. So for 2012, I'm telling myself & everyone here to DREAM BIG & GO FOR IT!

Happy New Year! xoxo

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