Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Marilyn's birthday

Just got back from the KTV but as I have so much photos to show you, so thought that I'll just blog a bit before heading for bed. It's Marilyn's birthday yesterday (I love you sweetie!!!) and in honour of her birthday, we met up today and after dinner, headed to a karaoke. Kelly is sick and so she couldn't join us. I sure hope she gets well soon. (Poor girl, just like me, she's always falling sick.) Other than the 3 of us, our respective boyfriends were there too. Quite unusual to have all of us gather like that. A real pity that I didn't have my camera with me. The good news is that the girls brought theirs and the bad news is I don't know how long it will take them to upload it. *hint hint* Hahaha...... Anyway, Happy Birthday Mar! I am so looking forward to our next outing.

Okay now this is where the photos bit comes in. Took loads of them over the weekend. We were in *surprise surprise* Devils Bar on Friday. Ken was there to meet his camp mates and I dragged Ju down to accompany me. It's the very first time we've clubbed by ourselves. Poor Ju must have been completely bored by me.

And on Saturday (as usual after a full day's of work), Ken & I went to watch a Dick Lee's musical, "Man of Letters". The producer was my ex-boss and gave me complimentary tickets to the show. Got one of the best seats in the house ;) I love musicals but it's been a long while since I last saw one. (Last was Forbidden City.) All that I am watching now seems to be shows like Disney World on Ice and Hi-5. Tickets are awfully expensive (and I only want the best seats), therefore I have rationed myself and prioritized Meg's needs first.

Sunday was the most special day of all. Special because it's Woofie's first proper outing and that's where he learnt to swim as well! We met up in sentosa with Nelly and her dogs, Sparky and Milo, both Jack Russels and also Kennon and Christa with their dog, Xiao Bai, a Maltese. I had as much fun as Woofie had, I believe.

Once again Happy Birthday Marilyn darling! *Muacks*

Pretty! Pretty!

One sweet couple

Two sweet couple

Ken's camp mates (Don't ask me what are they up to)

Simon & Tommy (We miss them so!)

Sitting in NUS Cultural Centre before the start of the musical. I insisted on taking a pic even though we are not allowed cameras in there. In the end, I was cautioned by the ushers. So unglam..... *blush*

A high spirited Megan on the way to Sentosa

Trying to take a family pic albeit a blur one

Check out all the dogs! It's truly doggies haven there.

Woofie simply lies there while Ken heaps sand on him. (Don't comment that we're cruel because we took care not to hurt him and we know how much we love our baby boy.)

Now is Xiao Bai's turn to undergo sand spa

Picture perfect! (We have everyone smiling nicely into the camera, Woofie included.)

The proud daddy & mummy of woofie
Woofie's a natural when it comes to swimming. This is his first few attempts in the water. We need not even coax him in.

A sand covered Woofie

Really shagged after the whole day of fun

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Flu bug

Sniffles..... Sniffles.......Ah Choo!

Argghh.... feeling so sick. Caught the flu bug I believe. I think the bug is going around. Meg has just recovered from it and Uncle Thomas is also down with it. My nose is so stuffed up that I am having the toughest time sleeping. Bugger.

I am so tempted to call in sick tomorrow but can't because there's one of those endless meeting lined up. I can't wait to be in a job where I am in more control of my time and not be harrassed when I am on leave. Or like now, sitting here when I am sick and still trying to get my report going.

Well, the good news is that they are letting me leave early. Told you guys that I needed to give 2 months notice (or did I not?), but they had very kindly relented to my request and letting me go in June. My last day is on 6 June. I can't wait!

But till then, I will still haveto get back to reality and finish up my work now.

Ah choo! *Bless me*

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Arghh headache.......

I really don't know what's wrong with me recently. I have been seriously plagued by headaches. Headaches are never a norm for me. I very rarely get them. It's worse off for me than when you guys get it because I am allergic to most pain killers. Therefore I can't even take the mildest, like Panadol.

I had assumed that it's due to my work that's giving me a tension headache but now that I had tendered, it's still not going away. Well, I certainly hope that I will start feeling better once I start on the new job.

I went for my pre-employment check-up yesterday, bringing me a step closer to a brand new future. I brought Meg with me and then went shopping in Tampines Mall after that. We enjoyed ourselves, spending precious quality time with each other. And in the night, all of us bunked over at Ken's place. Meg absolutely loves it! Thanks to Chermaine for keeping watch over Meg, thus enabling us to sneak out for a while to join the gang in Crew Room to indulge in my favourite activity - karaoke.

Also a big big thanks to Aunty Mary for brewing the herbs for my headache.

Oh right, it's mother's day today. Wishing all mothers, Happy Mother's Day! I know how great all of you are because I am one too! :p

Meg loves neoprints as much as I do

What are they so absorbed in? Soccer of course!
Gulp had actually knelt down in front of Pei Fen while singing but I was too slow in whopping out my camera
Acting cute with the hairband
I love my sweetheart!
Now both acting cute

Friday, May 12, 2006

A family of bangs

I have got bangs now!!!

Yeah I cut my hair. Uniz wanted to get rid of her dregs and I wanted to straighten my hair, so we went to my hair stylist in Bugis yesterday. I was actually contemplating cutting my hair (the recent style that Constance Song is sporting). But everyone seems dead against it. Dying for a change, I decided to have bangs instead. This time influenced by that pretty Taiwanese compere/ singer - don't know her name though. (But I look nothing at all like her, of course.)

I am having mixed feelings about my new hairstyle - both liking it and hating it at the same time. I think Meg loves my new do though. She wants to cut hers after seeing what I did to mine. Thinking that it'll look quite cool with both mother and daughter sporting the same hairstyle, I asked my mum to cut hers too.
Likewise, I have got mixed feelings about hers too. But thank God, she loves it! She's extremely thrilled that she's looking very much like me. Hahaha..... She's so sweet, isn't she?

Take a look at the photos and tell me what you think ok?

Can you see the steam coming out from Uniz's head? We kept taking photos trying to capture the steam but never really succeeded. The salon people must have thought we were nuts.

This is me sitting there for 4 hours
Here's the new me. Tell me tell me what you think!! Gong gong or not huh?
Uniz looking seemingly normal from the front. But it's really mohawk at the back.
My mum was extremely reluctant to cut off Meg's long long fringe
Here it goes!

Too late to reverse it now!
Both of our faces looking very round :(
Ken with the 2 gong gongs

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I have decided.
I am resigning. I am moving on to greener pasture (at least I think it is). The new job will not be as glam as the one that I have now nor the same showy title. But I guess it will be better in the long run.
It is with a leading pharmaceutical company and I will be doing sales this time round. I am flattered that they are taking me in spite of my very limited sales experience. I have heard that they had interviewed more than 40 candidates for this.
My current company has been really nice and trying very hard to retain me. They even unbelievably matched the pay that the other company is offering me. It's quite a huge jump I must say. I was caught in such an awful dilemma for the past week trying to decide where to go.
But now I have decided. This will be the path that I will take.

Monday, May 08, 2006

An activity filled weekend

Work and play. It's been a very fruitful weekend I must say. The best part of it though is that I managed to go down to Devils Bar to meet up with my darlings.

My boss held a birthday party for my ex-boss on Friday night in The Pines and I have been instructed to go entertain. (Yeah sounds weird right? But well, it's a small industry.) I managed to slip off early (not as early as I wanted), to go down to Devils Bar.

It's been such a long time last since I have clubbed with my darlings. The only thinggy was that we didn't get to dance on the bar stools together. What else......... but the case of the ungentlemenly men who refuses to part with their seats for even 15 minutes. Like I have said before and I will say it again, go home if you want to sit! I didn't stay long though because although it's polling day the next day and a declared holiday, I still have to go to work. But that short while with my darlings was enough for me. I'm sure we'll have many more chances again soon.

We celebrated Erycka's (my youngest sis) birthday and mother's day on Sunday. Her actual birthday is on the 10th. Although it's not mother's day yet, we just decided it's a lot simpler to combine both events together. We had so much fun together as a family.

Lotsa photos. Enjoy!
Went and set my hair for the dinner but was flat in just 1 hour. What a waste of money.....
Here's me singing and entertaining everyone at the party
With all my darlings in Devils Bar
Poor Ken was already so tired but still stayed back to keep me company
Boo...hoo... I have grown so fat!!!
Ju has lost so much weight, hasn't she? *Green with envy*
Sweet Kelly and Marilyn
Meg dug into her piggy bank to buy a gift for her Ah Yee. Plus a home-made card.
Setting up the barbecue pit outside the house
Meg proudly showing off her very black hands
My man of the day who did most of the stuffs that day single-handedly
Bought by mum
Meg with her 2 favourite Ah Yees
That's my beloved family!
Look at mischievious Meg who refuses to sing the birthday song
I wonder who's the birthday girl? What's Meg being so smug about?!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I want flat tummy!!!

I don't know why each time I sit down in front of the PC to get down to work, I will end up doing everything else but work. And after doing about everything else, I will inevitably end up on this page blogging.
I have just changed the MTV. Have you seen it yet? It is just way HOT! I love their flat tummies!!! Sob.....Sob..... Where has my flat tummy gone to?!! *Wails* Now that I have stopped clubbing, my body has also gradually morphed into that of a couch potato. I am half starving myself to death but I still don't seem to shed any weight. This is sooooo depressing. I am seriously thinking of taking up some dance courses to tone my body. Does anyone have any good suggestions?
Okay now that I have left something on my blog, I am a little bit more appease to get cracking on my work. (Just ignore me, I think a screw's loose up there today.)

Monday, May 01, 2006

Shop till drop

It's a tiring tiring day. We have been out shopping the entire day in town with Aunty Mary and Chermaine. Tedious because Meg was complaining that she's tired every other few steps and we have to think of ways to cajole her to keep her going. Ken has retired to the room succumbing to headache and I think I am going to do the same as I can feel a headache coming on too. Wow shopping can be serious business......

Naughty Woofie has bitten a hole through his bedding. I spotted him sticking his head through the hole just before we left the house.

My sweethearts in Pacific Plaza

Taking a pic with the cute stuff animals outside of NYDC in Wheelock Place

Beats me where she learned all those poses from

Urghhh..... her weight is quite beyond me now

Outside Indochine in Wisma Atria

Finally peace for the both of us while Meg is caught up with watching the fishes
Waiting for a cab outside Ngee Ann City. Hmmm..... I wonder what is so interesting?
Found Woofie holed up underneath his bedding when we got back. Sigh. He never uses it as a proper bed.
Coming out from hiding

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