Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I want flat tummy!!!

I don't know why each time I sit down in front of the PC to get down to work, I will end up doing everything else but work. And after doing about everything else, I will inevitably end up on this page blogging.
I have just changed the MTV. Have you seen it yet? It is just way HOT! I love their flat tummies!!! Sob.....Sob..... Where has my flat tummy gone to?!! *Wails* Now that I have stopped clubbing, my body has also gradually morphed into that of a couch potato. I am half starving myself to death but I still don't seem to shed any weight. This is sooooo depressing. I am seriously thinking of taking up some dance courses to tone my body. Does anyone have any good suggestions?
Okay now that I have left something on my blog, I am a little bit more appease to get cracking on my work. (Just ignore me, I think a screw's loose up there today.)

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