Monday, May 08, 2006

An activity filled weekend

Work and play. It's been a very fruitful weekend I must say. The best part of it though is that I managed to go down to Devils Bar to meet up with my darlings.

My boss held a birthday party for my ex-boss on Friday night in The Pines and I have been instructed to go entertain. (Yeah sounds weird right? But well, it's a small industry.) I managed to slip off early (not as early as I wanted), to go down to Devils Bar.

It's been such a long time last since I have clubbed with my darlings. The only thinggy was that we didn't get to dance on the bar stools together. What else......... but the case of the ungentlemenly men who refuses to part with their seats for even 15 minutes. Like I have said before and I will say it again, go home if you want to sit! I didn't stay long though because although it's polling day the next day and a declared holiday, I still have to go to work. But that short while with my darlings was enough for me. I'm sure we'll have many more chances again soon.

We celebrated Erycka's (my youngest sis) birthday and mother's day on Sunday. Her actual birthday is on the 10th. Although it's not mother's day yet, we just decided it's a lot simpler to combine both events together. We had so much fun together as a family.

Lotsa photos. Enjoy!
Went and set my hair for the dinner but was flat in just 1 hour. What a waste of money.....
Here's me singing and entertaining everyone at the party
With all my darlings in Devils Bar
Poor Ken was already so tired but still stayed back to keep me company
Boo...hoo... I have grown so fat!!!
Ju has lost so much weight, hasn't she? *Green with envy*
Sweet Kelly and Marilyn
Meg dug into her piggy bank to buy a gift for her Ah Yee. Plus a home-made card.
Setting up the barbecue pit outside the house
Meg proudly showing off her very black hands
My man of the day who did most of the stuffs that day single-handedly
Bought by mum
Meg with her 2 favourite Ah Yees
That's my beloved family!
Look at mischievious Meg who refuses to sing the birthday song
I wonder who's the birthday girl? What's Meg being so smug about?!

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