Saturday, April 21, 2007

Can't get enough of Leto

I have been doing plenty recently - plenty of lazing around .......... I don't know why but I've been feeling so lethargic. Perhaps it's the time of the time. But knowing Ken, he'll tell you it's the time of the month all year round for me :p (Haha..... cos I do nothing but sleep and leave him to entertain Meg.) Other than work, it's sleep. And the times I go out is to meet the FJC peeps for the occassional kopi session or movie. And on the weekends it's more sleep again. So I'm afraid no pics to show you guys.
But the good news is that Uniz sent me more photos of Leto! Meg made me print it out and put it in a portable photo frame which she brings wherever she goes. And this had spurred another round of fight between my mum and Meg. My mum didn't have the set that Meg has. So she wanted to trade with her for a day to bring it to show her colleagues. But Meg refused to budge saying she can't sleep without her set of photos. We had to threaten and coerce before Meg unwillingly pass over her photo frame. And true to her word, she kept hounding me the entire night and says she can't sleep without her set of the photos. Bleh~~~~
And the story about how Meg made me print the photos was that she suddenly sat up in bed one night at 1 am to tell us she misses Leto. She was fast asleep since 10pm then out of the blue woke up and that was the first thing she said. She really misses her little sister! Feeling terribly sorry for her, we woke up and brought her to the PC to print the photos for her so she can hug them to go to sleep. Awwww...........
Anyway I've just recieved news that I need to take on a more important role in an online game that Ken and I are crazy about. So I'll need to spend more time on the game. In meantime, please try and bear with me and I'll try my best not to neglect you guys ;)

She can crawl now!
Even feeding herself :)
Gorgeous gorgeous smileShe's got teeth!
Oh.... we miss her :(

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

We miss you guys!!!

Just got back from dinner with Marilyn, Noelle and Miko. We chatted a lot and I realised that I missed talking to them like that. Love you girls!
And in response to my previous post, I want to thank all my friends, colleagues and readers for their kind concern and their encouragement. Please don't worry about me. I'm totally fine now. I just needed to air my grouses :p And with regards to that nasty doctor, I have managed to sort it out with him as well. We've even managed to sit down to a nice tea together. Now I can only keep my fingers crossed that I can close him for the sales.
Uniz recently sent me some photos of her family during the Chinese New Year and when they were back in Czech for the Christmas holidays. You should see my mum and Megan. They were both fighting over the photos! Uniz sent the hardcopies to my mum and Meg requested for 1 but my mum refused to relinquish even 1 to her grandaughter. She insisted that if Meg really wants, then I should print it for her instead of taking her copies. It's pretty hilarious seeing the 2 of them go and on about the photos.
I haven't been able to 'catch' Uniz on MSN recently but the last time I did, I managed to see Leto 'live' on the webcam and she has grown so much! Gosh I really miss her ........ :( You won't believe this but till this very day, Meg still tells me every night that she misses Leto. I feel so sorry for her. In case you are reading this, Uniz, all of us at home are missing Leto, Rene and you very very much!
I didn't get Uniz's permission but I just can't resist putting up these lovely photos that she sent me.
By the way, it's JULIANA's birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY darling and stay gorgeous always! *muacks*

X'mas time in Czech
Can you spot Leto?
She's like a little doll!
She's got to be the most adorable thing on earth
I love that smile
Is she making raspberries?
Haha.... deep in slumberland
My favourite pic of all
She looks so tiny here
The family having reunion dinner on CNY (should be back in UK I think)
That's her 1st drink from a cup Awww..... check out her huge eyes & chubby cheeks. How can we not miss her!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

So lost on the roads

Inconceivable........ I've actually managed to get blister on my foot due to too much driving! -_-"'

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dignity in shreds

I guess what's been kept suppressed for the past year (almost a year) all came tumbling out today - in the form of huge floods ..... And when I started crying, I found I couldn't stop.

I was elated when I was accepted for my present job. The company is great, colleagues are a wonderful bunch and I had the best boss ever. And most importantly, the pay is a dream. It was almost perfect. But of course for all it's perks, there came a price tag attached. My DIGNITY.

I was previously the nurse manager in a renowned eye surgeon's clinic. He is the founder director of a very recogized medical insitute in Singapore. I lead a team of nurses and was even on friendly terms with the matron. I was pretty much in command of everything. It was a very high profile job and I was also mingling with the right circle of people. Naturally pharmaceutical reps would also try to get close to me. Then came the switch.

I am on the other side of the court now. I am now the pharmaceutical rep. It took me a lot of getting used to initially. It is an awful feeling having to please and suck up to not only the doctors but also the nurses - nurses who were once junior to me. I couldn't believe some of their attitude. There are times we have to endure their scathing remarks or sometimes indifference and there are times we have to literally beg for sales. Dignity was thrown out of the window but I reasoned that, afterall dignity couldn't put food on the table and so life goes on.

Just when the nurses got used to me and things are better, I got transferred. This time is even worse, I even have to please the clinic assistants now. I seemed to have gotten lower and lower the rung. Totally demoralising.

And today I faced my first rejection. I travelled an hour on the road just to visit one particular clinic. It was raining heavily and I got hopelessly lost. By the time I reached, the clinic was closing, I didn't get to see the doctor, I didn't close the sales and I even got a blunt sms reply from him. And to top it off, I still had to suppress my indignance and humbly apologise to him. I wanted the sales so bad and I am seriously worried that I can't meet my sales target. So I guess the dejection turned on the waterworks.

After that, I sat in the car and sobbed, feeling very sorry for myself. Then Megan came into mind and I couldn't wait to get back to her. I can't afford to go off track and the sight of her would help me stay focus. I need to earn as much as I can just so that she'll never have to ever settle for second best. I know she's spoilt and not the perfect kid but I'm willing to go to the end of the earth and back for her.

No matter how low life these people makes me feel, I am going to hold my head up high. I know I am good at what I do and will not allow them to make me feel like sh*t. Don't worry, I just needed to get this off my chest. Nothing will get me down. Well, they better watch out because I am going to bounce back so hard that they don't know what hit them.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Driving lessons

I had never driven from one end of the island to the other end before. And today, I had finally done it. I figured the distance that I had driven over the last 2 days should be the equivalent of the distance that I had driven over the past 2 years. (At least that's how it feels like to me!) In these 2 days, I have driven to places on the island that I didn't even know exists and places that I haven't set foot on more than a decade ago.
And I was also pleasantly surprise to find out that actually Jurong and Woodlands are very near! -_-"' (Haha.... I know. It beats me too, how I managed to live and survive in Singapore for the last 30 years.) Hmmm...... but who knows, in time to come, I might just be able to make it as a taxi-driver :p
Well, I have learnt 2 very important things today; One, never keep to lane 1 on the ECP during peak hours. The fastest lane is in fact the slowest lane. And number two, ALWAYS (I can't highlight enough) visit the toilet before driving off in your car during peak hours............ (I have never been happier to see a toilet in my whole life :p)

Friday, April 06, 2007

I'm a road idiot

I think I haven't told you peeps that I was transferred to cover another area in my work. Another area as in same portfolio but in a different part of Singapore. I'm now required to drive around most of the time in an area that's totally alien to me. And for those who knows me well, they know I'm a road idiot :p
Full of trepidation, I embarked on my journey to the first destination on Thursday. Everything seems to be going well until I missed a turn ......... The road seems to go on and on till I managed to find a turn to a small road for me to consult my trusted road directory again. Guess where I ended up. In a Chinese cemetary!!! The entire plot of land is a cemetary and I have no choice but to park next to a tombstone to read the map. How lucky (read: unlucky) can I get! I was totally creeped out ........
Alright Happy holidays peeps! Let's just look at some of the things I've done over the week k?

Attended Ervin's wedding on Sunday. Ken says after knowing him for almost 20 years, they didn't know his name is Ervin :p

The wedding car is so kawaii. Think Mar & Kelly will love this.
Adjourned to meet the FJC gang for supper in Hong Kong Cafe after that. It seems now the day is never complete without seeing them. Discovered camera whore number 2 - Keegan Attempting to get a nice shot
Went for a midnight rollerblading session with the FJC peeps on Thursday
I'm really impressed with Meg's progress!Haha....think she loves the camera as much as me :p
Ooops out of frame!
She refuses to cooperate now
Ken & Eddie
She's full of poses
Eddie teaching Frankie how to blade. And Frankie was using my blades!! My feet is considered small even for a lady. Can you imagine he was actually able to squeeze into them?
Erm..... what are they looking for?
Meg was bored stiff & started picking mangoes off the ground

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Auld Lang Syne Devils' Bar

It came to an end for one of the top nightspots in Singapore on 31st March. I suppose it was in the plan to close down DEVILS' BAR when St. James was opened. When we learned of the news, Miko got to work immediately and messaged all the regulars to meet up on Friday (day before the closing) in Devils' Bar.
The response was amazing and suddenly we were transported back to what it was like 3 years ago. The same old faces were there and we did all the stuffs that we used to do before - Simon with his supply of chewing gum, dance on the bartop, stripping Ken (hee~), and ............ TABLE, TABLE! All of us partied and drank like there was no tomorrow (at least I did ;p).
You know how it is like with the friends that you got acquainted at nightspots; it's usually just hi and bye or probably the closest you'll get is sharing the same toilet bowl as you puke. But guess I got lucky. That's because I found true friends and true love all in the same place. The most unlikely of places.
As the night progresses, we started reminiscing and getting sentimental. It may sound really strange but we (DBBs) actually started tearing. Not due to the effects of alcohol of course (I can't speak for the open crying at the end of the night though :p) but we were just very grateful that we found each other. It was totally overwhelming for me (I'm known for being overly emotional) and all that was in my mind then, was how much I cherish this bunch of friends and the love that I have. Without a doubt, I know we are going to be friends forever till the end of time.
From drinking kakis, we became kopi kakis. That's how much our lives have evolved. Gone were the nights of weekly partying. Now partying is just done on a 'when necessary basis'. So naturally, having been out of touch for so long, I was an embarrassment by the end of the night. I felt like an imbecile that I had a hard time keeping a straight face when I had to face Ken and his friends the next day. Not to mention the terrible hangover. Sheesh.......

Our fav bar stools. Erm..... & we've fought with people over them many times before. *hangs head guiltily* I'll always remember the episode where Marilyn & I became best of pals after that. (Our mutual respect went up a notch each.)
And this is the grill that we hang onto for dear life as we dance on the stoolsI kinda overdid it with the colour contrast thinggy on photoshop........
Here's a much better pic with Noelle's camera
DittoMy beloved DBBs
Noelle flaunts her back while I flaunt my tummy (albeit a fairly flabby one :p)Only after uploading, did I realise I didn't take single shots with Ju & Kelly. So sorry darlings.
Peishan was there too
I wanted to take a candid shot as I caught these 2 talking animatedly while deep in conversation. But they're so well trained that the instant I whip out my camera, they went into auto-pilot posing mode -_-"'
Friends forever
Jasper, the bar manager
And the dancing begins - check out the empty dance floor.
On the platform dancing with Miko. The girls were pleasantly surprised to see me decked out in my partying gear. They haven't seen me in this get-up for a long time. This used to be my party dressing in Devils' Bar and I thought to dress up one last time for old time's sake. And for the benefit of those who hates me and will be tagging me to dress my age. Don't worry, I know my figure is not what it's used to be. I do know how to dress appropriately.
Ken finally arrived & as I happily posed for a pic with him, the girls (as always) will rush into the frame. See... they're so expert that they look like they were meant to be in the pic in the 1st place. *kow tow*
Good ol' dependable Zijian who always got arrowed to drive us home so that we can drink as much as we want. Hee~Hee~ The hunks
I really admire Simon for his energy
And to oblige us, the DJ played our song. "The book is on the table". The moment we hear it, we were up on the stools and shouting away. Very cheena (Haha.... but who cares)
We even managed to cajole Jolene to get up. Hmmm..... actually I think you have a big part to play in the drunkard mess I was in :p
Met a new friend, Joey (Hope I spelled your name right) I'm very flattered to know tat you are an avid reader of my blog. Forgot to get your number that night. Do email me so that we can maintain contact =D
Just like old times
Took a pic of them while I was dancing on the DJ console
Things kinda went blurry from this point onwards
Haha....... I'll leave it to your imagination
And if I haven't said so lately ...... I love you
And at this point, I have absolutely no recollection whatsoever!

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