Tuesday, April 17, 2007

We miss you guys!!!

Just got back from dinner with Marilyn, Noelle and Miko. We chatted a lot and I realised that I missed talking to them like that. Love you girls!
And in response to my previous post, I want to thank all my friends, colleagues and readers for their kind concern and their encouragement. Please don't worry about me. I'm totally fine now. I just needed to air my grouses :p And with regards to that nasty doctor, I have managed to sort it out with him as well. We've even managed to sit down to a nice tea together. Now I can only keep my fingers crossed that I can close him for the sales.
Uniz recently sent me some photos of her family during the Chinese New Year and when they were back in Czech for the Christmas holidays. You should see my mum and Megan. They were both fighting over the photos! Uniz sent the hardcopies to my mum and Meg requested for 1 but my mum refused to relinquish even 1 to her grandaughter. She insisted that if Meg really wants, then I should print it for her instead of taking her copies. It's pretty hilarious seeing the 2 of them go and on about the photos.
I haven't been able to 'catch' Uniz on MSN recently but the last time I did, I managed to see Leto 'live' on the webcam and she has grown so much! Gosh I really miss her ........ :( You won't believe this but till this very day, Meg still tells me every night that she misses Leto. I feel so sorry for her. In case you are reading this, Uniz, all of us at home are missing Leto, Rene and you very very much!
I didn't get Uniz's permission but I just can't resist putting up these lovely photos that she sent me.
By the way, it's JULIANA's birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY darling and stay gorgeous always! *muacks*

X'mas time in Czech
Can you spot Leto?
She's like a little doll!
She's got to be the most adorable thing on earth
I love that smile
Is she making raspberries?
Haha.... deep in slumberland
My favourite pic of all
She looks so tiny here
The family having reunion dinner on CNY (should be back in UK I think)
That's her 1st drink from a cup Awww..... check out her huge eyes & chubby cheeks. How can we not miss her!

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