Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Driving lessons

I had never driven from one end of the island to the other end before. And today, I had finally done it. I figured the distance that I had driven over the last 2 days should be the equivalent of the distance that I had driven over the past 2 years. (At least that's how it feels like to me!) In these 2 days, I have driven to places on the island that I didn't even know exists and places that I haven't set foot on more than a decade ago.
And I was also pleasantly surprise to find out that actually Jurong and Woodlands are very near! -_-"' (Haha.... I know. It beats me too, how I managed to live and survive in Singapore for the last 30 years.) Hmmm...... but who knows, in time to come, I might just be able to make it as a taxi-driver :p
Well, I have learnt 2 very important things today; One, never keep to lane 1 on the ECP during peak hours. The fastest lane is in fact the slowest lane. And number two, ALWAYS (I can't highlight enough) visit the toilet before driving off in your car during peak hours............ (I have never been happier to see a toilet in my whole life :p)

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