Sunday, January 28, 2007

With love and a little something else from Bangkok

This is really tough luck. I've brought back not only souvenirs from Bangkok but food poisoning as well. We've just touched down at midnight and I've lived through the most horrendous 24hrs of my life.

I woke up vomiting yesterday and had just thought it was a case of indigestion because I was literally stuffing myself with food the whole time. But it was not to be and as fate would have it, yesterday was to be spent shopping in Chatuchak. I was trying to be as frugal as possible throughout the trip and intended to spend the bulk of my money shopping there. And in the end instead of shopping, I ended up lying in their sick bay. You know I'm in how bad a situation when the pampered 'must stay in minimum 4 star hotel' me, gratefully fell asleep in the dinghy sick bay. There was a macintosh on the bed and there were stains on the bedsheets. I don't know how long the sheets or blanket hasn't been washed but I just contentedly wrap the blanket around me and slept.

Poor poor Ken was so looking forward to Chatuchak and I had to kill it for him. Not only that but he had to look after me and spent a terribly long time hunting down the sick bay. And after that he spent hours staring into space while I slept. Then he had to be my pillow while in the plane. So so sorry sweetie. I feel really awful to spoil your trip but I'll try to make up for it. Let's do plan another trip for the end of the year.

Our flight wasn't till 6 hrs later and as we had already checked out of the hotel, we had to recheck in again and pay another half a day's charge for it. In the end, I ended up buying only 3 t-shirts for myself througout the entire trip and didn't manage to get souvenirs for my friends. I also didn't manage to get my favourite pork floss and dried mangoes. *sob* *sob*

I don't know if you ever get this feeling but I'm feeling so horrid all the time that I just want to sleep off the agony. Time seems to pass faster and makes it more bearable somehow. So please pardon me for I'm going to do the one thing that makes me feel better.

Our 1st stop was MBK

Miss vainpot sticking on her fake acrylic nail after it had dropped off. (Yes I've even brought the glue to BKK.)
Erm... this is the only pic taken with my sis throughout the whole trip *sheepish*

See that walkie talkie hanging from my pants? Each of us had 1 and we were using that to save on handphone bills. Very useful!

Engrossed with shopping
Consulting the map and deciding where to go for dinner

After conferring, we decided on seafood in Saruwang, near Silom & Patpong
In a tuk-tuk on the way for a sumptious seafood dinner. But that was to be our last tuk-tuk ride ever. (Read below to know why.)
Arrived at this restaurant and we had no idea what we were in for. Apparently that damned tuk-tuk driver didn't take us where we wanted to go or even anywhere near that. He took us to this expensive place that eventually we paid close to $250 Sing dollars for 4 pax!

Posing with the tiger prawns
Later we found out that they actually sold tiger prawns at the roadside for only 100 baht for 6! OMG, we were so ripped off!
Erycka says we never do any thing interesting for the camera and so made us pose as if we were tucking in to the seafood. Haha..... so fake right?

Hee... hee.... caught me admiring my acrylic nails

The initial plan was to go Patpong after dinner hence we decided on the seafood. But after we got out from the restaurant, we realised we were no where near Patpong but nearer our hotel! *fumes* So we had to abandon plan and walk back to the hotel instead :(
Still in the mood to pose after that
Breakfast in the hotel on the 2nd morning

Check out my morning puffy face :p
Baiyoke Sky Hotel II
Both are full of antics when they pose

Lounging at the bar after our massage

My sweetheart

Having dinner on our 2nd night at the Suan Lum night bazzar


Posing prim & proper
Atop the beautiful ferris wheel
Thank god I managed to buy some stuffs at the night bazzar
Dinner in Khaosan on our 3rd night

My 1st time there and I was really amused to see people drinking alcohol from sand buckets

Erycka plaited her hair whereas the guys did dregs and I had none cos I had to conform to work norm. So unfair!

The end result

They bought these tattoo sleeves and had such a laugh passing it off as real tattoo

I like Erycka in this get-up

Having breakfast on our last morning

Had already vomitted in the morning and so took my trusted medicinal powder after breakfast

This is how it looks like

I had to refrain myself and only took porridge for breakfast

Still I couldn't resist my favourite prata with condense milk and sugar. Sinful!
The 1st morning of Ken's new look. He totally couldn't get use to it.

Realised we didn't take any pic in the room and decided to take one before we check out. Still looking quite perky then but who's to know I'll come crawling back later.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Clever clever Megan

I had just glued on a lovely set of fake acrylic nails and was proudly showing it off to Megan. (She loves girly stuffs like that.) Afterwhich she looks at me earnestly and told me she's got a set with pink flowers (of course the toys kind) which she will gladly lend it to me. I told her no it's fine but she kept insisting and told me sincerely that hers are really very nice. I didn't know what to tell her, so I told her I will keep that for Chinese New Year. Then she seem quite pleased after that. Haha! She's so cute at times.
She's learned a couple of 'big' words too. She surprised me one day by saying "I'm going to write miles and miles of words." and then again one night by saying "I kept tossing and turning in bed." I must say I'm extremely impressed! :)
Of course there are not so good ones too. She now ends each exasperation with "Oh shucks!" Lolx ......
I am going to really miss her while I am in Bangkok. Shucks!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I took a cab today and the taxi-driver was playing a 'Michael learns to rock' CD all the way. But the thing is that he seems to really enjoy it and was crooning to the tunes at times. I wonder how many years has he been listening to that album :p That's not it though ......... (read conversation below)
Me: Boss, Butterfly Avenue please.
Taxi driver: Butterfly Avenue? Not dragonfly? Can't find dragonfly there right?
Me: Erm ...... no.
Taxi driver: Yah want dragonfly must go Power Station lah *sniggers at own joke*
Me: -_-''' (How come I seem to know that that was coming?)
Anyway setting off for Bangkok tomorrow with Ken & my sis. Yipee!!! I haven't travelled for more than a year now. I'll be back on Saturday so wait for all my lovely pics ok?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Alex & Clara's wedding

Just got back from Alex's wedding in Singapore Expo and just wanted to upload the pics before I go to bed.
Alex is Ken's longtime childhood playmate and so he behaved as if it's his own wedding dinner, going round to the tables getting friends to drink or take pics. I got teased non-stop because of that. And having drank so much, he's now sleeping soundly in bed the moment we reached home. *shakes head*
Yawnz....... gotta go sleep too. Enjoy the pics. There are some taken a couple of days ago as well.

Celebrating Uncle Thomas's birthday last Sunday

Very loving :)
Ken & Meg playing around with the camera one lazy afternoon
Hee... hee.... Caught me in my jammies blogging
Dunno why but I love this pic - Meg seems so grown up

Went at 5am into Johore to pick the bride
Elaine & Jinde's pride & joy - she's so adorable
Meiyan & Peifen
Dragged Ee Wan to join us the moment she stepped in
The beautiful couple
The gang
Our table
Esther & Esther - she's Ken's primary school classmate and fellow blogger
Chermaine & Aunty Mary were there too
Meifong - Ken's cousin-in-law & fellow nurse
All the happy people
They were absurdly drunk at the end of the dinner

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