Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Clever clever Megan

I had just glued on a lovely set of fake acrylic nails and was proudly showing it off to Megan. (She loves girly stuffs like that.) Afterwhich she looks at me earnestly and told me she's got a set with pink flowers (of course the toys kind) which she will gladly lend it to me. I told her no it's fine but she kept insisting and told me sincerely that hers are really very nice. I didn't know what to tell her, so I told her I will keep that for Chinese New Year. Then she seem quite pleased after that. Haha! She's so cute at times.
She's learned a couple of 'big' words too. She surprised me one day by saying "I'm going to write miles and miles of words." and then again one night by saying "I kept tossing and turning in bed." I must say I'm extremely impressed! :)
Of course there are not so good ones too. She now ends each exasperation with "Oh shucks!" Lolx ......
I am going to really miss her while I am in Bangkok. Shucks!

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