Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I took a cab today and the taxi-driver was playing a 'Michael learns to rock' CD all the way. But the thing is that he seems to really enjoy it and was crooning to the tunes at times. I wonder how many years has he been listening to that album :p That's not it though ......... (read conversation below)
Me: Boss, Butterfly Avenue please.
Taxi driver: Butterfly Avenue? Not dragonfly? Can't find dragonfly there right?
Me: Erm ...... no.
Taxi driver: Yah want dragonfly must go Power Station lah *sniggers at own joke*
Me: -_-''' (How come I seem to know that that was coming?)
Anyway setting off for Bangkok tomorrow with Ken & my sis. Yipee!!! I haven't travelled for more than a year now. I'll be back on Saturday so wait for all my lovely pics ok?

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