Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy happy new year!!!

It's year 2007 people! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I guess I did finally crawl out from the coccoon of my bed and had a little bit of celebration to usher in the new year.

Marilyn, Edmund, Kelly, Raymond, Ken sweetheart and me met in Bugis to have steamboat prior to catching the new year fireworks. After we had our fill, we took a leisurely walk up to/on the ECP so that (as Ed says) we can get the best seats in the house to watch the fireworks. At the ECP, we were high above everyone and thus closer to the fireworks. We were also able to see the point where the fireworks was activated.

A definite 1st for me! I had never ever walked on the expressway before and it terrifies me to death when I think about the number of 'kuku' drivers, not unlike me, out there. (*Hint* if you ever see me driving on the road, rememeber to keep a wide berth :p)

And by the time we got there, it was only 11pm but the bridge is already full of people! Anytime later and we'll be squashed right at the back. Finally after waiting for an hour, the moment we've been waiting for finally arrive. We got the best view for a full 8 minutes of fireworks. It was a pity I caught most of the fireworks on the small screen of my video camera. My hands tended to stray when I look away so I had to look into it to make sure I capture the right thing. (So you can imagine how I drove too, right?) The times I look away was when Mar was exclaiming "look over there/here, did you see that?!" Hee...hee... bless that girl.
We had a stop-over at Starbucks in Suntec as we predicted the jam on the highway will be terrible. It's pretty amazing to see so many people milling about the place at 2am, it feels like it's 8pm instead.
And then that's it. 2007 already.
How about new year resolutions? Think I've made enough of them in the past to know not to waste my time making them again year after year. Just know that I want to strive to live 2007 better than I had in 2006. I wish all and your loved ones a blessed and fruitful 2007.
Having steamboat
View from 'best seats in the house'
Tried to take it without flash
So fearful they might fall off
All looking in different directions cos the cameras were going off at the same time
I love them sooooo much
Fireworks from the top of a building. The video clip is too huge to be uploaded.
Jubilantly walking back after the fireworks
We totally disregarded the people walking behind us and stopped to pose
Both looking very happy
In Starbucks

Pretty pretty Mar
I wish nothing but the best for the both of you in 2007 cos you definitely deserve it

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