Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm a selfish bitch

I can't believe that there are actually some near-strangers asking me to buy stuffs back for them during my upcoming trip to US. What nerve! I'm flabbergasted by how they have no qualms whatsoever about inconveniencing me.

Hell. Do I look like Singpost to you? It's my 1st holiday to USA for Pete's sake! Or even if it's to Malaysia, I shouldn't have to share my luggage space nor be burdened by someone else's shopping list.

But if you really must ask me to get it, then it will come at a price. Want the iPad2? Sure. That's another S$200 for courier & baggage space. Okay, I can hear you screaming: "You selfish, $$$-grabbing bitch!"

So? Bite me.

At this point which you must be thinking: "US only mah. Big deal. Don't buy don't buy lor, must write so much meh?"

Sure I do. This topic gripes at me as much as queue-cutting (but that's a story for another day). I'm the sort who'd rather pay for a cab than hitch a ride (unless offered). That's cos I don't want to feel indebted to the person. It's not easy to pay off 人情债. It might seem little initially but add it all up & it's a helluva payback. Likewise, I don't want anyone indebted to me either.

So unless you're family, my BFFs (whom I can count with my 5 fingers), or someone I'm indebted to, don't say I never did warn you. By writing this, I'm saving you the embarrassment of talking to my hand.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Sing you home - Jodi Picoult


Zoe Baxter has spent ten years trying to get pregnant, and after multiple miscarriages and infertility issues, it looks like her dream is about to come true – she is seven months pregnant. But a terrible turn of events leads to a nightmare – one that takes away the baby she has already fallen for; and breaks apart her marriage to Max.
In the aftermath, she throws herself into her career as a music therapist – using music clinically to soothe burn victims in a hospital; to help Alzheimer’s patients connect with the present; to provide solace for hospice patients. When Vanessa – a guidance counselor -- asks her to work with a suicidal teen, their relationship moves from business to friendship and then, to Zoe’s surprise, blossoms into love. When Zoe allows herself to start thinking of having a family, again, she remembers that there are still frozen embryos that were never used by herself and Max.
Meanwhile, Max has found peace at the bottom of a bottle – until he is redeemed by an evangelical church, whose charismatic pastor – Clive Lincoln – has vowed to fight the “homosexual agenda” that has threatened traditional family values in America. But this mission becomes personal for Max, when Zoe and her same-sex partner say they want permission to raise his unborn child.
SING YOU HOME explores what it means to be gay in today’s world, and how reproductive science has outstripped the legal system. Are embryos people or property? What challenges do same-sex couples face when it comes to marriage and adoption? What happens when religion and sexual orientation – two issues that are supposed to be justice-blind – enter the courtroom? And most importantly, what constitutes a “traditional family” in today’s day and age? - http://www.jodipicoult.com/sing-you-home.html

It's not as heart-wrenching as her previous titles such as 'My Sister's Keeper' or 'Change of Heart' nor is it as gripping (Meg's spelling word :p). But in usual Jodi Picoult style, it's highly thought-provoking & you're caught in a moral dilemma of GLBT issues. As much as I've always been pro-gay. It does make me ponder about issues that a child might potentially have with 2 same gender parents. However, it also made me realize that while I take my sexuality for granted, there are also those who have to work doubly hard just to be accepted for who they are. We were never on equal grounds.

I wished the book doesn't end quite as abruptly though. I kinda saw that twist coming in the end but still I wished that she had expounded on it. I also wondered what happened to 'Lucy'? Although Lucy is not a main character, it doesn't stop me from being curious about her story.

A good read as with most of Jodi Picoults' books and I'll give it 3 & a half stars out of 5.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nakhon Kitchen

We were here for Simon's farewell lunch last week. I'd never knew of its existence prior to that & was pleasantly surprised that such yummilicious Thai food is available in the heartlands. I just had to bring the family here again for dinner tonight! (Not the bestest of food pictures cos everyone was real hungry & didn't allow me more than 1 attempt on the pics :p) Totally value for $$$ but be warned of the long queue though.

P.S. And thanks to Elaine who introduced me to blogpress so that I can blog real-time direct from my iPhone! (Picture quality not as good but I'm not complaining!)

Address: Blk 136 Bedok North Ave 3, #01-166 Singapore
Tel: +65 6245 5548
Opening Hours
Daily: 12pm–3pm, 5.30pm–10pm

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Universal Studios Singapore - the best one yet!

I'm not even going to attempt saying too much here. Too many pics so I'd better just leave you to enjoy. Hope you enjoyed looking at them as much as I'd enjoyed myself on that day. General consensus among us 3 sisters - one of the best days of our lives!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Jurong Bird Park & Singapore Science Centre

Uniz & her gorgeous family were back last month to celebrate Chinese New Year with us. But all too soon, they'd to go back to UK & life's back to same old same old for us :( We visited lots of places of interest while they were here. Now I shall reminisce by blogging about them.

1st stop was at the Jurong Bird Park

Our 2 playful rabbits

Our main purpose was to watch 'Ni Hao Kai Lan'

Meg volunteered & walked away happy with a goody bag

With Kai Lan

♥ this pic!

Both of us had a real good time

Meg with her new Canon

Fun fact!

Leto has a new status now - she's my god-daughter!

Monkey see, monkey do


Meg's much more willing to pose for pics with Leto around

Bunnies for the Rabbit Year

Sisters fun

Schedule was tight, so off to the Singapore Science Centre we go

Magic mirror

Meg was cringing when she turned into a princess :p



Leto LOVES the camera!

And so do I! Wahahaha!!!

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