Tuesday, February 21, 2012

NEW & Pre-loved bags for sale to pay off credit cards!

Having been away from so long, I have so much to blog about! Let me summarise & bring everyone up -to-date with my life. In the short 2 months, I left my old job, found a new one, took a month's break, went to Paris & Oxford, babysat Leto while she's here on her own, & then finally officially starting my new job. (whew, what a mouthful …….. )

Though I have loads to blog about, but I'm afraid everything else will have to wait till I settle my credit card bills! :p Haha ……. mad impulse shopping spree in Paris & Oxford was my downfall! Now I've ended up with enough bags to last me a lifetime =.= 

So all kind souls out there, please help me lessen my guilt (& my debt pile), do take some of these lovelies off me. (My heart is breaking as I type :p) They're all spanking NEW with the exception of the Loewe. All of them at the lowest possible price. Email me: estherthegorgeous@hotmail.com if you're interested! xoxo

Brand new Miu Miu Nappa Aviator - SOLD (retailing for $2670 in Singapore) 
* Note: bag is in Turquoise colour as shown below (colour not available in Singapore)

Pic of original bag for sale - turquoise colour - SOLD

Brand new Miu Miu calfskin tote bag - SOLD
*Note: photo does not do it justice!

Brand new Prada Portafaglio + Portamon wallet - SOLD
Peonia colour
*Note: shade is lighter in real

Brand new Prada Vitello Daino Leather Bauletto - SOLD

Pre-loved Loewe Heritage Boston Bag $1100 (bought for $2000) - condition 8/10
*Note: shade is lighter in real
Edited 7 March 2012

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