Monday, October 27, 2008

Meg's 1st trophy

My bad ......... I am taking way too long to sort out the photos.

Have some patience, here's a little something in the meantime though. A little something that I've uploaded since August. A little something which is a huge deal to a little girl. A little something that makes me so awfully proud of that little girl.

Meg's school was celebrating National Day!
And since I was from Haig Girl's too, all these celebrations brought back lots of memories
Here's my little precious doing her song & dance

It is also common for Haig Girls' to hold their sports meet on that day.
Can you spot my sweetie pie?
There's my sweetheart!
Meg's in a relay team & it was the 1st item.
Ready, Get Set, Go!
Meg had been really excited about her race. She even practiced with pillows and stuffed toys at home. I knew she wanted to win a trophy so bad. Look at her go!
Ooops ..... only managed to capture the back view
Both of us took the day off to root for our precious & her team won 2nd place!
Parents' race
Ken had signed up the moment Meg brought the form home to garner participation.
Anything just to make our lil' princess happy
There's Meg standing at the side rooting for Ken
Now look at Ken go! But too bad ..... didn't come up top

And now the all important prize presentation ceremony
Megan waiting anxiously for her trophy
And she seemed to be doing nothing but .........
drink .........
drink .........
and drink ........
Showing off her trophy
Meg insists on taking a photo with her Kindergarten graduation photo. It must have been 2 of her most proudest moment :D
You won't believe it but Meg brought her trophy everywhere with her for 2 whole weeks! Both in & out of the house!
But Meg's not the only one proud of the trophy. You should check out her mum! :p
My baby girl's 1st trophy!
And I'm sure there're many more to follow!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Yesterday was Meg's 1st exam - English. And so the night before, with both of us lying in bed while waiting for sleep to claim us. This conversation transpired.

Meg: I am so NOT excited about exam tomorrow.

Me: There's nothing you can do about it, so just go to SLEEP.

Meg: Mummy ..........

Me: Hmmm? *drowsy*

Meg: What if a ghost comes tonight ......

Me: *opens eyes*

Meg: And takes away all my memory of English? Then I won't be able to do my exam!

Me: *tries to stifle laughter and said sternly* Good try ........... NOW SLEEP!

Wahahahaha ........... I am totally amazed at her ability to come up with the most absurd of sayings!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Very soon .........

Just a quick note to everyone who's been so concern about me. (I feel soooo guilty!) I am still around and dandy as a candy! Life's been treating me really well except that the luxury of time is not on my side.

My life had been revolving around 3 huge events (nothing to do with F1 :p) - Marilyn's Bachelorette Party, Meg's 7th Birthday Party & Marilyn's upcoming Wedding. I can't wait to show you the pictures from Mar's bachelorette party because it's so totally fall-off-the-chair hilarious!

It shouldn't be long now. Catch me here real SOON with the photos of the century!

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