Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wherever my pink boots take me - Grand Canyon, Arizona

All too soon, Monday is here again. Need a little perk-me-up to try make me last the entire week.

I get to go on the Grand Canyon Skywalk!

Can't imagine if I were to slip!
Please don't ask me what I was wearing. Way too early to think properly. The only thing on my mind was to dress warm.
With the group
Absolutely love this pic of Dionne - She's the epitome of style & all things expensive! 
Our lunch! But it's one that we'll never forget. It was one of pure agony. The wind was so strong that my brownie was blown away so many times! Watch the video to judge for yourself.

My lovelies

Have you ever seen such blue sky?
Brrrrr …….

Awesome pals

Explored our last stop at the Grand Canyon. A cowboy town. 
It's just the 3 of us though. The wind was so strong that the rest were contented to be huddled in the bus.
No regrets braving the wind
Cos we had so much fun!
Cactuses on the desert!
We even got to stop by Hoover Dam :D

Friday, September 23, 2011

Wherever my pink boots take me - Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm so so missing USA! I can't help looking back at the photos on & off. So many good memories …….. I wonder when will I be able to go back again?

After 3 days in LA, we're off to Las Vegas!
It's lunch & shopping before we actually stepped into Las Vegas


Our hotel - Treasure Island
Casino right at the hotel lobby :D

Haha …. check out our damage! So many Kate Spades ……..

Our room was soooo luxurious! I never want to get out of bed.

And it's off for some exploration after dropping our bags

Taking in all the awesome sights & sounds

Pretty babes - Rong Rong, Sandra & Dionne

My best time in USA happened in Vegas!

Late night supper while waiting for Joe to try his luck at the table. Then it's off to hit the sack cos the next day is an early early day for us.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Marissa is going nautical

Meg was being the perfect elder sister. Marissa absolutely adores her!

Aileen dress in blue ($18.80)

Can't ask for a better model :)

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Lil' Sweethearts - Polka-dotted ruffled sleeveless top & lace gathered skirt

Sorry about the short hiatus. Since I'd discovered Hell's Kitchen & MasterChef, I'd been inseparable from the google box. I know…... I know…… It's been around for the longest time but I'd never ever been interested in food programs on the telly. Till now that is. *shrugs*

These pics of Marissa had been sitting around in my Picnik folder waiting to be published & it's about high time :p

Introducing gorgeous mummy - Melissa!

The tree was a major ouch for Marissa

Bubblies of another kind :p

<3 her smile!

Show-casing Polka-dotted ruffled sleeveless top ($13.80) & lace gathered skirt ($14.80)

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Friday, September 02, 2011

Happy Teachers' Day!

Hmmm …… Blogger has a brand new interface. I can't decide yet whether I like it or hate it. For starters, it allows one to upload multiple photos at one go & it allows me to choose the size of my photos. So you'd have noticed an obvious change - you can see my face clearly now! Hahaha …… I chose XL size, of course. My most sincere apologies if being too up close is giving you nightmares :p

I'd just joined the Parent Support Group (PSG) from Meg's school recently. Kind of a late start considering that Meg is already in Primary 4 but like they always say, better late than never. I  must say that I'm totally impressed with the support that Haig Girls' School (my alma mater) had given PSG. We have a nice big air-conditioned room & very much involved in the activities that the school organises. I learnt that not many schools appreciate this high level of participation from the parents. Seeing the close support & relationship between the school & the parents makes me feel more reassured than ever that Meg's in the right school.

One such collaboration was the Teachers' Day celebration. I learnt that every year the PSG will make handicrafts as presents for the teachers & even perform for them! I think it's really great that we get to show our appreciation. And so this year, I was involved in the performance which was soooo exciting! The performer in me was yelling to get out :p

In view of Hari Raya, we decided on a Malay dance

It only took us slightly over an hour to conceptualize & memorize the steps. We totally rock it!

        Wearing my own sarong kebaya - I love how it shows off my curves when in actual fact there isn't any!
Hot mamas!

We had to perform in front of so many students & teachers!

I'm linking this video from FB so I'm sorry but only my friends will get to view it. "Click on Facebook"

The awesome people from PSG :)

P.S. A big thank you to Siti for the photos & the video!

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