Friday, September 23, 2011

Wherever my pink boots take me - Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm so so missing USA! I can't help looking back at the photos on & off. So many good memories …….. I wonder when will I be able to go back again?

After 3 days in LA, we're off to Las Vegas!
It's lunch & shopping before we actually stepped into Las Vegas


Our hotel - Treasure Island
Casino right at the hotel lobby :D

Haha …. check out our damage! So many Kate Spades ……..

Our room was soooo luxurious! I never want to get out of bed.

And it's off for some exploration after dropping our bags

Taking in all the awesome sights & sounds

Pretty babes - Rong Rong, Sandra & Dionne

My best time in USA happened in Vegas!

Late night supper while waiting for Joe to try his luck at the table. Then it's off to hit the sack cos the next day is an early early day for us.

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