Thursday, August 24, 2006

Barborka Leto Manda-Liu Jia En

I am officially an Aunt! Actually I was already an Aunt on the 3rd August 2006. Uniz gave birth to a beautiful girl weighing 3kg on the 3rd. I am so proud of the both of them!
Sorry I wasn't able to do justice to Leto by not posting immediately. But I wasn't able to upload any photos, as all of you know that my PC is down with virus (complain..... blah..... blah..... blah....). Nope it's still not fixed (complain some more..... blah..... blah..... blah.....) but I'm making do with the pics I took from my phone. (I LOVE MY PHONE!!!)
Her name is Barborka Leto Manda-Liu Jia En. Quite a mouthful, isn't it? Well but it's Czech plus Chinese afterall .........
She's really beautiful! A real gem, doesn't fuss much. We can't really tell whether she looks more Chinese or Caucasian at this moment. Her hair looks slightly brown. We think that we saw a tinge of green in her eyes but we can't be sure because she's sleeping most of the time. But she's got very big gorgeous eyes and those double eyelids are to die for! It's amazing how Leto turns out to have such 'thick' double eyelids because Uniz is the only one in the family not to have any (meaning single eyelids). Hahaha ...... She's so going to kill me when she sees this.
Looking at Leto makes me want to have babies all over again. Ooooh bad ..........

P.S. Uniz & Rene - job well done ;) *pats shoulders*
Proud mummy showing off her baby

Soooo adorable!!!
Oops..... the flash is a tad too bright
Much better .......
I just had to remove her booties to peep at her feet. She's got amazingly long toes!

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Monday, August 21, 2006

All grown up

I know that Megan is a lot more grown up when..........

Me: "Can you finish up your Nang Nang please?"

Meg: "Can you say Milk?"

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bloody pervert

Ken is doing his workout right now. You must be wondering then why the hell am I blogging instead of joining him for the workout. Well you see his kind of workout is restricted to 4 persons at 1 go and trains only the upper limbs. Get it?
Haha...... Yah Mahjong!!!
We're in Baby's house now and I am using his pc to blog and weirdly this is the chinese version of blogger. I can't read chinese for nuts and now I am clicking on the icons based on pure memory. Hope I don't delete anything accidentally.
Ken went to the workshop in Ubi to install a keyhole light (keyhole lights up when key is inserted) in the car earlier. But the mechanic tapped the wrong source of power and the vehicle was immoblized. I sat by the curb while Ken was busy trying to figure out the problem. Then OMG, I noticed A Flasher! He was on the 2nd storey staircase landing of the opposite block, looking at me and masturbating! Eeeeeeew........... Thank God it was too dark and I couldn't see anything except his hands moving up and down furiously. I alerted Ken and that man fled after Ken shouted at him.
I don't know what is it about me and flashers. I seem to attract them. I was recounting all the flashers episodes that I've encountered to Ken just now. Must have been at least 5. Most of them happened when I was in Secondary School. Maybe cos it's a girls school (Tanjong Katong Girls Secondary School). I remembered feeling very scared then and dare not inform anyone of what I saw. But after all those episodes and after being a nurse, I've seen all there is to be seen and it can't faze me anymore. That stupid man getting a kick out of nothing. I would have love to see his pathetic face and then spit on it.
Recalling what is was like for me when I was young was definitely nasty. I was never warned against perverts like them and it terrified me. I am going to make sure that I warn Meg against creeps like that and protect her against them. I hope all parents will prepare their daughters and teach them to report instead of remaining silent.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

A very short post

Just a short short post before I go to bed.
Well I was actually already in bed - fast asleep. (Real tired cos Meg had a nose bleed episode last night and was kept awake.) Then an idiot called my house phone. I jumped out of bed and zoomed out of the room (cordless phone spoiled), thinking that it must be an emergency for someone to call so late plus Ken's out and NOBODY ever calls the house phone. Then it turns out WRONG NUMBER!!!
Well since I am already up and I have been feeling extremely guilty for not writing in such a long while, I decided to post and reassure everyone that I am fine.
There you go........... my very short post. (Please don't beat me up, afterall I was traumatized by that wrong call :p)
Yawnz :O :O :O

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