Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bloody pervert

Ken is doing his workout right now. You must be wondering then why the hell am I blogging instead of joining him for the workout. Well you see his kind of workout is restricted to 4 persons at 1 go and trains only the upper limbs. Get it?
Haha...... Yah Mahjong!!!
We're in Baby's house now and I am using his pc to blog and weirdly this is the chinese version of blogger. I can't read chinese for nuts and now I am clicking on the icons based on pure memory. Hope I don't delete anything accidentally.
Ken went to the workshop in Ubi to install a keyhole light (keyhole lights up when key is inserted) in the car earlier. But the mechanic tapped the wrong source of power and the vehicle was immoblized. I sat by the curb while Ken was busy trying to figure out the problem. Then OMG, I noticed A Flasher! He was on the 2nd storey staircase landing of the opposite block, looking at me and masturbating! Eeeeeeew........... Thank God it was too dark and I couldn't see anything except his hands moving up and down furiously. I alerted Ken and that man fled after Ken shouted at him.
I don't know what is it about me and flashers. I seem to attract them. I was recounting all the flashers episodes that I've encountered to Ken just now. Must have been at least 5. Most of them happened when I was in Secondary School. Maybe cos it's a girls school (Tanjong Katong Girls Secondary School). I remembered feeling very scared then and dare not inform anyone of what I saw. But after all those episodes and after being a nurse, I've seen all there is to be seen and it can't faze me anymore. That stupid man getting a kick out of nothing. I would have love to see his pathetic face and then spit on it.
Recalling what is was like for me when I was young was definitely nasty. I was never warned against perverts like them and it terrified me. I am going to make sure that I warn Meg against creeps like that and protect her against them. I hope all parents will prepare their daughters and teach them to report instead of remaining silent.

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