Saturday, August 12, 2006

A very short post

Just a short short post before I go to bed.
Well I was actually already in bed - fast asleep. (Real tired cos Meg had a nose bleed episode last night and was kept awake.) Then an idiot called my house phone. I jumped out of bed and zoomed out of the room (cordless phone spoiled), thinking that it must be an emergency for someone to call so late plus Ken's out and NOBODY ever calls the house phone. Then it turns out WRONG NUMBER!!!
Well since I am already up and I have been feeling extremely guilty for not writing in such a long while, I decided to post and reassure everyone that I am fine.
There you go........... my very short post. (Please don't beat me up, afterall I was traumatized by that wrong call :p)
Yawnz :O :O :O

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