Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Have an Oink Oink year!!!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! How was everyone's Chinese New Year so far? Collected a lot of ang pow money or made any money from the 'Black Jacks' and 'Mahjongs'? I personally haven't had any windfall from gambling. Although I wish that my gambling luck would change each year but sadly it remains the same. Just simpy no luck from gambling I guess.

Haha..... why am I talking about gambling?! But then again gamble seems to be synonymous with CNY :p So I can't help bringing it up. However I didn't bet much this year though. There's too much visiting to do. We were packed back to back for the 3 days. And till now, we are still not done and will have to continue over the weekend.

And also just when I have succeeded in losing a few inches from waist, I seemed to be piling it on again.But well heck it, I am abandoning my diet for now. I'm perpetually dieting all year round so it's good to give myself a break till the CNY is over :p

So here's Miss Piggy signing off and wishing everyone a properous Hog year! Oink Oink ..............

Having our reunion dinner in my dad's steamboat restaurant on new year's eve

Funny faces ;p

Little imp Meg with my gramps

My dad with his darling granddaughter

Meg just couldn't stop with the funny faces

My pretty mummy

What did I say about the funny face?

She loves this outfit! Think it makes her feel grown-up.
Adjourned to Ken's house for reunion dinner with his family
Then a 3rd round in Gulp's house! How can I not grow fat?!
1st day of Spring
My parents bought this outfit for Meg from Shanghai. She looks so cute!!!
Meg was the photographer for this pic. Not bad I would say! Visited darling Kelly on the 3rd day of CNY
Did't get to have a pic with Ju cos she was late and we were rushing off. So sorry dear......
Meg was like our mascot, we were clamoring for photos with herMy beautiful family
My ex-TKGS classmates at my place (In case I didn't make known - it's always a joy meeting you gals again!)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home

The company gave us a half day for Chinese New Year yesterday and we put it to good use. A couple of our colleagues spearheaded a charity project to raise money for Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home. They had requested for a couple of things like washing machine and fans. So we were there to deliver it yesterday as well as to give out red packets and mandarin oranges to the residents there.
As part of an early education, I decided to bring Megan there to show her how pitiful some folks are. I wanted her to be aware of how lucky she is and to cherish what she has. And of course, the most important lesson is not to abandon her parent! :p
She first complained of the stench when we reached and I sternly reminded her to be compassionate and show respects to the residents staying there. As usual, she's terribly shy when around strangers and I guess the sight of the old folks lying weakly in bed terrified her a bit. But thank goodness, she still tries to give a smile to the aunties and uncles (although she had none for my colleagues).
When we reached home, Meg was weirdly chanting to herself 'old folk's home, old folk's home ......' I then feigned mock horror and ask is she going to send me to an old folk's home when I am old? She looked just as horrified at my suggestion and told me no because she loves me. Then to make her point, reached over to give me a real tight hug.
I asked her again, what if I get really sick and can't walk nor talk but only lies in bed. Will she hire a nurse to take care of me or put me in a home? To which she replied with a question. "What is 'hire'?" After I told her, is similar to how I hire KakKak (the maid). She then said that a nurse doesn't work in a house. I told her there are some that do except that they don't do housework. Then she matter-of-factly said "Ok I'll hire a nurse to look after you and I can be the maid." Hahaha ....... Just like what Marilyn says, Meg can be a real darling. Now you know why I lavish her with everything that I can afford :)
We only stayed a short while in the home today because it's time for the old folks to nap. It feels kinda unfulfilling because we didn't manage to interact with them. So I hope it won't take too long for another charity event to come along.

A very shy Megan with a very gregarious SiSi
SiSi is such a doll!
With Michelle & Grace

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Reunion at last

I am so thrilled that I finally got to meet up with the DBBs today. So even though it's 1am now, I decided I am still going to post the pics before I go to bed.
The happy feeling bubbling up inside of me was beyond description. You gals can never imagine how much I miss hanging out with all of you. I must however admit that after such a long separation, there was a little something that seems to be missing. (Erm.... or maybe that's just me, afterall I was the lost sheep of the group :p) But it's a great consolation to see everyone looking so well. Although I am positive that we (or I) will find that lost feeling back in no time.
I just want to add that I had a really fun time tonight laughing at the many jokes. Please pardon me, my darlings, if I didn't seem to get into the spirits of things. I had an extremely untimely headache (but still I know it's no excuse). I can't wait for the next time we gather again.
Love all you girls so much! *muacks*
P.S. Noelle - Have a great trip to Japan!

Attended little Nicole's 1 year old birthday on Sunday
A jubilant Megan with her very tired DaDa
Megan really looks up to Liz now The gorgeous looking birthday girl with her parents
Meg dashed to the front the moment the cake was brought out Cutie Marilyn had a new haircut
So did Kelly but bet you can't tell!

I'm looking seriously plump with my hair tied and wearing that turtle-neck dress. Or maybe I shouldn't blame anything else but just me getting plumper or that family sized bar of Cadbury chocolate that I gobbled up last night!

Committed a great faux pas by wearing black stockings with open-toed shoes that got the girls laughing non-stop. I really couldn't help it even though I knew I was committing a heinous crime. I just couldn't last the day in those heels without stockings!

Love the hair, gorgeous ;)

Ju rebonded her hair and looking very Japanese now

I want to cut my hair too! *wails*

My precious darlings

*muacks muacks*

Pretty pretty us!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Piqued by pigs

I got into a very heated arguement with one of the parent right outside Megan's school. And what's more, the parent is a man! I wonder whatever happened to chivalry?! He actually stooped to screaming at a woman. I am damn freaking appalled and of course pissed no end.
What happened was that I was sending Megan to school and just as we were reaching and turning into the small road, there was a bicycle in front of me turning in as well. This man had his son sitting behind him. Instead of rushing ahead to turn in first, I waited patiently behind of him. However he seemed oblivious to my car and did not turn back to check if there's a car turning in. Then he leisurely cut from the left of the lane to the right. Again without looking back to check if I was behind him. All this time, I was hovering right at the back waiting to pass him. Afterall, you don't expect me to drive all the way behind a bicycle right?
Although he keeps to the right side of the lane after that, there were times he actually seems to be drifting to the middle. The road is really tight as it's a one-way street with cars parked at the side. I was afraid to pass him as I was worried that he might just drift out. And besides he had seemed oblivious that I was behind and just carried on riding as if he owned the road. (See illustration.)

Therefore after contemplating for a long time, I decided to horn at him to warn him that I am approaching. The reason I contemplated was because I saw his little boy with him. I wouldn't like it either if someone was to toot their loud horn at me when I'm riding with my girl. But I decided on it anyway because I would endanger his boy even more if I didn't alert him.
Oh his rage after hearing my horn! He shouted at me as I drove past and then stopped my car at the gate to demand to know why I horned at him. I told him he was in the way and I wanted to alert him that I was approaching. He insisted that I sounded it because I was in a rush and and wanted him out of the way. Then he went on to say that he also have a right to the road. Oh Please! It's a fecking Monday morning, who the hell is not in a rush! (Except him maybe.) Sure he have a right to the road, I pay good money for road tax, for goodness sake! Does he actually expect me to drive behind him all the way?
I told him he got my intention wrong, I had only wanted to alert him that I was approaching. He replied that of course he knows that I am approaching, he's not deaf! Damn him! How would I know he knows I am behind? He certainly didn't act like it. And so if he does, then he's totally not bothered by my car and expects me to give way to him as he leisurely cuts his way across the road. He shows such blatant disregard for safety that I really don't think he should ever send his son to school. How can you not even look behind once to check as you turn into a lane or to cut across it? I shouldn't be the one responsible for your safety or to look out for you!
Then finally he told me, "How dare you still argue with me!" Drats, I am just so darn furious! By then it had already escalated into a shouting match. I realised then the teachers were gawking and there was a long stream of cars behind me waiting to drop their kids off. I was seriously embarrassed and didn't want the teachers to have a bad impression of Megan. So I guess to get out of it, I said "ok sorry that you got it the wrong way alright?" I wanted to bite my tongue, the moment I said that. Now he'll think he's completely right. I mean why should I be sorry that he's the one to misinterpret the well-meaning of my horn. If a pedestrian was walking in front of you riding, wouldn't you ring your bell?! Urghhh...... I could have so killed myself for saying sorry!!!
Then there's something else that piqued me today. It didn't happened to me but it incensed me all the same. There was an agreement between 2 friends to share a deal and then this other friend decided to close the deal without informing the other and claim it as his own. All these time, this poor friend was just awaiting instructions and more information but none came. Then only to know today that the deal's been closed and he's been kept in the dark. Whatever happened to the agreement?
I firmly believe that there's enough money in the world to go around for every single person to live comfortably. Why does one choose to knowingly sabotage friendship over this mere sum of money? A 20 year friendship at that. Well it's not about the sum of money anymore, one can always earn it back. However not the friendship. I don't think that guy will ever earn the trust back and besides, he really don't deserve it.
Please do leave me a comment on the tag board and share with me your thoughts on the above matters.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Gabriel & Pamela's wedding

I'm putting Meg to bed and blogging at the same time. Ah.... the ease of a laptop :) Ken's got a new Compaq Presario and so now I can blog instead of whiling my time away staring at the ceiling (which inevitably leads to me falling asleep as well). Although Meg is coming 6 but think I have spoilt her and now she still needs company while she sleeps :p

We were in Four Season's Hotel on Saturday attending Gabriel aka Bow's wedding. Gabriel is Ken's mate from FJC and had requested the club convoy for him in the morning to pick his bride.

Instead of the usual traditional Chinese wedding banquet, this was fine dinning. That was a 1st for me and I believe, a lot of us from the car club as well. The dinner was accompanied by a pianist and a quartet. Quite classily done. And the dessert! Great stuff! It was definitely an experience but guess perhaps I am an old-fashioned Chinese at heart, I still preferred the traditional banquet. There's a disadvantage to being seated at long tables. The only interaction I got, were with the ones that were seated on my either side. And so as the dinner wears on, it got kinda boring for me. Besides, our group were a tad bit rowdy and hence the atmosphere was a little too sombre for our comfort.

The best part was during the toast to the couple. Just as we raised our glasses in anticipation to shout 'yum seng', the rest of the room clinked their glasses and said 'cheers' instead! Thank God we held back our shouts in time or I could have died of mortification. Haha...... I know I sound so suaku but well, there's always a 1st for everything.
But we did eventually managed to get our 'yum seng' fix when we adjourned to En Lounge later in the night :p

The classy ambience at Four Season's Hotel
Both of us looking very puffy eyed cos we stayed up till 5am the night before to remove his dregs! Rachel, Germaine & Celine Germaine singing a song for the newly weds
Ken got sabo-ed into making a speech on behalf of the club but he looks as if he's ready to fight :p
Wishing the both of them everlasting love
In En Lounge
Ju came down to join us too

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