Monday, February 05, 2007

Gabriel & Pamela's wedding

I'm putting Meg to bed and blogging at the same time. Ah.... the ease of a laptop :) Ken's got a new Compaq Presario and so now I can blog instead of whiling my time away staring at the ceiling (which inevitably leads to me falling asleep as well). Although Meg is coming 6 but think I have spoilt her and now she still needs company while she sleeps :p

We were in Four Season's Hotel on Saturday attending Gabriel aka Bow's wedding. Gabriel is Ken's mate from FJC and had requested the club convoy for him in the morning to pick his bride.

Instead of the usual traditional Chinese wedding banquet, this was fine dinning. That was a 1st for me and I believe, a lot of us from the car club as well. The dinner was accompanied by a pianist and a quartet. Quite classily done. And the dessert! Great stuff! It was definitely an experience but guess perhaps I am an old-fashioned Chinese at heart, I still preferred the traditional banquet. There's a disadvantage to being seated at long tables. The only interaction I got, were with the ones that were seated on my either side. And so as the dinner wears on, it got kinda boring for me. Besides, our group were a tad bit rowdy and hence the atmosphere was a little too sombre for our comfort.

The best part was during the toast to the couple. Just as we raised our glasses in anticipation to shout 'yum seng', the rest of the room clinked their glasses and said 'cheers' instead! Thank God we held back our shouts in time or I could have died of mortification. Haha...... I know I sound so suaku but well, there's always a 1st for everything.
But we did eventually managed to get our 'yum seng' fix when we adjourned to En Lounge later in the night :p

The classy ambience at Four Season's Hotel
Both of us looking very puffy eyed cos we stayed up till 5am the night before to remove his dregs! Rachel, Germaine & Celine Germaine singing a song for the newly weds
Ken got sabo-ed into making a speech on behalf of the club but he looks as if he's ready to fight :p
Wishing the both of them everlasting love
In En Lounge
Ju came down to join us too

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