Saturday, February 17, 2007

Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home

The company gave us a half day for Chinese New Year yesterday and we put it to good use. A couple of our colleagues spearheaded a charity project to raise money for Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home. They had requested for a couple of things like washing machine and fans. So we were there to deliver it yesterday as well as to give out red packets and mandarin oranges to the residents there.
As part of an early education, I decided to bring Megan there to show her how pitiful some folks are. I wanted her to be aware of how lucky she is and to cherish what she has. And of course, the most important lesson is not to abandon her parent! :p
She first complained of the stench when we reached and I sternly reminded her to be compassionate and show respects to the residents staying there. As usual, she's terribly shy when around strangers and I guess the sight of the old folks lying weakly in bed terrified her a bit. But thank goodness, she still tries to give a smile to the aunties and uncles (although she had none for my colleagues).
When we reached home, Meg was weirdly chanting to herself 'old folk's home, old folk's home ......' I then feigned mock horror and ask is she going to send me to an old folk's home when I am old? She looked just as horrified at my suggestion and told me no because she loves me. Then to make her point, reached over to give me a real tight hug.
I asked her again, what if I get really sick and can't walk nor talk but only lies in bed. Will she hire a nurse to take care of me or put me in a home? To which she replied with a question. "What is 'hire'?" After I told her, is similar to how I hire KakKak (the maid). She then said that a nurse doesn't work in a house. I told her there are some that do except that they don't do housework. Then she matter-of-factly said "Ok I'll hire a nurse to look after you and I can be the maid." Hahaha ....... Just like what Marilyn says, Meg can be a real darling. Now you know why I lavish her with everything that I can afford :)
We only stayed a short while in the home today because it's time for the old folks to nap. It feels kinda unfulfilling because we didn't manage to interact with them. So I hope it won't take too long for another charity event to come along.

A very shy Megan with a very gregarious SiSi
SiSi is such a doll!
With Michelle & Grace

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