Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Have an Oink Oink year!!!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! How was everyone's Chinese New Year so far? Collected a lot of ang pow money or made any money from the 'Black Jacks' and 'Mahjongs'? I personally haven't had any windfall from gambling. Although I wish that my gambling luck would change each year but sadly it remains the same. Just simpy no luck from gambling I guess.

Haha..... why am I talking about gambling?! But then again gamble seems to be synonymous with CNY :p So I can't help bringing it up. However I didn't bet much this year though. There's too much visiting to do. We were packed back to back for the 3 days. And till now, we are still not done and will have to continue over the weekend.

And also just when I have succeeded in losing a few inches from waist, I seemed to be piling it on again.But well heck it, I am abandoning my diet for now. I'm perpetually dieting all year round so it's good to give myself a break till the CNY is over :p

So here's Miss Piggy signing off and wishing everyone a properous Hog year! Oink Oink ..............

Having our reunion dinner in my dad's steamboat restaurant on new year's eve

Funny faces ;p

Little imp Meg with my gramps

My dad with his darling granddaughter

Meg just couldn't stop with the funny faces

My pretty mummy

What did I say about the funny face?

She loves this outfit! Think it makes her feel grown-up.
Adjourned to Ken's house for reunion dinner with his family
Then a 3rd round in Gulp's house! How can I not grow fat?!
1st day of Spring
My parents bought this outfit for Meg from Shanghai. She looks so cute!!!
Meg was the photographer for this pic. Not bad I would say! Visited darling Kelly on the 3rd day of CNY
Did't get to have a pic with Ju cos she was late and we were rushing off. So sorry dear......
Meg was like our mascot, we were clamoring for photos with herMy beautiful family
My ex-TKGS classmates at my place (In case I didn't make known - it's always a joy meeting you gals again!)

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