Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Reunion at last

I am so thrilled that I finally got to meet up with the DBBs today. So even though it's 1am now, I decided I am still going to post the pics before I go to bed.
The happy feeling bubbling up inside of me was beyond description. You gals can never imagine how much I miss hanging out with all of you. I must however admit that after such a long separation, there was a little something that seems to be missing. (Erm.... or maybe that's just me, afterall I was the lost sheep of the group :p) But it's a great consolation to see everyone looking so well. Although I am positive that we (or I) will find that lost feeling back in no time.
I just want to add that I had a really fun time tonight laughing at the many jokes. Please pardon me, my darlings, if I didn't seem to get into the spirits of things. I had an extremely untimely headache (but still I know it's no excuse). I can't wait for the next time we gather again.
Love all you girls so much! *muacks*
P.S. Noelle - Have a great trip to Japan!

Attended little Nicole's 1 year old birthday on Sunday
A jubilant Megan with her very tired DaDa
Megan really looks up to Liz now The gorgeous looking birthday girl with her parents
Meg dashed to the front the moment the cake was brought out Cutie Marilyn had a new haircut
So did Kelly but bet you can't tell!

I'm looking seriously plump with my hair tied and wearing that turtle-neck dress. Or maybe I shouldn't blame anything else but just me getting plumper or that family sized bar of Cadbury chocolate that I gobbled up last night!

Committed a great faux pas by wearing black stockings with open-toed shoes that got the girls laughing non-stop. I really couldn't help it even though I knew I was committing a heinous crime. I just couldn't last the day in those heels without stockings!

Love the hair, gorgeous ;)

Ju rebonded her hair and looking very Japanese now

I want to cut my hair too! *wails*

My precious darlings

*muacks muacks*

Pretty pretty us!

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