Sunday, June 24, 2012

I love my BFFs!

Can't do without a post for a new week and hence decided to upload a collage that darling Juliana created. My birthday celebration in Lavaedge. Tiramisu birthday cake & champagne - I had a really swell time! I don't think I've said it often enough but I love you gals to death!  <3

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bonjour Paris & Hello Oxford: last leg

I don't know why I am doing this to myself. But I feel a need to finish blogging about this Paris & Oxford trip. All the more so by completing it today. A need for closure, perhaps? No, I didn't forget. Happy 8th anniversary to myself ……...

Woke up to an amazing delicious breakfast. I should really make it a habit to have breakfast in Singapore.

Uniz brought us for shopping in Bicester Village! Outlet shopping - love max!

Lunch in Carluccio's

Rene treated us in their favourite tapas restaurant

Uniz & Rene got Leto a babysitter so that we can go drinking!

The next day, we're left to our own devices. I love this coat that I bought from FCUK!

Uniz rushed down to town to meet us for lunch

Uniz is so happy that we're there to eat Japanese food with her cos Rene & Leto are not fans.

Love the chopstick concept

I'm missing my sister so much. It's really hard to be so far away from family.

Our mission was to bring Leto back to Singapore for Chinese New Year. So mission accomplished! I like the kid's meal on board SQ flight so much better than the adult's :p

Welcome home card from Megan! She'd really missed me!

There! I've done it. It's the end I guess …….

Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm 36!

I have to confess that I haven't been in the best of moods recently. Devastated & distraught - Celebrating my birthday was probably the last thing on my mind. The moodiness was further exacerbated by Meg declaring that she is going to go Pulau Ubin on my birthday with her BFF instead. 

Hence, I declared to my family that I do not want a cake nor a celebration this year. I think my mum was kinda disturbed by it because we celebrate every occasion in this family. Since I didn't want to go out for food, mum decided to order take-aways of my favourite food and have a quiet dinner at home. 

This was way better cos I can have an assortment of all my favourite food in the comfort of my home

I was initially really upset with Meg but she more than made up for it by secretly baking me a gorgeous cake! My mum let me in on the secret that Meg baked it without any help while everyone was out working. The poor girl couldn't find the egg beater & had to do it manually!

Meg even bought a special candle!

With my 2 baby girls. I'm lucky & blessed. I can't ask for more :)

Nothing else matters as long as I have my family with me

My wish? Start slimming down!!!

The cake was so so good! Very moist & not too sweet - just nice :) I'm not saying that just cos Meg baked it for me! It was a very unbiased review. Meg says she got the cake recipe online. I'm really proud of her, I've got to admit that she's all grown up now. I have never even baked a cake in my entire 36 years of existence! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

HOPE Dog Rescue: Oscar

After my encounter with Beano (read more here), I realised that there's so much to be done for animals and so much more in my own capacity that I can help out. I therefore, started to volunteer for HOPE Dog Rescue and my 1st assignment was to ferry Oscar to the vet for his follow-up consultation. 

Oscar is a 6 month old stray puppy that stays in a cemetery (more about Oscar). HOPE came across him when they were carrying out their sterilization project there. Oscar is suffering from Dermodectic Mange and 2 of his siblings had already died a slow painful death from it. He is the only 1 out of the litter left now.

Meet little Oscar. He was so terrified the whole time I was there & stayed almost motionless in the carrier.

His body is so raw and it's bleeding in some areas

My heart was heavy with despair while I edited these photos. It must be sheer torture for Oscar.

Puppies are suppose to be playful & jumping around. I've never seen a puppy look so sad in my entire life.

Instead of getting better, Oscar seems to be in a worse off condition because his white blood cells have increased. The vet is not sure where's the sepsis from & thus Oscar was warded for IV antibiotics. 

I know HOPE had their hands full recently with Beano and Babu suffering from canine distemper. And on the night that I was sending Oscar to the vet, I learned that they were rushing a kitten, with an eye nearly popped out, to the vet too. 

I am grateful to the kind people from HOPE for not giving up on these strays. An easy option would have been to put them to sleep because treatments are expensive. But they had never withheld treatment just because these are strays. 

In addition to keeping Oscar, Beano and Babu in your prayers, I'm appealing to all to help in whatever way you can. If you have a car, perhaps you can volunteer to ferry the pets around. Or perhaps foster a dog. Or if not, the simplest way is to make a donation. 

"If you can't feed a hundred people, then just feed one." -Mother Teresa

Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy birthday mum!

Celebrated mum's birthday with a crab feast but sorry no pics of that cos I was too busy stuffing my face :p
Proceeded home for the birthday cake

Family is da best!

And so is mum! <3

Saturday, June 09, 2012

A belated celebration continued - Lavaedge

As promised, you didn't have to wait too long for this post :p

Brought mum & Erykca to one of my current hangout - Lavaedge located in Changi City Point

I looove their unique spicy escargots but I'd recommend that you eat them without the pastries though. It's a tad too thick & thus conceals the taste of the escargots.

Erykca agrees with me that it's one of the best Caesar salad we'd ever had. Granted, you should take my opinion with a pinch of salt but never doubt Erykca. She's got one of the best palate around!

The choice for both mum & Erykca

They serve surprisingly good food for a watering hole!

The Ravioli can do with another minute or so of cooking but the plating is so pleasing that I'm willing to overlook that :)

My favourite time of the day - Dessert time!

I know beer is not synonymous with dessert but I NEVER fail to order them when I'm here for drinks in the evening ♥

Their Vanilla Panna Cotta is a must-have! 

I noticed there's a promotion featuring set lunches. So if you're working around Changi Business Park, I'd strongly urge you to go there & give it a try.
However strangely, for a Sunday afternoon, the bistro bar was surprisingly empty. A huge contrast to the bustling atmosphere within the mall. The pricing is definitely not a problem because with all the food & drinks we had ordered, the bill came up to slightly lesser than $150 including taxes for 4 of us.

Definitely no problem with the food, price, ambience & service. So I gathered that this could be due to the location. I think many are not aware of its existence as it's located outside the mall with no directional signages. And for those who do, are probably hesitant to enter, seeing it being empty. Weird human psychology, isn't it? How we always associate good food with crowd or long queues. 

Go on. Take your first step & you might find that you like Lavaedge as much as I do. And maybe I might even see you there during happy hours!

Cya soon peeps! xoxo

Lavaedge Restaurant & Bar
5 Changi Business Park Central 1
Changi City Point (The Oasis)
Singapore 486038
Tel: 6636 3226 

Friday, June 08, 2012

A belated celebration

With Erykca being away in UK and all, we decided to postpone Mother's Day celebration till she's back. Though it's a little late but I believe mum had a wonderful time. I'll just leave you with some neoprints we took that day but do come back, cos there's more pics in my beloved camera that I have yet to upload.

Mum, I know I've never really expressed it but I love you and appreciate all that you do. xoxo 

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Klair's skincare review + Giveaway

I'm such a make-up and skincare junkie, that it delights me no end, when the kind people from The Face Apps wanted me to review a skincare range from Korea.

I wanted to dig a little deeper before slapping unknown products onto my face. And here's what I found out: Klair's has 4 big NO-formula.
  1. NO ethanol alcohol 
  2. NO paraben
  3. NO artificial colours
  4. NO animal testing
I was finally satisfied after carefully reading the various product reviews and certain that it is hypoallergenic plus environmental friendly. 

This is Klair's 'moisture' range to suit the dry skin me

A serum retailing at $39.90 - what a steal!

I have to admit that it got me a little worried reading the words 'rich' on the jar. Thankfully it wasn't too thick nor gooey and most importantly, it didn't leave a sticky residue on my face.

High quality pure Vit.C for all skin types. Ladies, remember to use sunblock if you're using this in the day!

Great Singapore Sales! - email

I <3 freebies :)

GIVEAWAY - ends 27 June 2012

'Like' The Face Apps on Facebook now!
Good Luck!!! xoxo

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