Sunday, February 26, 2006

Why can't I?

I have woken up and no matter what I do, I just can't make myself go back to sleep again.
Major sucky night.
I may be 30 but I think I get less autonomy than my 5 year old girl. What makes one think that I am incapable of looking after myself? Why can't I choose my own friends? Why do I have to sleep just because I am told to?
Who says I can't drink? I hold my liquor just fine, thank you very much. In fact much better than most gals I know and I doubt any will want to dispute me.
Geez........ I am sounding pathetic.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

1st night out with my colleagues

I believe a post is in order. It seems like ages since my last post. Anyway Ken's out for his D&D and I am hanging out in front of the computer waiting for him to come back, so what else better than to blog.

I have been working for what, like 4 months, and today is actually the 1st night out with my colleagues. When I mention colleagues, please do not be mistaken that there's the whole gang of us. There's actually just 3 of us, me included. Is this pathetic or is this pathetic?
Guess perhaps I was used to working in a very close knitted environment and now I am still trying to adapt myself to this new place where everyone keep each other at arms length - utterly miserable. Therefore I am pretty happy to have gotten to know Janice and Kenneth (not my dear Kenneth) from my company. They are new (newer than me) and I guess that helps us gel together faster. It's so much better now that I've finally got friends at that place. Work doesn't seem as dreary.

Other than us being new, we are also like-minded in the sense that we all luurve singing. I just got back from a karaoke session with them and I can only use 1 word to describe it. SHIOK! It's been such an awfully long time since I last sang to my hearts content. Although I didn't get to satisfy my craving to dance, at least I have managed to feed the craving for singing!

On the other hand though, all these singing has made me crave for more. Sigh...... one is never easily satisfied, isn't it?

Guess I don't need to introduce who's who right? :p
Me & lovable Janice
3 of us squeezing in for a pic
Took this a couple of days ago. Caught Woofie hiding under his rug. He's just too cute for words!

Monday, February 20, 2006

I so wanna dance

I was just looking at the Sugababes MTV when I was suddenly hit by a terrible sense of longing........ Boy do I miss dancing! :'(

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bloody bootlickers

My company policy says no pants, no cardigans and no open toe shoes. I wouldn't even call it a policy, it's just something that my GM don't like and the rest of my colleagues follow it like the bible truth and snitch on whoever that don't follow it.
We had a CNY dinner function last night and the dress code was lunar. The only cheongsam I have is a mini skirt in black and if there's anything that my GM loathes more than pants is the colour black. The only other lunar piece that's suitable and presentable for a company function is a pretty lunar top with pink flowers and pants. I opted for the latter.
So happily after work, I changed into my lunar clothes and dolled myself up for the function. However my senior manager (not my dowager GM) on seeing me, actually told me to go buy a dress and change out of my attire. I was totally livid! I told him that the dress code says lunar and it's a dress up dinner, not a seminar. I am suitably attired and very presentable. But all the same he told me to leave the place and go get a dress before coming back.
He's just so afraid that the GM will berate him for allowing me to wear pants. But honestly if you think about it, I don't think she's going to notice a nobody like me at such a big function and whats more, my role is at the reception where I have to sit through the function. In any case if she does go to him, he can always direct it to me. I can very well answer for my own actions. When I was a nurse manager, I never fail to speak up for my girls and deflect scolding from the management just because I am responsible for them. I believe one should be flexible and use own's brain to think and not be blindly guided by so-called company's policy. A company policy or the management decision might not always be right. Balless ass, just a word from her and he shakes in fear. That's the company's modus operandi - bootlicking.
No way I am going to be treated like a school kid. So guess what?
I left the function and never went back.

Monday, February 06, 2006

More of Chinese New Year

Finally back to the sweat and grime of work today. Not that I've been on leave till now or anything but just that mentally I was in too much of a holiday mood so I've putting off all my work, I might as well have been not working.

Now back at work and I see the pile of work staring back at me, has totally stressed me out. And even more so I don't feel like working. Sigh..... The story of my life.

Megan is not helping with my stress level as well. Not Megan per se but rather her upcoming spelling test. (Uu-oh Kiasu mother on the lurk again.) She had her 1st spelling last week and horror of all horror, she came back with only 1 correct answer. All this in spite of me revising with her throughout the new year holiday and even resort to borrowing someone's room while visiting. I'm determine not to let history repeat itself again and have been drilling the words into her. Poor kid.
I did lots of things over the weekends though and carried on the spill over of Chinese New Year celebrations. Let's take a look at what I did, shall we?

Annual CNY dinner with the gang at 'Tekong' on Friday night
The gang
My face is totally flushed from....... (look below for answer)
Gigantic right? They call it Dua Pao in Hokkien (Cannon)
We went to watch the Lion dance in Aunty Jac's house on Saturday
Woofie rushed for the oranges after the Lion is done with it
The kids were feeding him the veg and he seems to like it but I think the kids enjoyed it more
Meg was having lotsa fun with the dogs and especially protecting Woofie from Pepper and the rest of the kids.
Ken grumbles that I hardly take a shot with him now. But of course I wouldn't miss a chance for a shot with the one I love most
Zijian and gang went over to Ken's place in the afternoon
More Lo Hei in my mum's house at night
My grandma who has taken care of me since I was a baby
My 3 darlings came over to my place for lunch on Sunday. It is also the day where Kelly picked up Mahjong. We were itching to play and forced her into learning it. Good friends right?
Got up real early to cook lunch for them cos cooking is not my forte and so I need an early headstart. This is fried mushroom with garlic. I didn't quite like it but sweet Mar seems to think it's ok though.
Soya Sauce Chicken - One of my favourite
White radish soup - it took me hours to boil this one and it has all the goodies in it. The girls love this! Ju commented that she feels so loved when she drinks it. Well they are all very much love by me! ;)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Chinese New Year

All those month long preparation for Chinese New Year and now the celebration just simply whizz past like that. *snaps fingers* (I don't know how to snap my finger in real life though.) We wake up real early each day and goes to bed real late every night. Whew....... thank goodness this doesn't last too long or else I'm going to end up looking like a panda.
On the flip side though, the 3 days was too short for me to completely enjoy myself. (Whoever have too much of a good thing?) We do nothing but a toss up between eating & gambling or gambling & eating.
Ken & I polished off 1.5kg of Bak Kwas by ourselves! When I got on the weighing scale last night, I weigh a hefty 50kg. OMG!!! I've like put on 4kg in 3 months. And that 1.5kg of Bak Kwa is probably not reflected yet. I seriously have to keep check on myself. *Sob Sob*
During the day, we went visiting and during the night, we'll head down to Ah Guan's or Barry's place to play Black Jack. (And naturally, on & off the course of visiting, there'll inevitably be a game of Black Jack or Mahjong.) I must say I'm really down on my luck this year. But then again when has it ever been up? I've been losing in both Black Jack and Mahjong. I guess life is fair, decrease in money and increase in weight. Hahaha......
The other thing I love about the new year holiday other than being able to catch up with friends and relatives, is that I get to spend alot of time with Ken. We did most of our visiting together. Either he with my family or me wih his family. Can you imagine the number of people we have to visit? (I've been rushing around so much that I did not mange to take much photos.) Our itinery is so packed that we have to pre-plan and coordnate all our visits. But even with all that planning, some of the visits will have to spill over to the weekends. I am so looking forward to the weekend already.
So till then folks, I wish you all a prosperous new year.
HUAT ar!
Kelly invited us to her house on the 3rd day of CNY. I absolutely adore them!
Sweetie-pie Megan
Showing off her ballerina dress. (I told her I want to take a pic of her in that dress and she automatically posed for me. Pro right?)
With her Care Bear in Zhenshun's house
Lo Hei with Ken's family and relatives. The Yu Sheng is Aunty Mary's own ingenious concoction - truly delicious.
Woofie was introduced to 2 adult schnauzers. The family was thrilled to bits by their interaction.

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