Thursday, February 02, 2006

Chinese New Year

All those month long preparation for Chinese New Year and now the celebration just simply whizz past like that. *snaps fingers* (I don't know how to snap my finger in real life though.) We wake up real early each day and goes to bed real late every night. Whew....... thank goodness this doesn't last too long or else I'm going to end up looking like a panda.
On the flip side though, the 3 days was too short for me to completely enjoy myself. (Whoever have too much of a good thing?) We do nothing but a toss up between eating & gambling or gambling & eating.
Ken & I polished off 1.5kg of Bak Kwas by ourselves! When I got on the weighing scale last night, I weigh a hefty 50kg. OMG!!! I've like put on 4kg in 3 months. And that 1.5kg of Bak Kwa is probably not reflected yet. I seriously have to keep check on myself. *Sob Sob*
During the day, we went visiting and during the night, we'll head down to Ah Guan's or Barry's place to play Black Jack. (And naturally, on & off the course of visiting, there'll inevitably be a game of Black Jack or Mahjong.) I must say I'm really down on my luck this year. But then again when has it ever been up? I've been losing in both Black Jack and Mahjong. I guess life is fair, decrease in money and increase in weight. Hahaha......
The other thing I love about the new year holiday other than being able to catch up with friends and relatives, is that I get to spend alot of time with Ken. We did most of our visiting together. Either he with my family or me wih his family. Can you imagine the number of people we have to visit? (I've been rushing around so much that I did not mange to take much photos.) Our itinery is so packed that we have to pre-plan and coordnate all our visits. But even with all that planning, some of the visits will have to spill over to the weekends. I am so looking forward to the weekend already.
So till then folks, I wish you all a prosperous new year.
HUAT ar!
Kelly invited us to her house on the 3rd day of CNY. I absolutely adore them!
Sweetie-pie Megan
Showing off her ballerina dress. (I told her I want to take a pic of her in that dress and she automatically posed for me. Pro right?)
With her Care Bear in Zhenshun's house
Lo Hei with Ken's family and relatives. The Yu Sheng is Aunty Mary's own ingenious concoction - truly delicious.
Woofie was introduced to 2 adult schnauzers. The family was thrilled to bits by their interaction.

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