Monday, February 06, 2006

More of Chinese New Year

Finally back to the sweat and grime of work today. Not that I've been on leave till now or anything but just that mentally I was in too much of a holiday mood so I've putting off all my work, I might as well have been not working.

Now back at work and I see the pile of work staring back at me, has totally stressed me out. And even more so I don't feel like working. Sigh..... The story of my life.

Megan is not helping with my stress level as well. Not Megan per se but rather her upcoming spelling test. (Uu-oh Kiasu mother on the lurk again.) She had her 1st spelling last week and horror of all horror, she came back with only 1 correct answer. All this in spite of me revising with her throughout the new year holiday and even resort to borrowing someone's room while visiting. I'm determine not to let history repeat itself again and have been drilling the words into her. Poor kid.
I did lots of things over the weekends though and carried on the spill over of Chinese New Year celebrations. Let's take a look at what I did, shall we?

Annual CNY dinner with the gang at 'Tekong' on Friday night
The gang
My face is totally flushed from....... (look below for answer)
Gigantic right? They call it Dua Pao in Hokkien (Cannon)
We went to watch the Lion dance in Aunty Jac's house on Saturday
Woofie rushed for the oranges after the Lion is done with it
The kids were feeding him the veg and he seems to like it but I think the kids enjoyed it more
Meg was having lotsa fun with the dogs and especially protecting Woofie from Pepper and the rest of the kids.
Ken grumbles that I hardly take a shot with him now. But of course I wouldn't miss a chance for a shot with the one I love most
Zijian and gang went over to Ken's place in the afternoon
More Lo Hei in my mum's house at night
My grandma who has taken care of me since I was a baby
My 3 darlings came over to my place for lunch on Sunday. It is also the day where Kelly picked up Mahjong. We were itching to play and forced her into learning it. Good friends right?
Got up real early to cook lunch for them cos cooking is not my forte and so I need an early headstart. This is fried mushroom with garlic. I didn't quite like it but sweet Mar seems to think it's ok though.
Soya Sauce Chicken - One of my favourite
White radish soup - it took me hours to boil this one and it has all the goodies in it. The girls love this! Ju commented that she feels so loved when she drinks it. Well they are all very much love by me! ;)

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