Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bloody bootlickers

My company policy says no pants, no cardigans and no open toe shoes. I wouldn't even call it a policy, it's just something that my GM don't like and the rest of my colleagues follow it like the bible truth and snitch on whoever that don't follow it.
We had a CNY dinner function last night and the dress code was lunar. The only cheongsam I have is a mini skirt in black and if there's anything that my GM loathes more than pants is the colour black. The only other lunar piece that's suitable and presentable for a company function is a pretty lunar top with pink flowers and pants. I opted for the latter.
So happily after work, I changed into my lunar clothes and dolled myself up for the function. However my senior manager (not my dowager GM) on seeing me, actually told me to go buy a dress and change out of my attire. I was totally livid! I told him that the dress code says lunar and it's a dress up dinner, not a seminar. I am suitably attired and very presentable. But all the same he told me to leave the place and go get a dress before coming back.
He's just so afraid that the GM will berate him for allowing me to wear pants. But honestly if you think about it, I don't think she's going to notice a nobody like me at such a big function and whats more, my role is at the reception where I have to sit through the function. In any case if she does go to him, he can always direct it to me. I can very well answer for my own actions. When I was a nurse manager, I never fail to speak up for my girls and deflect scolding from the management just because I am responsible for them. I believe one should be flexible and use own's brain to think and not be blindly guided by so-called company's policy. A company policy or the management decision might not always be right. Balless ass, just a word from her and he shakes in fear. That's the company's modus operandi - bootlicking.
No way I am going to be treated like a school kid. So guess what?
I left the function and never went back.

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