Thursday, February 23, 2006

1st night out with my colleagues

I believe a post is in order. It seems like ages since my last post. Anyway Ken's out for his D&D and I am hanging out in front of the computer waiting for him to come back, so what else better than to blog.

I have been working for what, like 4 months, and today is actually the 1st night out with my colleagues. When I mention colleagues, please do not be mistaken that there's the whole gang of us. There's actually just 3 of us, me included. Is this pathetic or is this pathetic?
Guess perhaps I was used to working in a very close knitted environment and now I am still trying to adapt myself to this new place where everyone keep each other at arms length - utterly miserable. Therefore I am pretty happy to have gotten to know Janice and Kenneth (not my dear Kenneth) from my company. They are new (newer than me) and I guess that helps us gel together faster. It's so much better now that I've finally got friends at that place. Work doesn't seem as dreary.

Other than us being new, we are also like-minded in the sense that we all luurve singing. I just got back from a karaoke session with them and I can only use 1 word to describe it. SHIOK! It's been such an awfully long time since I last sang to my hearts content. Although I didn't get to satisfy my craving to dance, at least I have managed to feed the craving for singing!

On the other hand though, all these singing has made me crave for more. Sigh...... one is never easily satisfied, isn't it?

Guess I don't need to introduce who's who right? :p
Me & lovable Janice
3 of us squeezing in for a pic
Took this a couple of days ago. Caught Woofie hiding under his rug. He's just too cute for words!

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