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18 Grams of Love by Han Yew Kwang

Running out of ideas on where to go for your dates? I had found something new, yet again - Local movies @ Sinema Old School.

Other than the local movies that's being shown on the big screen, I was completely unaware about the existence of other local films that did not make it for theatrical runs. And more often than not, these films that do not have theatrical releases are due to shortfall in funds, rather than in quality. It's something about being shot in a different medium (eg. HD) & then converting it into 35mm print for the big screen. The money needed to make this conversion is enough for these film-makers to film a new movie instead.

So since when had I become a guru for film-art? Haha ...... of course, I'm not. Everything that I knew was all condensed in that little paragraph up there :p.

Language: Mandarin
Running Time: 85 mins
Genre: Romantic Comedy (Local)

Starring: Adam Chen, Alaric Tay, Magdelene See, Yeo Yann Yann
Writer & Director: Han Yew Kwang

Screened at: Sinema Old School
Regular - $6

Concession - $5
December 26, 2008 - 7:00 pm
December 27, 2008 - 3:00 pm, 9:00 pm
December 28, 2008 - 7:00 pm

Do you know
how much does love weigh? 18 grams. 10 grams for the envelope and 8 grams for the letter paper it carries. With the invention of the mobile phones and internet, snail mails became a thing of the past. And hence, the death of the old-fashioned love letters. Love can now be easily expressed through phone calls, smses, emails and even webcams. Why would one go through the trouble of folding the letter, putting it into the envelope, affix the correct postage and then carry all 18 grams of the letter to the post office for mailing? (Something to ponder.) Who's to know that something as inconsequential as a handwritten letter can, in actual fact, mean so much.

And so the scene is set for a tale of 2 friends, Ah Hui (Adam Chen) and Zihua (Alaric Tay), who suspect that their respective wives, Michelle (Yeo Yann Yann) and Xiao Tong (Magdelene See), are cheating on them. Hence they decided to 'test' their wives by having each write love letters to the other person's wife and see if they reciprocate. But like what the Pussycat Dolls cautioned, "Be careful what you wish for cos you just might get it." (In case it sounds alien, it's taken from the lyrics of "When I Grow Up" :p) Watch how their ploy backfires when their wives start writing back.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that although the show focuses on only 4 characters and had a seemingly simple plot, it actually carries a lot of substance. I applaud Yew Kwang for writing some of the most beautiful dialogues and proses in the show. 18 Grams of Love is so rich in the Chinese language, that it made me see that there are some expressions/ emotions that cannot be achieved if it was not for the Chinese language. And since the core of the show is about declaration of love in the written form, be prepared to swoon over those romantic sayings.

18 Grams is so down-to-earth that I can totally relate to it. Oddly though for a guy, Yew Kwang had an astute insight into the disposition of a woman. Haha .... Maybe he's the answer to our SNAG! (no girlfriend yet *hint*) He understands that there are many facades to a woman and guys shouldn't just interpret our emotions based on our actions. You have to dig deeper to really uncover us but when you find it, you'll see that our basic needs are really simple. (I can't speak for all but I shouldn't be too far off.)

18 Grams is all Yew Kwang. I don't think I had mentioned that he's my 'brother' (Gor Gor). I had known him since we were in Secondary school. (He was from Tanjong Katong Technical while I was from Tanjong Katong Girls'.) And watching the show brought back all the fun memories of our younger days where he would write mushy love letters (in Chinese!) on behalf of his friends. I would read them and grimace, thinking "OMG ..... this is sounds like a cheesy 70's Mandarin movie!" I would be seriously embarrassed because I thought the Chinese language was so uncool then. It's pretty amazing how both of us actually managed to click considering our language disparity. Affinity ...... I guess.

Another element of Yew Kwang are his 'cold' jokes. He says things with a straight face and you don't know if he was trying to be funny or not. But whatever ..... he's just funny even without trying to be. So sitting through the movie was a delight. He had me tickled throughout!

This film had been making award winning rounds in the festival circuit overseas and given a standing ovation at the festival screening in Poland. It's won 2 awards at the 13th Lyon Asian Film Festival and an award at the 5th Ofensiva International Film Festival (Poland). So you see, I wasn't biased in my review just because he's my brother.

And since it had taken me forever to blog this, do hurry to get the tickets since there are not many screenings left!

Behind the scenes
Yew Kwang invited us to the opening night of 18 Grams of Love
I knew since school days that he wanted to be a director. I remembered laughing at his lofty ambition & thought it was just a whim that would pass. (I was a horrid little sister :p) After all, who at that young and idealistic age doesn't dream to be somebody famous when they grow up?
I am extremely proud of him because he pursued his dream & never gave up.
The lady next to him is Magdelene See who plays Xiao Tong. (She's Kelvin's sister. Kelvin is Chermaine's boyfriend. Chermaine is Ken's sister. Haha .... small world!)He's got a few MediaCorp sitcoms under his belt too. *Gor Gor Yao Guang, I can't tell you how glad I am to see you again :D

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ahhh ..... This is life

Here's what I do, day in and day out when I get home from work. First, I would plop myself into the chair in front of the PC and then log in to Utopia/ FB/ my blog and email accounts (in that order). After I am satisfied with the state of things, I would reluctantly shift my butt and change into my jammies before diving into bed for a nap. I'm like a baby (or a pig, if Ken has his way) who needs nap everyday :p.

So yesterday, it was routine as usual. EXCEPT ..... there's a slight deviation. A back massage had been thrown in :DDD.

Haha ...... I don't know what's up with Meg yesterday but she bestowed on me the royalty treatment. When I sat in front of the PC, she asked if my back hurt. (My back tortures me on a daily basis.) So I replied, "A little." Next thing I know, she asked me to shift my back and then placed a pillow behind me. Whoa!

After I am done with the PC, Meg asked me to close my eyes and led me into my bedroom. Guess what? She had pulled my duvet back and bed is all ready for sleep. And she's also laid out my jammies on the bed for me to change into. I was so chocked up by her thoughtful gesture.

After changing and lying down in bed, Meg checked if I wanted the aircon on, curtains drawn and door closed. Haha ...... she took care of every single detail! But that's not all, she brought out the Yoko Yoko (ointment for my backache) and proceeded to apply it for me. All the time checking that she's got the correct spot. Once that's completed, she left the room quietly so that I can sleep. None of her usual, "play with me" or "can you help me do this".

I was extremely touched and I told her so. I told her that I've got the best daughter in the whole wide world and meant every word I said. I don't know what I've done to deserve her. Meg's the single best treasure that the world can offer me. Everyday I wake up telling myself I am the luckiest mum. This, I told her too. It totally made my day seeing her beaming from my praises.

Ah ...... yes ...... this is life, nothing can get better than this. *contented smile*

Thursday, December 11, 2008

M1 KidSAFE - Advertorial

I don't know if you remember your teenager days when the phone seems to be an extra appendage to your body? I certainly remember mine. And with exact clarity, I also remembered my dad screaming his head off whenever he sees me on the phone yet again :p But well, I could hardly blame the poor man because I recalled breaking my own 8 hour non-stop phone marathon record! (Geez ..... what does one talk about??)

However of course in my days, handphones were unheard of. I used the home phone and my dad would watch me with his hawk-like eyes, monitoring whom I am talking to. But you see, I was really popular then (hahaha ....... bear with the ego-maniac running loose again :p), my number somehow got circulated and I received numerous calls from guys whom I didn't know. (The loophole was that dad cannot be there 24/7.) Looking back, I think I was extremely lucky not to fall prey to crooks.

Meg had her own handphone since she was 5. And if me at 15 didn't know better, I don't see how she could either. So if she's anything like me and plus accentuated by the proliferation of handphones, I dread to think of the many dangers that she will be exposed to. It sends chills down my spine merely thinking about it.

So therefore, I was notably excited when Nuffnang contacted me to try out M1's new mobile service - KidSAFE, prior to its' launch. (I think someone up there must have been paying attention to me ^^) M1 is the 1st and only mobile operator in the world to offer this novel mobile service that can assure parents a peace of mind whilst allowing their children the autonomy of owning a handphone. It definitely sounds like a win-win solution to me.

The KidSAFE application is pre-installed in the SIM card. I can store the phone numbers for Meg and she will only be able to call/SMS the numbers that’s been stored. Likewise vice versa, unauthorized numbers will not be able to reach through to Meg. For added security, this program & other KidSAFE features can only be changed with a 6-digit pin number.This means that I get to decide whom Meg communicates with. I would know if she starts mixing with unsavoury characters and more importantly, safeguard her against calls/SMS from strangers.

Meg asked why do I have to approve the numbers and I took the opportunity to explain the dangers of unsolicited calls/SMS and why she should not give out her handphone number freely. KidSAFE acted as a tool for me to educate and guide her on responsible mobile phone usage. So hopefully when she's too grown-up for me to be prying into her handphone, she will continue to be conscientious about whom she gives her number to.

We have all heard horror stories whereby a child unintentionally chalks up massive phone bills by dialling 1900 numbers to donate to charities or download songs. This certainly helps protect my pocket from haemorrhaging! :p

Another handy feature is that you can view the numbers that tried to call in or your child had tried to call. And on top of that, you will be alerted via SMS, should the KidSAFE SIM card be removed and used in another phone. These useful features allows me to monitor unauthorized phone usage and puts me on guard against any misdemeanour. Furthermore, internet access is not available to KidSAFE users and hence the possibility of Meg being exposed to undesirable content is eliminated.

"Right ......", you might think, "but at what kind of cost for all these benefits?" Be prepared to do a double take (in a good way) like me when I 1st learned of the charges.
  • Monthly subscription fee for M1 Sunshare plan is $12.84. KidSAFE will be free for 12 months, and $3 per month thereafter.
  • Monthly subscription fee for M1 D.I.Y. plan starts from $16.05. KidSAFE is available as a value added service at $3 per month.

So regardless of whether you are a M1 or non-M1 user, you can still reap the benefits that KidSAFE provides. Although I am glad that I am a M1 user because it means that I pay lesser. Another huge bonus is that talk time between Meg and me is entirely free. Seeing that Meg uses her phone to call me majority of the time, this would translate into huge savings for me.

KidSAFE application can however only be used on a Samsung SGH E200 (red) phone. But Meg has no problem with that because the phone is ultra-slim and equipped with a 1.3 megapixel camera. And to tie in with the launch, the phone is sold to you at a promotional price of $0 when you subscribe to KidSAFE in December!

Although Megan is only in Primary 1, her timetable is packed with enrichment classes and CCA. She often has to stay back in school, therefore I need her to have a handphone so that I can contact and locate her. I believe, like me, more and more parents are giving their children handphones and many are starting at a younger age. (Like it or not, this is how the world is evolving.) Children fall prey very easily to mobile scams because they are innocent and gullible. So while we leverage on the convenience and advantages of technology, it is imperative that we take on the responsibility to make sure our kids are safe in this IT world that we created.

After these few days of trying out the features of KidSAFE, I have to say I am a convert. Nothing is more important to me than the safety of my precious lil' princess. And I will do anything in my power to keep her out of harm's way. So I believe that I am definitely heading in the correct direction with KidSAFE.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Kangoo Jumps ...... boing ~~ boing~~

"*Groans* ....... Must I really go?" I thought lazily as I opened my eyes from a languid Saturday siesta. Automatically, my brain snapped into hyper-frenzy mode, coming up with a gazillion excuses so that I can return to my beauty sleep.

This campaign is a 3 months long campaign which aims to encourage women to actively participate in various sports.
Based on their criteria, we have selected you as a blogger to join us, along with 14 other female Nuffnang bloggers you to be part of a fun and exciting event hosted by Singapore Sports Council, called the Kangoo Jump, a new sports what will bring endless health benefits to you.
We hope that we can come join us in this fun-filled event. You are welcome to bring along a friend or family member along if you wish.

Then realisation sank in that I had invited Erykca. With the possibility of endless taunting looming in my face, sleep didn't seem as enticing as before. She was really looking forward to this.

And hence, I half-dragged myself to meet up with the Nuffnang folks at Kangoo Jumps ( located in Playground @ Big Splash (pic courtesy from Sandy's FB). Haha ..... but guess what? By the time my feet slipped into a pair of KJ, my "half-dragged" had literally transformed into "a spring in my steps"!

I had been seriously worried (look at my apprehensive smile) that everyone was going to have a field day laughing at my klutziness. But the moment I stood up in them, all apprehension melted away. Woohoo ...... this stuff was easy, I could certainly get use to this! No wonder the signage states that KJs are suitable for all ages, from 6 to 90+!

In fact, there's a whole lot more packed into the sport than what it seems. KJ shoes are the world's lowest impact shoes by reducing impact shock up to 80%. They provide the very best protection to your ankles, knees, hips lower back & spine. You know what that means? You will never have an excuse not to exercise! Haha .... not quite :p It meant that those who had to give up sports for good due to chronic joint problems, can now jog or exercise again. Isn't it just awesome?

And for those like me, who thinks that jogging is pure chore, you will be pleasantly surprise to know you can incorporate your KJ with various fitness workouts. Some programs offered by Kangoo Jumps are; Kangoo TTR (Trim, Tone & Rhythm), Kangoo Power, Kangoo Kick, Kangoo Boot Camp, Kangoo Running Clinic and Kangoo Discovery. Bet you never knew you can do so much with a simple pair of KJ, right?

We're all a little worried that we might not be able to stand up later

But the very minute I stood up, I was ready to rock & roll! Easily done *smug smile* :D

Our instructor - Zheng Rong

He asked if I wanted to change into sports attire. -__-"' (I must have looked very bimbotic. *embarrassment*) Then I told him it's actually "hidden shorts".

Being briefed on KJs & it's various fitness programs

Erykca's amazed at how liberated the KJs made her feel

Trying out some of the smooth moves & trying not to make too much of a fool out of ourselves :p

Pretty evident that I was wildly ecstatic about KJs .....haha ......
Heading towards the beach to try out Kangoo Boot Camp for ourselves. Another huge versatility is that KJs can can used on all terrains, be it indoors, dirt paths, grass, beach or even on snow.

Erykca jogging bouncing off into the beautiful sunset

Hip blogger mummies & friends - Charmaine, Jaclyn, Sandy, Erykca & Zheng Rong
Photo break time! (Zheng Rong knows we want to look glam for our blogs & tries not to work us too hard :p) Erykca & I tried out different moves to see how it looks on print.
Erykca says I look spastic -__-"
Here's Erykca looking good
Here's me looking bad ....... guess I have to concur with her *sadness*
Obstacle course?!!
Had to hop on 1 foot

Here's the part that I failed miserably
Skipping rope

Now let's watch Erykca
She went through it all extremely well!

Hadn't imagined that I can last the entire hour but it certainly helps to have a cute instructor to motivate you .......Wahahaha!!!

Totally beat but totally fun! Haven't given my dear ol' heart a good workout in a long time :D

At the end of the session, we were asked to fill up a feedback form and 1 of the question was whether we exercised and if no, why? The first answer that sprang to mind was "lazy" (so politically wrong) but instead I sheepishly wrote down "busy" (safe universal answer).

Well, let's face it, being a mum is a full time job.We're never going to find time if we don't make an effort to. Although it's a lot easier said than done. That's why I think the Singapore Sports Council came up with the campaign to encourage ladies to do sports, in particular mothers. They have a host of highly subsidized activities, like Martial Arts, Hatha Yoga & Fun Karting, that allows mum & kid to partake together. Nice! Go to their website ( to view their calendar of events.
So if you're at a loss as to where to bring your kids to this holiday, why not try KJs for some healthy family fun? It's also friendly on your pocket as rental is $10 for 1st hr & $5 subsequently. I know I'm definitely bringing Meg there! ;)

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